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I have searched podcasts for one that I could listen to and try to get a heads up on trading in Star Wars card trader. I have found a couple that were good but when I found these clowns, I was hooked. I didn’t even care about the information anymore. I just wanted to hear these guys talk. And boy do they talk. The chemistry between these guys is fantastic. The only bummer is it’s not a regular podcast. Well off to find a totscicle.
And the only prescription is more Card Trader Illuminerdy! I could listen to these guys all day, could care less about Card Games anymore - just give me some more Illuminerdy! I got to have more Illuminerdy! Also some Manatee Tots could help as well...
Medium rare Manatees and Vaquitas??? Don’t mind if I do. #1 Podcast for me by far!! Since I’m not as interested in SWCT anymore, this is a delicious alternative. Give it a whirl, you’ll love it!!
I’ve been listening to this podcast for a while. Every episode is different and enlightening! I get excited every time I see a new episode in my podcast feed. The hosts compliment each other with their various styles of commentary. Sometimes they’ll give some much needed perspective about the Star Wars Card Trader app. Unique and fun!
Words can't do justice to this amazing show. I've been listening since the big spender Rhett days with talks of whales, manatees, and Ruby Tuesday. The obscure but relevant references make me chuckle every time a new one is made. Definitely listen to this podcast before you ever feel the need to watch an Adam Sander film! A word.
Been down with these guys since day one(ish) much like the SWCT app, this podcast never ceases to amaze (see what I did there). Just look at this list of accomplishments. 1. Got inside info first about Topps inner workings (baseball card shaped table). 2. Delivered important information about Manatee abuse. 3. Got an exclusive interview about the app from an inspirer that was spot on with facts. Now we know that The dev team recruits directly from the Golden Arches. Over the years they have given us countless valuable information about good fried food, incredible music, and their outright apathy about the app and even the need to mention it is what 99% of fans feel. I truly love listening to this podcast and when they aren’t even aware of the current cards or sets, it doesn’t even matter because neither am I and yet somehow none of us can delete the &$&! App. Looking forward to 3 more years of awesome manatee based ceaseamaze filled Rhett Rambling.
Great chats that occasionally include information on Star Wars Card Trader. Porg!
If you are looking for a podcast about the Topps Star Wars Card Trader app to get the latest info, then this isn't the podcast for you. However, if you are looking to listen to 3 lunatics talk about everything from Star Wars to manatee steaks and Menudo to unicorn frappuccinos then you stumbled into the right place. I enjoy going on this delusional journey with Tommy, Rhett, and the award nominated Michael when ever they find the time to do these. I never mow my yard without listening to these guys. I give this podcast 5 totsickles. Word


Do these guys even Star Wars bro?
Like Dazed and Confused and Jackie Brown, CTI is a hangout show, and listening is like hanging out with three of your friends. The main focus is supposed to be the Star Wars card trading app, but the hosts often wander into other pop cultures, nostalgia, and food. Which only makes the show more accessible, more authentic, and all around stronger. Two big manatee flippers up! Check it out.


By GW2208
This group might only briefly talk about SWCT anymore but they are guaranteed to make you laugh. Touching on anything happening or not happening in pop culture. Give them a listen! Manatee.
This is one of my favorite shows and I always get excited to see wham a new episode has dropped. Tommy, Michael and Rhett are the kind of guys you can sit down and geek out with over beers. Great show and always worth listening to
You just kinda get the vibe that Rhett poops like three times a day.
My previous review popped up when I went to write a new one, so I'm just gonna use it again. I want free swag. Great show that is a perfect mix of Star Wars Card Trader and wildlife conservation discussion. And by conservation, I mean the best recipes for experiencing Manatee meat. A weekly smorgasbord of wide ranging topics keep you laughing the whole time! Get ready to hit the rewind button, because you will miss segments because you can't hear over your own laughing. -JB
Manatees, Ruby Tuesday, Poggle...Nuff Said!
A hilarious show about absolutely nothing that will keep you coming back for more!
Podcast from 3 guys who talk about the Star Wars Card Trader app and random topics that come up during the course of their chat. Early on, the podcasts were more focused on the SWCT app, but they take more tangents now into other areas. The key is that they are funny guys and interact well with each other. Been a subscriber from the beginning. Recommended for any SWCT user.
This is a must listen if you are looking for more star wars card trader outside of the app and the subreddit. These guys are great hosts, knowlegable, and have fun doing the show. Keep up the awesome pod!!
Keep up the good work!!
If you took The Fellowship of the Rings, mixed it with D&D, took a pinch of Star Trek (the TV show, not the cool movies from a few years ago), tossed in some Dr Who (the early years) and maybe a bit of Attacktix, you'd have Topps Star Wars Trader Card Games... and these guys know more about it in their nerdy little fingers than most of us will know our entire lives. Its a fun listen, even if its totally a foreign language. They are funny, engaging, entertaiing, and you aren't careful just might learn something. Bill Cosby used to say that. He also said "here pretty lady, let me fix you a drink" but thats neither here nor there.