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I love this podcast. Stephen is great at getting great guests and asking the questions I’m thinking. He pulls out small business wisdom and hands it to me on a silver platter during every episode. #WinningPodcast
Steve gets top notch thought leaders and practitioners on his podcast. He also provides transcripts so you don't have to scribble down the key take away point or hope to remember later what that awesome quote was. If you are in professional services, consulting, or sales, this is for you. BTW...if you have any doubts, listen to the interview with Same Side Selling author Ian Altman and be prepared to be amazed.
Here is why Stephen Lahey is such a great host. A natural interviewer, he somehow manages to weave in his own sage bits of sales and marketing wisdom with each and every interview, all while managing to bring out rock-solid business advice from his top-notch guests. I've been a small business owner for 20 years, but every time I listen I learn something new, and it's almost always something I can immediately apply to my business. I highly recommend the Smart Solo Business Podcast.
Steve has a knack for finding interesting, smart guests and bringing out the best in them. This podcast is always worth listening to!
Stephen Lahey has done an incredible job since the podcast's inception in identifying both well-known experts and emerging thinkers to share expertise that's highly relevant to solo business people. The guests understand the importance of actionable, insightful strategies for success...and that's what they regularly deliver!
As a long time listener of the show, I always learn something new from the wide variety of guests on the show that I can immediately use in my small business. No fluff here. I'm a big fan. And I've been a guest twice and I'm always pleasantly surprised at the amount of research done to get the most useful information out of me to share.
I've been a fan of Stephen's work for about a year now. It's great to see his podcasts on iTunes. Stephen is always careful to select topics and guest who bring something unique to the conversation. Well worth your time!
As a solo business owner, I am always on the hunt for grounded, practical advice that will allow me to grow profits. Stephen Lahey delivers a one-two punch with this podcast. Not only is the advice spot-on for what it takes to actually build long-term success, he features insightful guests that challenge you to consider how you are selling and marketing your services as a solo. It's serious business talk for solos. Well worth the time investment to tune in.
I always enjoy Stephen’s podcast. Thanks to him I’ve been introduced to some incredible people doing some amazing things out there in the world. His easy interviewing style really makes every guest feel at ease and as a listener I feel like I’m simply ease dropping on a conversation amongst friends.
Awesome info, awesome host. A++
I’ve been working as a freelance copywriter for ten years. And one thing I’ve learned is that there’s a whole lot I still have to learn about the business of being solo professional. As a consultant to solopreneurs, Stephen Lahey has a keen understanding of the challenges and frustrations of people who work for themselves. He's created his podcast to be one of the most useful resources online. His guests are excellent—I’ve learned something new every time I listen. Stephen also understands that solos’ time is valuable, so the episodes are very content-dense. He asks penetrating questions to get the info we all want. Pick any episode to start listening and you’re going to get hooked.
Great information and guidance for those in business for themselves. High quality guests.
Steve is a natural interviewer, knows the territory very well – he’s done everything he talks about – and has a gift for finding the right people to talk to. I look forward to this podcast every week. It feels like listening in to a good friend who knows just who to invite, and just what to ask.
Steve Lahey is a gem. He's intelligent, winsome and generous. On top of that, he has a real knack for finding brilliant guests to interview. He's also terrific at making their brilliance accessible to the listeners. I walk away from each episode with a new idea or two -- and more importantly, action steps to put that idea into practice. If you want to grow your business... ... improve your marketing... ... get more sales without feeling or acting slimy... ... and be more productive... ...the Smart Solo Business podcast will probably be tremendously helpful for you. If you're feeling alone in your entrepreneurial journey, the Smart Solo Business podcast may very well feel like home for you. In case you couldn't tell, I highly recommend it.
I look forward to Wednesdays and Stephen's podcast; I have for a few years now. He has interesting guests with solid, actionable advice for solo business owners. And often they'll have a free ebook or report that's offered. It's refreshing to be part of something that isn't a platform for an ego. This isn't that for Stephen. Or a way to sell you stuff. I've unsubscribed to many of those. I also enjoy being part of the community of commenters. Come on in, join us.
Steve does just an amazing job of bringing together experts from a broad range of industries and on a wide range of topics that are all meant to increase your buisness! The ideas that they share are outstanding. Particularly if you are a solo business, and even if you are not, I would strongly suggest that you give Steve's series a serious listen!
Stephen Lahey consistently brings on outstanding guests to his show and then asks excellent questions to draw out their most important insights. I especially like the focus on practical ideas that I can immediately apply to my business - whether it's improving marketing, sales or my interactions on social media. Highly recommend subscribing to the Smart Solo Business podcast!
Steve brings out the best and most useful information from his guests. He interviews a broad spectrum of solo business owners, and each and every one of them has taught me more about running my own business. I highly recommend subscribing to this podcast.