Reviews For Diabetes Connections with Stacey Simms Type 1 Diabetes

Diabetes connections is fantastic. I listen to every episode and have learned tremendously about diabetes/diabetes management.
Thank you for being so frank and direct with the head of Dexcom! You are our voice and we are so grateful!!! Our family is so appreciative!!!
I am Mansour from Saudi Arabia. I am really enjoying every week podcast. Listening to your podcast really helping me control my child diabetic. 5 stars is not enough to thank you.
Timely topics presented in an easily understandable and digestible manner. Great Podcast
Stacey does a great job of combining personal experiences with reliable diabetes info. She has connections to get interviews with diabetes tech executives/reps and those interviews are informative for those of us who use the tech. Plus lots of personal interest stories.
This is such a helpful resource. Thanks, Stacey, for your great insights and efforts to connect this community.
Used to love the show but ever since Stacey wrote a book it takes up almost half the show. It’s great you wrote a book but I don’t want to hear about it. I listen to this podcast to hear about diabetes stuff not your personal life.
Just saw that Moira is a guest speaker at the Type One Summit in Kansas City in November. I’ve been listening to the podcast for over a year now and it has been so helpful in our T1D journey. Our daughter was diagnosed 2.5 years ago at the age of 2. I would love to hear a guest that has T1D and also Celiac (like us) to get some insight on how others manage both. Our daughter was diagnosed with Celiac this summer after red flags showed up on her yearly labs from the endocrinologist. Grateful that they screen for other autoimmune stuff. Anyway, thanks for shedding positive light on T1D and offering awesome advice for families!
Thank you our son was dxd at age 3 he is now 11 we were on Medtronic and now he is on omnipod Our son is getting to wear he doesn’t wanna eat breakfast so I usually get sausages biscuits something he can take with him our son wasn’t put on a cgm til he was about 5 and we started pumping when he was 4
I found this when we were newly diagnosed and it saved me. Stacey’s friendly, calm, welcoming voice combined with her journalism background bringing much needed facts makes for a wonderful combination. I learned, I laughed, I felt like I was among friends.
Host is hard to listen to.
Follow up review - I listen for the guest hosts about topics that interest me. The newest with Dexcom CEO I couldn’t miss. But again host is like scratching a chalkboard. So annoying. I only listen to host and skip her as much as possible. Discussing “seniors” was so needed and I am very grateful to have it discussed. Having T1 since I was 16 Dexcom G6 is life changing and lifesaving for seniors living alone. I have used Dexcom for years and to almost have the G6 unavailable for me when I went on Medicare scared me. But the company is so great. I was approved because of being current user and never missed a shipment. Stacy Simms the host is very annoying. She needs to stop grinning while she talks. She sounds like a teenage cheerleader. Also please remember, parents, you do not have type 1 your child does. I have compassion for the overwhelming responsibility of having your child’s control/life in your hands at first. But set boundaries. It will backfire if you don’t and they will rebel. As a T1 dx as a teen 49 years ago I am speaking from experience and it is with good intentions.


By j.moy
Really glad i found this podcast, great source of information from personal, dia-family supporters, latest technology, etc
Stacey and her incredibly knowledgeable guests talk all things diabetes related, but it’s so much more than that! You’ll get tons of actionable advice and tangible tips, but you’ll also get heaps of inspiration from truly engaging individuals that genuinely want to help others. Thanks so much for putting out such a spectacular show Stacey - keep up the great work!
Great advice about what to tell a little one when they ask if they will have diabetes forever. My Rose is 5, 2 years with T1D and as not ask yet. I feel prepared when she does. Thanks for doing such a great job with the podcast. I always feel like better her T1D when I listen. Christina
I’m so glad I came across your podcast early in my son’s T1D diagnosis. As his mom, I’ve been overwhelmed from day one and I can only imagine what it’s been like for him. Every episode I listen to gives me a little more peace of mind and a little more strength and courage to take on this new way of life. I appreciate each and every episode and am binging them any chance I can get! Thanks so much for being such a beacon of hope for this worried Momma!
This is a wonderful way to keep up with the rapidly changing technology, research and daibetes care options. Easy to listen to and well produced. I often find myself sitting in my car in the driveway to finish an episode. When I feel completely alone in the diabetes world, I can listen to Stacey and know that other people with Type 1 and their families are out there facing the same challenges every day with perseverence, hope and grace.
This is my favorite diabetes podcast of all the options. I like some of the others but I never miss an episode of Diabetes Connections.
Have been a T1d a very long time & this podcast is for everyone. Some epis are for newbies & some more technical. Love the guests with tech knowledge & #wearenotwaiting folks
I started listening to Diabetes Connections a long time ago. I’m a fan. The information and guest are amazing. Got diabetes? Download this podcast.
I love this show. I was diagnosed last year as a 30 year old and found myself without much info at all about T1D and feeling alone. This show made me feel like I had a community. Always informative and produced very well.
I love this podcast. Stacy is a great facilitator and she has interviews and information that I can’t get elsewhere. I always get the latest Diabetes health and tech updates.
Diabetes connections has truly helped me not feel overwhelmed and discouraged with my sons diagnosis. The podcast brings awareness and at the same time a positive outlook when dealing and managing with diabetes. I honestly don’t know how I would be if I didn’t listen to it! I am so grateful to Stacey for bringing this podcast to our homes!! A true inspiration and very informative!
Always interesting and always relevant for anyone with diabetes or those who care for them. There is always something to learn from Stacey and her guests.
You can always count on Stacey to bring the latest news and developments in diabetes tech or company updates. Lots of great info in a timely podcast and I love the extras like the new “tell me something good” feature. And of course any Benny stories!
