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I love Siena and Toast. I have been a listener for a few years and I enjoy every single episode, sometimes listening to them twice. They're style is conversational and they cover topics that are fun and also self-awareness/self-improvement type things. I would say their show is easy listening and will make you laugh and smile and feel good.
I love listening to their soothing voices and hearing their stories. The stories are SO relatable! XOXO
Listening to Siena and Toast soothes my heart, like drinking a comforting cup of hot cocoa on a cold winter night. They're so endearing and they motivate me to strive to be a better version of myself! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
I love listening to this podcast any time of day, and especially on days when I want to feel a warm, cozy, and snuggly kind feeling. Like the feeling you get around the holidays. Siena and Toast are great hosts who touch on topics that we can all benefit from thinking about, like spirituality, relationships, and true meaning of things. I have been a dedicated listener for about 3 years. I'm so happy their podcast has made a resurgence, and I get excited whenever a new episode is posted! Keet up the authentically good work ladies! Mahalo!
This podcast is aimed at the LGBTQ crowd but it’s really a must listen for everyone. Siena and Toast are fun while staying positive and focused on living their lives to the fullest. The way they reveal personal details about themselves is reminiscent of character development in a good book or TV series. I can’t wait for the next episode!
Siena and Toast are sweet and engaging while they discuss various topics from gender, soul care, to Pidgin English. The podcast is down-to-earth and relatable. Highly recommend!
A truly delightful dose of positivity and warmth over the air. Siena and Toast give back to the LGBTQ community through their insightful commentary on everything from the mundane (vegan tuna fish salad) to the profound (soul-care) and beyond. If you aren’t listening to this beautiful and talented musical couple, you aren’t living your best life!
I’m so grateful to hear Siena and Toast again. I was an avid listener of their previous podcast Makena, and jumped at the opportunity to download their latest episodes. I can’t describe how influential their previous podcast was to me as a baby gay. So happy to tune in to the new take on their journey together as musicians and partners. They address issues that matter to them and our community.This new podcast is sweet, informative and inspiring. Siena and Toast are gems in my book.
I’m so glad you girls are back! But...I do have to say...if anyone is listening at work and the office is relatively quiet, do so with caution. There are so many LOL moments! I’ve startled my staff on more than one occasion with a loud outburst of laughter. I love the LGBT topics but also all the other relevant topics, from serious to downright silly. Love you girls and thanks for making at least 20-30 minutes of my work day pleasurable!
These girls are friendly and fun. They care about life and all people. Their podcast is insightful and a great listen. They are open and honest and just good people where and when it counts…….. there is not enough of that in today’s world we need to all take a lesson from them and live and let live! Thank you girls for a great podcast and all your caring! Diane
Siena and Toast May gear their show toward the LGBTQ community but their inclusive message coupled with their positive and loving energy always boosts my mood and makes me hope the next episode will be out soon.
I love the podcast, unfortunately I found it AFTER you stopped uploading it seems. Such a shame.
Overall I really like the early years of the podcast. Now that they are revamping it. I am curious to see if it becomes more . . . Serious and less fun. I still think they should do the podcast 'sans clothing' but that may just be me :)
I absolutely love this podcast. It is my favorite. The Makena girls are wonderful. They are very funny and sooo sweet. My favorite thing about this podcast is that Siena and Toast care about their listeners. They interact with everyone who wants to. Not many podcast hosts are like that. I also really like the segments in the show. I love when the girls talk about gay news and issues. I love recipes for healthy foods. I also love hearing about their gigs and learning musician tips. There is so much to this podcast and I recommend listening to it to all my friends.
Very put together Hawaiian women talking about anything - they've been at it long enough to keep their growing number of fans intrigued - they include their fans in their discussions - they tackle current events - spread their love of animals - share information about vegan/vegetarian lifestyle - all with a laid back, infectious vibe - and to top it off they've got great musical talent! Go Makena!
These ladies deliver insight and inspiration with delightful wit and unflagging energy! Food talk is mouthwatering; featured music is appealing and invites one to research the artist; current events are responsibly researched. New episodes are happily anticipated, and older episodes are still fresh and f u n n y!!!
positive energy. food. laughter. paradise. 7000+ can't be wrong!
This is by far my favorite podcast. The editting is tight, fresh new topics are handled with depth and sensitivity and the hosts Siena & Toast (partners in life and their music) have amazing chemistry. Their message is positive and uplifting never preachy and through the show's website they manage to make listeners feel like family. I encourage anyone who wants to put more smile in their day especially during these difficult times to check it out.
Siena & Toast are a listener's delight! They are grounded, centered, light-hearted, and smart - ready to explore just about any issue thoughtfully with a positive attitude. But beware; this podcast can be addictive! : )


great positive podcast!
I think you girls are awesome love your approach to life.I hope you continue to share your experinces. Keep up the great job!
These Ladies are refreshing, candid, and to funny. Siena & Toast are such a joy to listen to, and the embodiment of Hawaiian bred beauties. These are the best podcasts I have ever listened to at this time. Ma-halo Ladies!
Once I started to really get into their podcast, it quickly shot up to the tops of my list. For me, a great podcast is one that makes you feel like you know the makers, AND like them. Siena and Toast are great role models for lgbt Asian Pacific Islanders and their music rocks! Since listening to their podcast, I plan on buying their music!!
I'm a solid fan of this podcast and these two lovely women!
Listening to Siena and Toast is a wonderful experience. Thanks for the insight, the laughs, and the beautiful music.


The world can be a snarky place, and the show biz life can magnify this ten-fold. Girl Meets Girl is a one-stop cure for negativity. Leave your cynicism at the start button and follow Siena and Toast's journey of love for music, animals, people, and life. Their personal touch makes them sisters to every listener.
I've listened to every one of these podcasts to date and am enthralled by the duo. The girls of Makena are funny, smart, keenly observant, and wholly unique. I myself am Asian-American (hapa, actually), born and raised in Hawaii, now living on the Mainland, and understand to some extent where Toast and Siena are coming from. But no matter your background, if you care about music, about cats, about gender and other identity issues, you will enjoy listening to these girls talk about their lives.
Siena & Toast are absolutely two of the most wonderful ladies out there. There passion and love for music, Hawaii and caring for animals is what makes them top notch. True feelings and expression are also great qualities of theirs which you can experience in each and every podcast. Subscribe to their podcast and get their music today! Aloha from the islands, Siena & Toast, just wanted to share some love and Aloha. V...
How cute!
It's a pleasure listening to these awesome girls talk about their dreams, beliefs, stories, memories, and anything that comes to mind. Good luck on your career. You two will do just fine. You have the talent and the atittude.