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You can learn a lot in a short time
The bite-sized drops of information about our faith is perfect. Not too preachy. Just joyful. I especially love the Habemus Papam series!
My favorite episodes are topics on human development or just plain humanness and how a better understanding of “ourselves” brings us a closer understanding of God. Someone please make sure the participants all have at least a cheap pair of earbuds with internal microphone. It is very difficult to listen with the echoing that is occurring on multiple episodes.
Inspired, uplifting and sometimes funny
Where is Father Rob!? I miss listening to him. I find his podcasts so insightful
Truly inspiring, informative, motivational, and a enlightening.
This podcast is definitely for nerdy Catholics (and I mean that in the nicest way possible)! The priests are funny and engaging, but also so informative; it’s so nice to get a variety of podcasts (the 10-minute talks, 60-second segments, and Habemus Papum) all in one great podcast.
The crew at Catholic Bytes make topics approachable and help to bring brevity to our daily lives.
I like the new format with the three priests discussing a topic.
Easy to listen to, informative podcast about all things Catholic. The podcasts are relevant and exceptionally well done with a wide variety of topics. Most are a couple of minutes long but they have a ten of fifteen minute podcast every once in a while that dig deeper into a specific topic about the faith, spiritual life, the lives of the saints, etc. Highly recommended.
I look forward to hearing Catholic Bytes. It gives me a few moments to listen and learn about my beautiful faith. My 15year old daughter makes me wait and listen with her. The priests are so real. They bring humor and positivity every podcast. Would love them to do this on u tube!
I can say hands down this is the best advice as I get older and need all the tips I can get to stay looking young and revived and youthful at all times from creams to fillers
Another wonderful car topic while the kids are in the car. Thank you so much for all the work that you do.
I enjoy learning more about the Church, with complicated concepts boiled down to easy to understand explanations.
I came to this podcast after hearing it plugged in Catholic Stuff You Should Know and have enjoyed every minute of it. The 1 minute snippet gives you a surface level view of an interesting topic and maybe encourages you to look into it more while 8-9 minute podcasts on Thursday dive a little more in-depth in a topic. Fr. Conrad gives some great insight, keep it coming.
Wonderful podcast!
Catholic Bytes is one of my favorite podcasts. I’ve been listening since the beginning and have enjoyed every episode. I like the length, but I also appreciate how concise everything is. I’m super impressed how they can give you so much food for thought in just 60 seconds or 10 minutes. Their longer episodes are clear, don’t ramble or get off topic (a typical podcast pet peeve of mine), and I appreciate how they summarize everything at the end as well.
I love the concept behind this podcast. Each bite-size episode takes a deeper look at something related to the Catholic faith. The interview format keeps it interesting as well as keeping the listener on track as the subject is explored. I have picked up many interesting things about the faith from listening to this podcast. I also enjoy hearing about all of the different priests and seminarians who are contributing to the recordings, espeically what they are studying while in Rome. It helps me connect with the speakers and what they have to say on each topic.
Clear and concise and easy to understand
I highly recommend these!! For anyone, if you're educated in your faith, you're just getting back into it, or just are looking for a way to expand your knowledge. It's awesome to hear priests and seminarians on fire for the faith and how excited they are to talk about these things. And so many topics! For the person who said something in their review about the crusades, father did say that he didn't believe 10 min was enough and that he recommended a longer talk he had listened to, to go more in depth about them. Just listen more closely :) and they're a great length. Listen to them on your way to work or while you get ready. It's an awesome opportunity to squeeze in some catechism!
It's such a great way to learn more about your faith!
Discovered Catholicbytes as part of the Laudete App. Great snippets and insights of the Catholic faith revealing it's far reach into every aspect of life.
I'm thankful to have found this podcast because I've walked away learning so much more than I thought I would. Its really deepen my understanding of the Catholic faith and God. Keep it up!
This podcast is brief and specific with greatly appropriate depth for their topics. I learn a lot from every episode and always want to save or share something from it.
I'm a cradle Catholic who received rather good catechesis growing up, I've been studying philosophy and theology for 7 years now, and still with each episode I learn something new or a new and effective way of presenting something I already believe. I love the length of these podcasts, too, as they're perfect to have playing in the background during daily routines like shaving or making the bed or starting the pot of coffee. Lastly, I like that they cater to a wide range of people- from the daily Mass goer to the person who has heard of this Jesus character a time or two but knows little to nothing about him.
I'm devouring these episodes one after the other! Each episode is well organized with an end summary, and presents authoritative speakers with engaging and fundamental topics in a laid back environment. It's easy to listen, but will not bore you. Thank you for this great gift!
Great Catholic Podcast. Thank you "Catholic Stuff you should know" for the referral to another great Catholic podcast.
Like others, I definitely enjoy each episode as it is covers a lot of ground in under 10 minutes. I can see that the seminarians and priests who produce these episodes show a lot of love in making sure they cover the essentials of each topic.
The episodes are only about 10 minutes long, but they are full of information.
Very short but still very informative. Great when you just have the time or energy for a quick nugget of the Truth, rather than a long drawn-out lecture. Excellent production quality, knowledgeable guests, and hosts who are present but allow the guest to be the star. Subscribe today!
This podcast has been such a blessing. I strongly encourage you to try it if you are feeling down, want to understand Catholicism better, want to understand the world better, or want to learn more about the saints, but you don't have time to research the topics yourself or can't quite decide where to begin. Each episode is structured as a conversation between the host and the guest that is almost playful at times but gets straight to the heart of the subject. My favorite episodes so far have been "Striving for Greatness," "Bl. Pier Giorgio Frassati: 'Man of the Beatitudes,'" and "Prayer Life: Where to Begin." I saved all three of these and have listened to them often, because they helped me to re-discover God's love for me and taught me how to better answer his calling (something I failed to grasp in CCD).


10 minutes for the Crusades? You can sum it up in under 10 minutes? I was hoping for something a bit meatier. Any recommendations for that, short of going back to school?
These guys are great! Quick info-packed messages about Jesus Christ and His Church!
Simple and refreshing. May God bless this ministry as it aids in Christian reflection, and may your priesthood reflect the life of Christ to others for many years to come.
What I enjoy most about these interesting and insightful podcasts, based on the rich 2,000 year treasury of the wisdom of the Church, is how they begin by telling you what they are going to cover in the episode then they share the wisdom in an engaging way and close by summerizing what they told you so that you have a short way to remember the kernal of the teaching. Each episode is well worth the 6-10 minute investment!
WOW…Catholic Byte Podcast is flat out awesome. Good production quality. Easy to listen. Very impressed. Keep bringing it.
Each episode features a different priest who is in Rome right now. They discuss a variety of topics such as the importance of the body (not what you expect from a Catholic podcast, right?), prayer, how Christ makes us free, saints, and much more. No matter the topic the explanation is simple and understandable. A host gently inserts questions for further information but the focus is on the presenter. Very well done.