Reviews For A Thousand Maybe Worlds

Richard and Ryan are fantastic hosts and guides through a story-by-story recap and detailed analysis of the Old Time Radio and Sci-Fi classic, X-minus One. I think most OTR fans would agree X-minus One is the "best of the bunch" of these OTR Sci-Fi shows, and, frankly, it is my favorite of all time. How wonderfully serendipitous to come across this new podcast while looking for rebroadcasts of the show on iTunes. Richard are Ryan provide insight and backstory to each episode as well as providing their own thought provoking and funny takes. Each show begins with a challenge to Ryan to summarize the episode within the seemingly impossible 3-minute mark. He does an admirable job, though perhaps uses a few more "F-bombs" than absolutely necessary (that’s likely a result of the pressure involved though). In any event, A Thousand Maybe Worlds has become a favorite podcast of mine and I look forward to hearing it each week. As a side note, I am very interested in literary analysis and often reflect on how enjoyable it would have been to take Richard’s English class in college!