Reviews For SuperPodcastFrenzy

Yeah that's about it
Love the podcast but Reina buries my ears in a grave. R.I.P.
You guys have such an awesome podcast I hope that more people will come across you guys!! 😍😘
Typed a review this is like Its a podcast that's for sure....
Steve and Reina are the best thing on itunes !! I listen to them at work every week, keep it up guys!


Shout out to Reina and Suptic two times.


Funniest podcast! I love Steve and Reina; they make me laugh even it my darkest days.


Reina and Steve make the perfect duo, whether they really hate each other, or not
I love these guys
The one with all of Steve's old friends was one the best yet. Love the podcast
I love this.


The first podcast in years where that takes it too far r8 8 outta 8 m8


By BCE218
Reina is so great. I love this podcast.
Seriously it's great
This crew of gamers truly make my week with each podcast! They are so unique, quirky, interesting, and hilarious 🙌🏽 highly recommend subscribing :)
Very funny, love it
Reina, Jeremy, Steven and Lyle make my life
Love Steven and Reina, and their boss Jeremy is so cool! Love this podcast!
Super panic frenzy is my favorite YouTube channel this podcast is as great as they're brothers source fed's podcast
It's funny, it's smart.
ooh, i love Steve and Reina. So funny and beautiful
Oh yeah and Steve and that handsome guy are ok. But the always beautiful and talented Raina steals the spot light like always!
And she also swears like a drunken sailor. Her and Suptic make a great duo....maybe I'll see them on the battlefield #challenge
Can't wait for more.
This this is amazing! Kingdom hearts for the win!! It's the best thing EVER!!!!!!!!!! Keep up the amazing work guys.


By Snirgle
Steve and Reina are the best people ever.


It great