My son was diagnosed with T1D last Christmas, and this difficult year has been made so much easier with the information I get from this podcast! It feels like a support group. Thank you Stacey Simms—so quickly she feels like a family friend.
As a person living with T1D, I appreciate this regular update on the latest technology, research trends, and how others are managing life with diabetes. We hear directly from big players in the field, as well as regular folks achieving extraordinary results. This podcast keeps me motivated and informed.
... can’t find the FB group as advertised. 🤔
Thank you for taking the time in your life to create this for me. I am Type 1 recently diagnosed and your podcasts are helping me catch up with what I’ve missed and help me feel like I am not alone. Thank you.
Stacey is a great interviewer. She has excellent guests on the show, and addresses topics that are pertinent to many aspects of type one - including issues that don’t necessarily pertain to her son Benny (but will be interesting to her audience). I have learned a lot from her podcasts, and appreciate that she diplomatically asked hard questions to insulin manufacturers about insulin affordability. Finally, Stacey asks great questions and lets her quality guests talk - and she listens. Much better than some other podcasters who blather too much. I’m subscribed and happy.
Stacey does a great job interviewing a variety of people. I’ve been type 1 for 18 years. Hearing other people’s stories and management issues and tips is my favorite. I love the professionalism of this podcast too. Thank you!!
This podcast consists of interviews with important voices in the Type 1 diabetes community— public figures, scientists, device makers, and more. Though there are many websites dedicated to Type 1 diabetes, I still find it hard to find quality information about the latest developments in technology, treatments, and the T1D community. Diabetes Connections fills that gap. Stacey is both warm and knowledgeable. I look forward to the podcasts every week. Finally, I want to give Stacey credit for always pointing out “conflicts of interest.” Her son currently uses Tandem and Dexcom products and she is always clear about her connection to the companies in that respect. Though she is cheering for Tandem and Dexcom to succeed, she’s still careful to ask tough questions and be open about her interests.
I love making connections, so it's no wonder I love Stacey's podcast! Listening to Diabetes Connections is one of the easiest ways to learn about what's happening in the world of diabetes, from tech updates to being introduced to movers and shakers in the diabetesphere to meaningful conversations with everyday people living with diabetes. While at our Children's Hospital for my daughter's inpatient testing, that happened to be on the endocrinology floor, I was chatting late at night with the nurses about diabetes related information when the charge nurse asked how I knew so much about tech products and current happenings! Diabetes Connections helps keep me up-to-date! Thanks, Stacey!
Loved listening to what's to come. My daughter uses an Animas Ping and we are trying to decide what pump to go for. This was so helpful in our decision.
From the start of the podcast, it too 13 minutes to get to the featured interview. Stacey Simms is a great host. As a repeat podcast listener, it's a bit tedious listening to 13 minutes of ads and intro material I've heard before. Stacey, is there any way you can streamline the ads and intro and get on with the show? On a different note, T1D is far more controllable through diet and lifestyle than it is with technology (I've learned this through 15 years of T1D myself). The newest CGMs, pumps, and closed loop artificial pancreas systems are great, but ironically, don'timprove health outcomes on average. I'd love to hear more discussion on this topic.
As a mom of a recently diagnosed t1d son, I love how informative these podcasts are. They're also well produced and Stacey is professional yet fun to listen to.
Her shows are easy to listen to, not too over our heads. Great for the family trying to educate themselves. Keep up the great work.
Thank you for sharing a story that can be relatable to so many type 1 families. You captured their story beautifully.
I am thoroughly enjoying this podcast! Thank you for it! I don't get on fb (or even the computer) much any more due to my work schedule and trying to keep up with the latest with T1 has been impossible but I am learning everyday during my drive time! Thank you!!
As a Pediatric Endocrinologist, I’ve been meaning to review this podcast for a while, but finally got to a keyboard. I used to get most of my updates from either drug/meter/pump reps or from journals. However, I’ve found Diabetes Connections to now be my #1 source for information about what my patients may want to know - it’s a great way to stay at the forefront of diabetes knowledge and what’s on the mind of my patients and their families
Stacey's podcasts are fantastic! An incredible amount of information presented thoroughly, understandably and interestingly. Thanks so much for doing this. We have a little nonprofit organziation whose mission is to provide emotional and practical support for families of children living with Type 1. We are 2 hours from the nearest pedicatric endocrinologist and peds education facility. These podcasts have helped so much in either introducing or gaining further knowledge about what's happening in the T1D world. Thanks!
Anyone who has diabetes or who loves someone who does should listen to this Podcast. Great personal anecdotes and interviews with people on the cutting edge of diabetes research.
Wide-ranging, interesting & informative interviews for type 1 diabetics & their caregivers
There are a lot of great diabetes podcasts and this is another. Each episode is informative and I feel smarter about diabetes when it's done!
Always giving a different, inside scoop to diabetes news and has great guests who discuss current and future diabetes care.
Diabetes Connections has the ability to help anyone on their diabetes matter where they're at. From individuals living with diabetes interested in new technology and resources to parents and caregivers who want to make the journey a little bit easier for their loved ones, this podcast has it all.
Great job Stacey Simms! As a mother of a t1d teen for 15 years, it has been a frustrating and often an emotional struggle. Diabetes connections has a positive outlook to a disease that can often look bleak. Each episode is better then the next and I applaud you Stacey and hope you continue bringing more and more great episodes!
This is a great resource for parents of T1D - thank you!
I always enjoy listening to Stacey Simms and her interesting guests! Each new episode brings me a topic that's fresh and timely in relation to what people with diabetes are discussing in the world around me.