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I’ve been a fan of this podcast for several years and it continually delivers strong science, interesting conversations, and great ideas. The podcast only continues to improve as more episodes are released.
I am really glad that I came across this while looking for science podcasts. This covers a wide variety of biotech innovations and issues, including public perception of and controversies surrounding biotechnology. I have been listening for several months now and continue to enjoy the way that they dive into the topics.
I’m a small farmer in Washington and have been listening to talking biotech podcast for 3 years. It’s wonderful education while I work in the strawberry fields. I often share them with my daughter studying molecular biology in college. Thank you so much for sharing the work of biological science and agriculture. You make a unique show that enriched my agricultural work Farmer Joe
Super helpful and very detailed. As someone who wants to get into Biotech, I find the length of the podcast excellent. Always good content and great guests.
Recently became aware of your podcast. In addition... also informed of the U of F decision to fold under political/personal pressure. We can only hope that you will find a more welcoming home to base your efforts. It seems that “the truth” has become elusive in our country. Sad days indeed.
Thoughtful, analytical discussion of complicated topics in easily understood manner. Love it.
Excellent coverage on the science of our food and medicine production. Highlights the deliberate mis and disinformation campaigns in US and across the globe. Required listening.
Science based


By Hrutger
I love that this podcast discusses the potential of biotech to make real positive impacts in people’s lives. The host is friendly, easygoing and relatable, and he helps translate complexities of the biotech field for audiences that are likely less experienced with it than he is. I like that the host and his guests often recognize the public’s hesitancy about biotech solutions, and they talk about the necessity of a cautious approach while retaining optimism about biotech advances.
Recently discovered this podcast. So many wonderful science-based solutions to many of our current problems are found in the world of biotech. I appreciate the efforts of Dr. Folta as he uses his own resources to put forth information about these current and future solutions to questions many people have about problems being encountered in agriculture and medicine. Great informational resource!
Dr. Kevin Folta's biotech podcast is truly one of a kind. He speaks on all issues small and large regarding biotechnogly from the actual molecular mechanisms of new innovations to the social problems that come with with them. Perfect for anybody, but especially helpful, educational and entertaining for a young aspiring scientist in college, like myself.
Talking Biotech has a rich selection of guests and Kevin does a great job asking questions so those of us who do not work in the biotech field can understand the purpose and details of the guest's work. I'm looking forward to next week's episode!
most of the episodes have some close relavnce to my work and my interest areas. i like the general closeness to science the episodes keep with evidence driving the talks and discussions. good science that is. good diversity of topics, good experts and good examples of biotech in ag, food and medicine.
So thankful for this podcast. Helps me see through all the hippy nonsense
I’ve been wanting to increase my knowledge in this area and this is perfect. I don’t have much background and it’s at a good level. I’ve listened to four episodes and plan to listen all the way through!!
Each episode grants an array of new perspectives to be used to preserve science during difficult discussions about genetic engineering. I love discovering a new angle or approach to ease those wary about biotechnology. Influencing others using the pro-science agenda is what brought me here. Persuading me to stay are the insights on agriculture, biology, and all the delicious science. Thank you for keeping the conversation going!
At first, the title “Talking Biotech” made me think “I will not be able to understand a single word” nothing could be further from the truth. Dr. Folta and his guests bring science to America. I am fascinated as to how well I can understand the content and value the education it provides.
As a physicist with a limited grasp of bio, this podcast has been a great way to get some perspective on what's going on in the field.
I love this podcast and its drive to fight Anti-Intellectualism! Thank you Dr. Folta for your work. I am going to school with the pipe dream end goal of studying human evolution through comparative genomics but I want more of a background in functional genomics as well. I have been listening now for several months and love what you did in 062 by showcasing evolutionary genomics. I would love to see you collaborate once in a while with other more pop-sci podcasts like StarTalk, 99% invisible, or Stuff You Should Know. Thank you for your work.
One of my favorite podcasts and a great source of information
Good morning and good episode. My name is Graham and I am a PhD student at Washington State University Pullman working on potato physiology. I wanted to briefly update the both of you that in fact there is a bred cultivar of potato which has whole plant (as opposed to just in the foliage or roots/tubers) resistance to late blight. The cultivar is Payette Russet and it was bred by Dr. Rich Novy of the USDA-ARS Aberdeen in collaboration with the Pacific Northwest Variety Development Program (PNWVDP). I believe it was released for sale in 2015. It also has resistance to resistance to verticillium wilt, corky ringspot, early blight, common scab, and potato virus Y (PVY). The future is now! Cheers gentlemen
Kevin does an amazing job explaining the science that helps people around the world eat healthy, or sometimes just eat at all. Yet people who know nothing about this science, and for whom no evidence would ever be enough to convince them there's no evidence it's harmful, trash him, the science they don't understand, and anyone who supports it. If you trust loud jerks on the internet who love to insult people over peer-reviewed journals and controlled studies, this isn't the podcast for you. Everyone else...enjoy.
Science rocks! It doesn't always support your position, but it's not under any obligation to do so.
A highly recommended podcast, I love the show and listen on my way to work, keep up the great work and never desist to spread the goods of technology and food.
