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By 2014EJ
These guys from Jersey get better and better with every podcast they do! Who knew NJ was such a Motorcycle powerhouse! Keep up the good work from a fellow rider in Jersey! Well worth the subscription cost, and they offer a full refund if you’re not completely satisfied!!!
These guys are a riot! Very entertaining with the hilarious sound bites and Chris dropping the F bomb numerous times, I always look forward to new episodes!
Can't understand why these guys want to annoy their listeners with sound effects but that's their jam. Good interviews though.
Waste of time, with their Angry Old White Men humor. Racist idiots.
Giving me anxiety with all the sound effects! Other than that good listen!


Like the show, with everybody swearing really puts it in the toilet .Too bad people can’t have a conversation without swearing
This show is a large waste of time unless they are doing an interview and if the one brother with the sound board isn’t there. He plays with the sound board like a 12 year old just discovering it for the first time.
This is a great podcast if you new to the biker world or if you just wanna hear good motorcycle stories from an LEO standpoint, if you’re a staunch 1%er this isn’t for you obviously, but if you’re a middle of the road scum bag like myself it’s perfect!
I listen to a lot of Podcasts, and I'm always happy to see a new episode of this on my list. This podcast is a must for anyone looking for a motorcycle centric podcast.
I am not a Harley rider, but these guys have so much fun that it makes it enjoyable to listen.
These guys are very good at making me laugh. They never try to get too technical and always have a fair view on products discussed on the podcast. What I'm looking for from this podcast is motorcycle talk in a fun atmosphere a variety of topics and great guests. They deliver every week. Best of luck guys and keep up the good work.
Listening to this podcast feels like hanging out with a few buddies. They don't try to be funny, they're not constantly pimping their businesses, and they have a relaxed way of talking about bikes. They talk about their weekend riding, various problems they're having (it seems like Harleys have a LOT of little problems, like an ignition switch that won't turn off). My one beef? It should be called Harley men. There's not much about any other bikes. I'm a little too young yet for a Harley, being only 58, which is a few years shy of the average Harley owner, and I think it would be nice if they talked about some other bikes. They do talk about other brands once in a while, but clearly these Harley guy have nearly zero familiarity. The one guy didn't even know a Guzzi was a V twin! On the one show where they brought in a classic Triumph guy, they asked some questions that anyone with a passing familiarity with Triumphs would know. However, that's just a little thing, because these are fun guys to hang out with. Dare I say it - it's one of the best motorcycle podcasts I've ever listened to. In spite of the incredibly boring Harley motorcycles they keep talking about!
It is very good but I can't listen around kids. Audiobook reviews awesome!😎
Enjoy your show guys. Living in upstate New York, motorcycling tends to be a timed event between our 13 months of winter. While not a cruiser or Harley guy, I certainly appreciate your approach to riding. Enjoy the ride whatever brand you choose.