Reviews For Ballzy

If you like a liberal slant from a slew of Hillary supporters employed by a liberal fake news rag, this is the podcast for you.
Really enjoy these 30-40 minutes while walking, aren’t they weekly?


By Dfwfan
Can someone figure out how to regulate the volume between hosts? Usually Evan is waaay too loud and David is too quiet, makes for a very uncomfortable and unwieldy listening experience. Otherwise good content.
I give Evan five stars, as his reporting is accurate and sound. I give Kevin 1 star because he just rambles and his opinions are completely idiotic.
Opinions backed up by facts, presented in an interesting way. A pleasant change.
Love the substance of the discussions but I’m constantly adjusting my volume to accommodate the call-in guys and also just to adjust when different guys are talking in studio. Can make the pod annoying to listen to sometimes. Please fix that if possible!
No better local podcast for DFW sports fans
The petty arguing makes it difficult to listen. Just talk about Rangers baseball. "The way you guys talk about the Rangers Bullpen..."
I think the content is solid and I typically love the guests you bring on. However, there are major audio issues with the podcast. The person on the phone usually sounds like they're talking into a tin can and you have to increase the volume significantly. Then one of you guys will scream into the microphone that is already too hot to begin with and it's very startling (I'm 28 years old btw). Whenever I listen to your podcast on my commutes to work and home I constantly have my hand on the volume knob. Just correcting some of the audio issues would be a huge step in the right direction.
Love this podcast. Must listen. Entertaining.
I like the podcast in general, but there are some things they could do to improve. First of all, when interviewing a guest it is often difficult to hear the host; a good example of this is in the Tony Beasly interview. Second of all, the ratio of banter :sports talk is too high; I don't mind a little "back and forth" among the several hosts, but they have way too much of it. Lastly, I wish they would clean up the language a little bit; as an adult I can listen and filter out the junk language, but I don't feel comfortable letting my 14 year old son listen to the podcast.
I have no idea which one of the writers is doing it, but he interupts and throws the show off track. There should be 2 people maximum together at one time around that microphone. Otherwise, you are just making noise. I would also prefer that there be different podcasts for the different sports but I realize I am pipe-dreaming. I listen but I don't necessarily enjoy it. C'mon guys, fix this and make your podcast better!
This would be a great informative podcast if it weren't for Barry Horn interrupting the others and trying to be funny by throwing in off-topic one-liners.