Informative show about things I took for granted - plant science and food technology. He explains how unscary GMOs really are. Sometimes sound quality ain't the best but it's worth it.
Biotech is a hot button issue, and can be intimidating to try and learn about on your own through internet searches. This podcast has reputable sources in every episode, and discusses the potential benefits of biotechnology, while honestly addressing potential unknowns and admitting when there are questions that scientists don't have the answer to...yet.
This podcast is a great resource to learn the scientific facts surrounding GMO products. I can honestly say that I never knew how to discuss the subject of genetically modified crops prior to listening, and often just got swept up in the mass fear that surrounds these innovations. Now I understand what an amazing tool genetic modification is for certain aspects of agriculture, and how supportive the science is to its safety and adoption. Thanks and keep up the good work Kevin!
What a great show to find- I particularly love when you tell the stories of plant domestication. Always so open, interested and wanting to share. This is a really great science show.
The very best place to learn what is going on with agricultural technology!
Great podcast to learn about inside the plants. During the discussions the author and his guests cover basic concepts such as physiology/genetics/biochemistry of plant biology. There is also alot of history of plant science as well.
Scientific advancements can be difficult for a lot of people to understand, especially in a field as complex as genetics. People fear what they don't understand. Dr. Folta does a terrific job of trying to make a tricky and complicated subject interesting and easier to grasp.
So informative. As a PhD student, I love listening to this while working in the lab. Nice way to gain exposure to biotech! Esp enjoyed the episode w/ advice for women in science.


An excellent Podcast. I have a B.S. in nutrition and dietetics and am working as a nutrition counselor. I often listen to Kevin Folta on my commute to work, and although the topics are not often directly related to my work, the information and perspectives certainly contribute to my overall understanding of food, science, and the cool stuff that happens when you put those together! As someone who values science- and evidence-based information (and the translation of this info to lay people like me), I am grateful for the Talking Biotech podcast!
If you are looking for a science podcast that combines inspiring stories with persuasive data, Talking Biotech is a great choice. Dr. Kevin Folta is unwavering in his commitment to help educate and inform us about agricultural and medical advances and challenges.
This is one podcast I never miss. It's so important that there is a voice of reason in the GE discussion. Kevin provides that, and shares his time with some of the most interesting people in related fields.
I have more questions than I have answers. This is one place that I can get solid info and answers to many of my unknowns. Thank you Dr. Folta.
Chock full of info on the foods we all enjoy. Fascinating discussions of the people, ideas, and methods used to grow and breed common and unusual plant foods. I especially enjoy hearing where foods originally came from and how they got to "the west".
Its very important to hear about the positive impact of Biotech.This program will hopefully make people understand more about scientific endeavors and thus remove any fears marketed to them.
Very informative and important.
Listening to this podcast is the highlight of my podcast lineup for the week. I love learning new info about biotech and it's applications from the experts.
I'm so happy to hear Dr Folta and Talking Biotech are back on the air! He is one of the best science educators, giving us insights into complicated questions and their answers. His guests are fascinating and offer their expertise in a way that most lay people will be able to understand.
This is hands-down my favorite podcast ever. The topics discussed are so very interesting, the plight of the American chestnut tree, citrus greening disease, banana blight, malaria, hornless dairy cows, and so much more. Folta does an excellent job of extracting the information from the guests in a way that the layperson can understand. Too bad Folta had to yield to pressure from the anti-biotech terrorists and suspend the podcast.
The podcast with theScibabe made me laugh and is where I found this podcast. I don’t know much about biotech but I like to learn and this has made me re-evaluate some of my opinions. So thanks for that.
This podcast discusses the use of incredible biotechnology to address problems around the world. It's a great example of effective science communication and everyone should give it a listen
There is a good balance here between advanced concepts and translation into layman's terms. This makes it a very accessible podcast even for non-scientists.
Kevin Folta is a rare gem in this world as both being an active scientist and skilled at communication. I love that in this podcast he speaks directly to scientists, farmers, and bloggers to pull directly from the source of the facts and translate that information back to the listener in a way that they can understand. I particularly love hearing these scientists talk about the things that they are passionate about, and it's all so interesting! The podcast is also ad-free and paid for out of Kevin's own pocket. I don't know how he manages to find the time to do everything he does and still perform his full-time duties at the University of Florida, without asking for anything in return. This is truly a public service.
So much to say here: Kevin Folta is so knowledgeable, great guests, exciting and innovative science, and a willingness to speak out in defense of biotech through facts and education. It must be very difficult to do this show, in terms of time commitment and the hateful response, but it's so needed and appreciated. Thank you Kevin and never give up!
Dr. Folta is a great science communicator and interviews the folks in the trenches developing cutting edge GM and Ag technologies. Great information and great interviews. If you have an interest in Ag or GMO Technologies, don’t miss it!
Love this podcast. It tells you about lots of new biotech projects, products, and research. The science details are there, but you don't have to be a scientist to understand them. Plus, they interview the people behind each project. It's a cool way to get the behind-the-scenes scoop on what's going on, without 10 more years of school.