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Both hosts clearly love Twin Peaks. One is a veteran and the other is watching for the first time, and they’re both very excited about unravelling the mystery. The best thing about this show is when the hosts bring up interesting research and tidbits that relate to the making of the show and extra things (books, other tropes, etc). Stuff I have never heard on other podcasts about Twin Peaks. However, there are some serious glaring issues that come up every single episode. The biggest problem I have with this show (and I’m about 20 episodes in at this point) is that while both the hosts take notes and even have the episode playing silently in the background while they do the show, it is painful to listen to them stutter and stammer and repeatedly get details wrong - especially names. There’s even a good 5 or 10 minutes of one episode where they go on a rant about how Ronette Pulaski must be a reference to Roman Polanski, they are both convinced that her last name is Polanski. This is obviously not the case. There are several episodes (at least 6) where one host refers to “One Eyed Jack’s” as “Black Eyed Jack’s” because he couldn’t keep the character Blackie straight from the name of the place, One Eyed Jack’s. Both of which are completely different names. This theme of inconsistency, mispronunciations, misidentifications, and just general unrelated tirades continue throughout the show. These guys are passionate, they seem to care, and they’ve done tons and tons of episodes. There is value here, and most episodes are generally enjoyable. They have done interviews with cast members including one phenomenal interview with Catherine Coulson. They’ve interviewed members of the community, etc. But seriously, there are some major issues with the presentation of this show and the quality of their discourse. Also, it very much feels like this podcast is never edited, which while that can give an air of authenticity, it makes the show feel very unprofessional. This is why this rating is 3 stars. I never give 3 stars, but I feel like it’s the only fair thing to do here. I will keep listening, but man it is tough when literally every episode I’m saying out loud “How can these guys be this dumb?” To Ben and Bryon: You guys have made an awesome show, and I will keep listening and recommend to fellow Peaks nerds. I just really wish it was cleaner.
Weak on insight and analysis. But the two guys obviously love the show.
I listened to Bryon and Ben after each episode of The Return and loved hearing their takes. It’s so clear that they are just two huge Lynch and Peaks fans and it makes the whole show better. They also have a ton of great guests throughout!
Binging on Bryon and Ben's "unwrapping" of anything and everything Twin Peaks/Lynch (and Twin Peaks adjacent) is the perfect way to spend your time waiting for the next project. Great job guys!
While not always the best in terms of analysis, theories, subtext, etc., Twin Peaks Unwrapped is by far THE source for interviews with people associated with the show. Looking forward to their new book too!
Real fans
I love this podcast but every episode I’ve heard so far is mostly the hosts asking “I think this is the episode where _______, is this the episode where that happens?” The premise of the podcast is that the hosts are supposed to watch the show and then analyze it immediately after, but so much time is wasted with the hosts asking each other if they’re talking about the right episode.
This is my favorite Twin Peaks podcast. The hosts are obvious fans of the material and provide excitement in their discussion of the show.
Terrific and insightful.
I enjoyed the interviews, and following them into the weeds in Twin Peaks!
Great podcast for everything twin peaks and David Lynchian. Thank you guys, I wouldn't listen to anyone else :)


By AmyTZ_
I am late to the Twin Peaks Unwrapped podcast party. I fully tuned in after Twin Peaks Season 3 episode 16 aired. I wanted to hear what everybody was talking about, and certainly after the mind-bending finale. I quite simply find myself slowly chugging through old podcasts. It’s a bit of a treasure trove in filling the gap after the summer’s well full of Twin Peaks…as well as bringing me back the memories to age 15 when I first saw this show 25+ years ago when it first aired. The hosts have great pal chemistry and the talent and production personalities not to mention the writers and theorists of the community that guest contribute make this a must listen to podcast whenever you need a Lynchian fix. Well done guys. Keep it going—you are 100% a present one can give themselves with that second cup of coffee.
Wonderful episode reviews of the amazing series Twin Peaks. Interviews, commentary and analysis. Keep up the great work! Hopefully there will be another season so you can do even more podcasts!
Great guests and hosts!


By lrevje
A podcast for the TP community!
A must listen for every Twin Peaks fan. The special guests have been great!
