The Victorious Writer Daily Prompt-Cast

Reviews For The Victorious Writer Daily Prompt-Cast

I've been listening for a month now, and am consistently happy with the prompts, quotes and lists that Jason uses as suggested exercises to get writing every day. I imagine this podcast would also be helpful for high school English teachers. Would recommend!
great podcast, very good way to kickstart the day! motivates me to start writing right away
Loving the show! Great tips and inspiration for people who like to write! Informative, inspirational and innovative!
Great information for all writers. You will be glad you listened!
and if you are a writer, this prompts for you! IGNITE! John Lee Dumas
This is a fun and inspiring way to get started and get writing - the best way to start writing is always to START WRITING!! Bravo!
Jason is a great host and well, I have to love any podcast that begins in jazz :) As someone who has written a 320 page book, “Conscious Millionaire: Grow Your Business by Making a Difference” and has a Huff Post Column, I really love the short, inspirational, show format that gets down to the point and gives another injection for the writer in each of us. Great job, Jason!
I'm not a writer, but would love to be. I was writing a book and lost the data as my computer and external hard drive was stolen. I was totally distraught and am searching hard to find the motivation to start writing again. Great show! Podcast Professor Jaime
I'm trying to develop my writing abilities and habit, and this show is critical tomy forming a solid habit.
Jason is a supportive role model for all writers. He is easy to talk to and puts together a great interview!
Jason is a supportive role model for all writers. He is easy to talk to and puts together a great interview!
Jason does an awsome job of not only giving thought provoking prompts for writers he manages to evoke a nastagic sense of emotion in his delivery. looking forward to growing my blog content with these great prompts.
What a great way to receive daily encouragement in order to reach succes with your writing!
It's good to know there's someone in my corner to help nudge me forward a little bit every day. Thanks, Jason!
Jason Zinzolieta where have you been all my life! This is the best podcast for inspiration, information and all around writing help! Best help since I read Steven King’s On Writing! Jason will encourage and inspire you to be the best writer you can be!
The mission of Jason Zinzilieta’s daily podcast is to motivate and inspire individuals who want to be writers to take the first step and begin writing. Each episode features a “writing prompt” that helps the listener—new or veteran writer—overcome one of the many relentless obstacles that can get in the way….A very insightful and pragmatic show that I predict will have very long legs and help countless people along their creative paths. Well done, Jason!
Whether you’re an author or not, there are so many areas in life where good writing skills are vital, and the only way to improve as a writer is to continue to write. A daily writing prompt is ideal for me. Keep it up!
This podcast helps! Listen to it to stay motivated to continue writing, and having new ideas.
If you need some help and accountability in defeating resistance this podcast is a great place to start. Thanks Jason.
The artwork reminds me of Van Halen, which I have a fondness for. Jason provides a fun and informative show and his presentation style is very easy to listen to. I need to write more and this podcast will help encourage me to take up my hidden passion of getting a book published!
I have been following along and would like to say I am really enjoying your show. Keep up the great work.
Love the short format and practical tips. Great resource for writers in any medium!
Love the actionable steps! Real strategies to get you writing more! To be a writer, you must write. Be inspired and encouraged.
As someone who hopes to be a writer one day, this is a podcast I’ll be listening to. Keep up the great work, Jason!
Good ideas and motivation for writers. Keep up the great work
Brilliantly done Jason! You're easy to listen to and incredibly authentic. I look forward to hearing more from you. Joel and Dr Pei Husband and wife hosts of ReLaunch
I love this concept. I have a goal to find more ease and enjoyment while doing the writing I need to be doing. I'll be subscribing to inspire me to write every day.
Love this podcast. Steve P is right-on in his book with resistance. The best solution is to listen to podcast that feed the positive thoughts that keep us on-track! Keep it going.
As a writer myself, the hardest part about writing is getting started for the day. Really glad Jason started this podcast. Looking forward to listening daily.
As a writer, I find this podcast to be very valuable. Excellent concept and flow. Looking forward to hearing more!
I’ve been working on a book and have the bulk of it done…but it’s not done yet. I keep getting caught with other things to do instead. The Victorious Writer is perfect for what I need right now. That daily boost to write! Thanks Jason.
I love tuning into this podcast, it just makes me feel triumphant and amazing thanks so much Jason for putting this together.