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By eliajb
If you like 2 guys, sitting around talking about those weird titles you see while scrolling through Tubi, then this is the podcast for you!
Some great people! This is a hilarious podcast that covers films that are particularly close to my heart: terrible horror movies (or Horrible Horror). Give them a listen, you won't regret it.
These guys are hilarious!! They are by far the best horror podcast that I have found to date! Funny and keep things interesting even on the super bad (and not in the good way) movies!
This podcast is informative, fun and weird . Love it . One of the guys is a weirdo.
As I said you gotta check this out!! These guys watch some of the worst horror movies, always lwith a beer and a smile. The back and forth is hilarious. I've actually watched some of the movies they didn't like just because I enjoyed the podcast so much. I definitely recommend you give them a listen...if you dare!
This podcast is hilarious!! These guys review some of the most bizarre, out there horror movies. It has been a great way for me to check out some low-brow horror gems. If you like to laugh, pour your self an adult beverage and check it out!
Very fun! Week in and week out these guys review awful horror movies from across the genre and is a great listen for any horror fan. Check it out!
I love cheesy horror movies. I love this podcast. Very funny!
Raunchy, funny, full of back ground facts, actually better than the movie reviewed.