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Hey guys really really enjoy the cast love to listen to other people's opinions na learning about stuff like comics and stuff I don't know any thing about keep up the good work guys
I'm obsessed with this podcast. It's listed under "video games" but it definitely deserves a comedic title as well. These guys are hilarious! I've learned a lot about comics, comics turned movies, video games, sports (I'm basically the best big sister ever now) & I love when they touch on social issues. πŸ‘ŒπŸ½
Some of the funniest people in podcast land.
Their love for Harambe along with their quest to avenge him keeps me tuned in every week. Hillary will be exposed; SHE WILL BE EXPOSED FOR WHAT SHE HAS DONE!!!
This podcast covers so much awesome stuff that's impossible to even categorize it. Whenever this shows up in my feed I get excited to know that I'm about to hear an hour or two of great conversation. Smash that like button for these guys!
No other way to say it. These guys KNOW their topics (which are amazingly varied), present them (with multiple opinions) in a smooth way, and are fantastic and exciting to listen to. Being East Coast I tune in to the live stream when I can (but not as often as I'd like) and have never been disappointed. As they say.. "Good shyte fam!"
After listening to this podcast I have become more muscular, intelligent, erudite, and handsome. Particularly enjoy the cultural/entertainment commentary and the Jiu Jitsu episodes as they present the inside POV from within an academy.
This podcast is seriously awesome! They broadcast every episode live and interact with the audience. they are hilarious, insightful, and just generally awesome! The interview with Kamau Bell was excellent and the Injustice / Secret Wars episode is great. If you like laughing and anything geeky, this is the cast for you!
Podcast is great, the guys are hilarious, such an enjoyable podcast to listen to. Every week I tune in to the livestream on youtube and interact. Top notch.


Love it!! I laughed my behind off during the drunk podcast. Can't wait for another one. These guys are Genius. Great thought
Love this podcast! It is hilariously dank and makes my gym time more bearable. Queen of spades for life. πŸ‘ΈπŸ½β™ οΈ
Great chemistry between the hosts and the way they all have different opinions really makes you see things from different views. Great info about anime, comics, current events, movies, and video games. They do live episodes and interact with people during the podcast. I'm glad I started listening to this cast from the start, it's going to be fun to watch this group grow! CHECK THEM OUT,
I love the podcast , it's full of laughs and funny subjects, all 5 hosts bring a different flavor to the pot of gumbo. Team Kim K > Ronda Rousey and it's not close. Keep up the good work. Check this podcast out. Lots of comic news, movies, and other current event topics.
These guys are so funny. I learned some interesting things.
Such a great podcast. It’s like someone took a microphone and listened in on a conversation between my friends and I. You can tell this guys are friends by the way they talk back and forwards with each other.