Ben and Bryon have great chemistry and always keep it light and humorous. Love their break-downs and insights into my favorite show on TV. 👍🏻☕️
I've listened to 4 Twin Peaks' podcasts throughout season 3 and Unwrapped has been, by far, my favorite. Contrary to other commenters, I enjoyed Ben's empathetic Awwwws, along with both of their theories, analysis and predictions. Hopefully a season 4 will happen again (and not in another 25 years) so we can hear more.
Great banter. The hmmmmmmmmms must end. If this ends you get the 2 stars back.
Ben please never stop the Ahhs. I'm usually ahh-ing with you and also it cracks me up.
This is one of the better Twin Peaks podcasts, especially when John Thorne shows up.
This podcast is great. They go beyond the typical recap & review that a majority of other TP pods out there. Definitely in the top 3 with Diane and the Gifted and the Damned.
This podcast is great for many people who love the show, but the analysis and commentary, while somewhat fun at times, just doesn't speak to me. If you love the show, and you are looking for more, this may be for you, provided that you aren't necessarily looking for legitimate analysis of the Lynchian complexities at hand. There is a lot of theorizing and speculation going on here, but it's coming from someone who admits openly that he is wrong about it, all the time. The episode reviewing Part 8 is particularly silly.
I really wanted to be able to listen to this but 49 min in I cant stand how all over the place you guys are.Calm down , talk like proffesional podcasters and dont jump all over the place. Going back to Twin Peaks rewatch bc this ....its terrible.
Fantastic podcast but please try to cut back on the "hmmmmm"s that you say during interviews. It becomes quite grating.
Digging the podcast. I listen to a number of TP pods, this is the best.
I really enjoy their reviews, slants, critiques- however you want to put it! They are knowledgeable and entertaining. Also love the interviews they have. @John_R_Isidore
Fast talkers who really know their Twin Peaks. Good guests but wish the guests were present and not calling in with mediocre sound quality.
After subscribing to several Twin Peaks podcasts earlier this year, acknowledging that all of them have something valuable to share, I began eliminating some due to the amount of time it was taking to appreciate them all. I still subscribe to Twin Peaks Unwrapped for the deep knowledge of the subject matter and the new insights it offers. I loved episode 101 about The Straight Story.
These are the hardest working guys on the scene. Check them out for their extensive catalog of interviews and special guest commentaries. They even interviewed Mark Frost! Thanks for all you do Ben and Bryon!
Ben and Brian have created something truly special here. The podcast starts with the premise of a longtime fan and a newbie rewatching the series recapping each episode along the way. However as time passes, they refine the show to cover diverse Peaks and Lynch topics and score some incredible interviews along the way. The hosts are wonderfully personable and their skills as podcasters grow stronger with each episode. Ben and Brian have also done an amazing job in uniting the Peaks podcasting community graciously promoting and working with hosts of other wonderful Peaks podcasts. I am truly excited to listen as the new episodes air. I give Twin Peaks Unwrapped the absolute highest recommendation.
I love the hosts. Love love love them. I hope they love me too. Amazing interviews you won't hear anywhere else. Friendly to the twin peaks community. #B&B4LIFE
I'm a little late to the Twin Peaks podcast party, so I only got tuned into this unique pair when they 'casted from a local Peaks festival in 2016. Since then, I've listened to their style and content grow like a Douglas Fir, and wait impatiently every week(!!) as they drop new nuggets, top guests, and high-power ultra-fans on their listeners. Ben's and Bryon's voices and energies (Ben's the veteran TP watcher, and Bryon *was* the noob) set them apart. These guys are completely dedicated to sending us back into those dark and wonderful woods, and their takes on all Lynch and Lynch-inspired works are a great way to get your weird on.
Keep up the great work! Can't wait to listen along with you for the revival.
Twin Peaks Unwrapped is a podcast staple for me. I learned about it when I attended The Great Southern (a Twin Peaks festival), and have listened weekly ever since. It is great to catch up on the old episodes, as Ben and Bryon watch the series. I really think that it has grown since then though, as the interviews, segments, and flow of the show improve every week. I hope to meet Ben and Bryon at some upcoming Twin Peaks event and tell them in person how much they brighten each week. Oh, and I hate iTunes, and made an account just to write a review. That will tell you something as well.
I am rewatching the first two seasons right now with MY newbie (my 14 year old daughter) and this podcast is our perfect companion. Great comments and enthusiasm! Keep up the good work guys!!!
