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The This Was Rad! Podcast is one of the rare gems you're always looking for but can never seem to find. With expert audio quality, a fantastic assortment of perspective from the hosts, and a great assortment of titles being discussed, this wholly original Podcast will leave you longing for more. Stop reading my review and hit play already!
The guys seem likable and funny but Willow could not be more annoying. All she does is mumble dumb things and say she hates everything. Unfortunately she dominates every conversation. She drags all of the conversations to a halt even when the guys are on a run of saying unfounded materially wrong “facts.”
So much fun!! Just started today and binge listening to all the episodes of my fave 80's movies! I love the play by plays and hypothetical back stories!
Glad this podcast exists, it's great and funny. New format rules, while Willow dropping out is a bummer, the show is really smooth now. Can't wait to see where it goes from here.
The word hero gets thrown around a lot these days, but these three are the real heroes. No greater podcast or set of people exist today. I'm not into hyperbole, but if you listen to this podcast you will become the best you can be. I was a real moron before this listening to this podcast, but now I teach law and medicine at Harvard for fun. I hope you all like not being hungry and at war because I cracked feeding the world and also world peace, just keep an eye on the news, it's coming. When history looks back at the era of podcasting the people of the future will bask in the glow of this podcast and wonder what people did before it? How was life possible? Why would anyone want to live without it?
Title says it all. I never thought I'd have any real understanding of content like Hannah Montana, but now I do. For example, it's not a US city but a character in a Disney show. Another fun fact, she's not related to Daryll Hannah, who I also learned recently is not a man even though that's a man's name. What a crazy world we live in, and what a time to be alive. So, anyway, listen to this show. It's amazin- No. It's Rad.
The chemistry between the three podcastin' peeps is great, and they make me want to watch movies that I would never watch otherwise. As someone who likes to pretend to be a movie buff, they've turned me onto a couple of interesting titles, as well as some not-so-interesting titles. But that's kinda the point. Anyway, give 'em a listen. It's always a fun hour out of my week.
Love the retro intro music and the idea of reviewing movies in the early 90s and 80s! It's great bc these are movies I havent seen since a child, so it's cool to hear it analyzed as an adult.
Take a movie you remember as being rad and watch it with a teen. Love the movies you pick!
I'm so glad to have found this awesome indie show! It's a movie podcast, but with unique storytelling. Super fun!
Totally rad podcast 80s was the best era in film.
LOVE the idea of having a 14 year old as part of the commentary here. As fellow 80s/90s podcasters we are always wondering...but what would the youths think and here they've answered it! Very funny, engaging and thoughtful insight. Great stuff you guys! Andre (Large Marge Sent Us)
Hilarous and insightful pop culture podcast with a focus on the nostalgic. The guys' dynamic with Willow is a stand-out. Looking forward to more!
Young and old reviewing movies from the 80s awesome concept, awesome hosts! Listen now! @afterburn739 podcast!
The concept of this podcast is very promising. The two adult hosts at every funny. I'm sure the teenage girl is a lovely person, but she seems completely uninterested in anything they're talking about and it drags the podcast down. It's a good effort, but it lost me after about 5 episodes. I just kept hoping I had chosen an off day episode.
A great little roundtable discussion - or, as is often the case, the two guys talking while Willow eats food. I mean, just a lot of food. The banter is lightning quick and the non-sequiturs, especially when they start building scenes around the absurdities that are 80s movies, are delightful. The podcast helped me remember a lot of the films I grew up on, and even introduced me to some that had slipped past me. Needs more Screaming Guy. PS - sorry about Bucko. Slayer Rules.
Makes me laugh out loud at work. There's nothing flippy-floppy about these three. They punch it up to 11 and don't stop. The only thing sweeter than montages, come-uppance and 80's synth saxophone is This Was Rad! Tell all your friends to back this horse because it's ON FLEEK!
I’ve been downloading TWR fro a few months now, and it’s quickly grabbed a spot in my top ten weekly listened-to podcasts. Paul and Greg are each strong reviewers, with the perfect mix of nostalgia and critique for flix from a bygone era. And hearing Willow’s 2016 teenage sensibility-infused reviews of my favorite movies of yester-year is a welcome fresh voice. How else will I know if these films truly are to this day still Rad. TL:DR - Great Podcast with perspectives on 80’s cinema you won’t get anywhere else. Listen!
I've listened to quite a few movie podcasts with big names and studio quality and yet i've never laughed as hard as i do when listening to This was Rad. Some of their observances are deeper than i would have thought from Ernest being a war veteran from "The 'Nam" to questioning what life is like when your snake cult is burned to the ground by an oil soaked Arnold Schwarzenegger. However, listening to Willow the teenager provide "todays" thoughts on these classics is really the kicker. She has some intersting insights into Paul and Greg's thoughts and also provides some great laughs. If you're looking for an interesting twist on a common podcast genre This Was Rad would be my choice.
Most people who are fans of movie podcasts tends to have a bunch of them in their lists, and (charitably) the hosts of these shows are as copy/paste as the movies they tend to review. TWR bucks this trend by having the antithesis of the standard Movie Podcast Host onboard: a 14 year old girl who hasn't grown up with the movies being discussed. Rather than let thoughts and beliefs become fait accomplii, Willow bucks some of these assumed thoughts just by being there and lending her own voice and perspective. It can be a challenging watch to hear someone from the younger generation say that your favorite movie is rather 'meh' to them, but it's a challenge that I find interesting and rewarding to listen to. While the audio qualitry is not perfect due to it being an indie production, TWD is quickly becoming one of my most expected podcasts in a week.