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Hello my name is Serge K. Thanks Bob for putting this stock advice out there, I really appreciate it. I just recently became interested in the stock market and this really helped me out I listen to your podcasts all the time continually sometimes 20 a day or should I say night. I Drive for a living so listening to you beats the radio for me, because of all the smart advice I get, even do you like to be modest by saying you are amateur stock investor, you sure don't sound like it to me, I like that you are very honest with everything you say and I really wish you will continue podcasting cause I will be a long term listener I learn allot from you.
Sometimes I get sick of getting investment advice from millionaires. They just don't live in my world. Bob is like you and me, saving, investing, doing the best he can with guidelines he's developed and sharing the results with us. Sound is a little mid-range tubey, but it's not overdriven and over compressed which is refreshingly friendly on the ears.
And the best thing is he has no ulterior motives - only service to the community. Keep up the outstanding work Bob! Semper Fi! Don