I've heard most of the last year's Twin Peaks podcasts now, and Ben & Brian's is among the best (maybe the best?). They seem dedicated to Twin Peaks fans new & old, to cast & crew, and to covering related works. So much has blown up in the last few years, so before you move on and get lost, stop here and listen to one or two.
Ben and Brian have great chemistry and are a lot of fun to listen to. However, what makes this podcast stand out, is the content (guests, interviews, and analysis) that they bring on, on an almost weekly basis. A must for the true TP fan, both old and new. Looking forward to experiencing season 3 with these guys!
These guys are great and bring the Twin Peaks talk EVERY WEEK! Revealing insider interviews, other podcasters and bloggers, on the spot coverage of concerts and never know what is coming next, just another great episode EVERY WEEK! Keep rocking Ben and Bryon!
Interesting insights into one of my favorite shows ! And let's be honest a lot of twin peaks needs to be looked into deeper haha
I've been catching up on Twin Peaks podcasts since early August (2016). I can praise each for their efforts, inclusiveness, and energy. Twin Peaks Unwrapped has become the go-to for the most up-to-date engagement regarding the full world of Twin Peaks--events, news releases, reviews, and interviews. If you are experiencing a Twin Peaks revival or are new to the material, this is a podcast for you.
This podcast is the dankest. Every time a new episode comes out I learn something new, and this coming from a person who thought they knew Twin Peaks inside and out. Keep up the great work, guys!
Great great podcast. A must for Twin Peaks fans.
When Ben and Bryan do interviews this show is amazing. The guests they get are heavy hitters that know their stuff. The UK convention show in particular is a favorite of mine, as is that October 2016 Mark Frost interview. They're turning into THE source for documenting the Twin Peaks fan community as well as the people who worked on Twin Peaks from acting to production. If someone's been keeping Twin Peaks alive in our hearts the past 25 years, Ben and Bryon makes sure we know about them. It's the early shows recapping the Twin Peaks TV episodes where they'll dip in quality because for a while they can't seem to keep names or details straight and it seems under-researched or at least less prepared. However even then Bryan is highly entertaining because his newbie theories are pretty insightful even if they don't all come true, and I love listening to those. All told, this podcast is a fantastic example of how to be a grade-A fan.
Ben and Bryon's enthusiasm for Twin Peaks really shines through. I enjoy their free-form discussions on all things related to Twin Peaks. It's a nice break from the more "structured" Twin Peaks podcasts out there. They frequently have great guests on as well, and are quite good at interviewing them. My only gripe is really just a nitpick - they sometimes mispronounce words. (such as Garmonbozia, which they both referred to as Garmbozza in one episode, but that's a weird word)
I am a regular listener of podcasts that encompass a wide variety of subject matter and sound quality, and this is the best spoiler-free “veteran plus a newbie” T.V. podcast that I’ve come across. It is a joy to listen as Ben’s long-time passion blends with Bryon’s mounting enthusiasm. Not content to simply recap the episodes, the two hosts take their time as they explore the show’s themes and land an impressive array of interviews with stars, show creators, and Twin Peaks super-fans like John Thorne and Joel Bocko. Once the coverage of the show and film are complete, Ben and Bryon have seen fit to change the format of their podcast to keep it fresh as we prepare for Twin Peak’s return to Showtime in 2017. The hosts are not short of surprises, as they round out their coverage with excursions to ‘Peaks conventions, live music, and reviews of Twin Peaks tie-in products, like the Twin Peaks Access Guide. It is this kind of thoroughness that elevates Twin Peaks Unwrapped to the level of cultural journalism, and places it among the best Twin Peaks podcasts out there (and I’ve heard ‘em all).
This is a GREAT podcast. The atmosphere is warm, and not cynical, judging from Ben and Bryon's coverage of the first season and the most recent shows. They have an infectious enthusiasm going on here, with Ben the expert and Bryon the self-confessed newbie, who also comes out with some very good insights. Ben is good at not giving too much away whilst being very informative, too. Judging from some of the later podcasts and their FB page, they are now right on top of the whole TP revival and if this doesn't get you revved up for the new season, nothing will. Occasionally geeky but in the nicest way, and they don't feel the urge to be trendy, cool, or super-wise. Great stuff.