Chaotic Neutral Adventures

Reviews For Chaotic Neutral Adventures

A good time with original stories that capture the nostalgia of choose your own adventure stories. You don't want to miss a single episode!
You and your friends consider yourselves aficionados of humorous podcasts, as well as the tropes of the science fiction, action, horror and fantasy genres. In your search for novel and creative offerings, you've stumbled across this promising fledgling production in the wilderness. If you're the kind of handsome, awesome, adventurous person who downloads or subscribes, continue to paragraph 2. If you're a scruffy nerf-herder who doesn't, continue to paragraph 3. Congratulations! You recognize quality when you hear and/or read about it! These hilarious self-contained mini-stories are chock-full of fun nerdy references and sharp commentary about the logical story-telling flaws of the various genres tackled! Consider yourself lucky that you have a new suggestion for your buddies at your next all-night table top gaming session! Everyone's impressed by your good taste and geeky acumen! You win all night long and have the best time ever! Most excellent! "You haven't heard of the Chaotic Neutral Adventures podcast?! You're kidding right?! It's so good! We can't stop talking about it!" Well, crap. You've been out done by Fred again. Damnit, Fred! Stop being the coolest guy everyone likes! You grudgingly admit that the podcast is actually pretty good as you're continually conned out all of your resources in Catan for the rest of the night. If only you'd listened!
Great choose your own adventure style podcast, with fun commentary and great sass.