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If you're a business owner, a marketer, a copywriter, a sales person, Truth About Marketing offers so many gems of marketing wisdom, great guests, excellent questions answered, entertaining, the whole package. Put it on, wash the dishes, soak it in.
Kevin, host of The Truth About Marketing podcast, highlights all aspects of business, marketing and more in this can’t miss podcast! The host and expert guests offer insightful advice and information that is helpful to anyone that listens!
This podcast from Kevin Rogers is the best on online marketing there is! He's got such a loose and easy going interview style. While at the same time he's able to extract some brilliant information from his guests.
Kevin Rogers brings endless laughs and marketing gems in this truly valuable podcast. Jump on and go for a fun and informative ride with some of the brightest and most successful business guys and gals out there. You won't regret it.
Kevin and his guests provide some incredibly actionable and compelling content on how to effectively build and market your brand. Highly recommend listening and subscribing to The Truth About Marketing if you want the knowledge AND mindsets level up your marketing efforts (and reach your overall business goals as a result)!
Wow! Just WOW! I've been listening to Kevin's podcast lately while I'm walking my dog in the park. I have to make her stop over and over again so I can add notes to my phone. The marketing insights in these interviews are show-stoppers. I've been in the biz for 17 years and I learn new stuff on every single episode. Regular listening should be a requirement for all serious marketers. Don't listen without a way to take notes!
Kevin's ability to connect with people, draw out their thoughts and experiences, be hilarious, have brilliant insights technically, professionally, and on a personal level, and make you want to get to know him personally all add up to one of my favorite podcasts. The fact that he talks about marketing is just the icing on the cake!
Some interviewers just have that magic touch that others don't. When you hear people like Marc Maron talk to people, you get the sense that it's just two people hanging out, talking at a bar, or nerding out on the couch about things they have in common. This is what Kevin's show is like for the various people/marketers he has on--just two people hanging and chatting about their favorite subject: marketing & copywriting. I'm convinced that's how Kevin is able to get some of the greatest insight out of some of the biggest names in copywriting and marketing. It's a skill that he makes seem so effortless, and who knows, maybe he's winging it. But true professionals know how to make the hard stuff look easy, so either Kevin's a mad genius, or his lax interview style puts his subjects at ease and gets them to open up because they can tell his curiosity about them and the conversation topics is born out of genuine curiosity. Maybe it's both. Either way, you should give this show a listen, I'm surprised you haven't already...
I was thrilled to come across this series because it's exactly my style. Very light on BS fluff and ego stroking, and very heavy with valuable content, tactics, and deep conversations about business and marketing. And of course "life" gets in there too because business owners need the fix your head crud too. =) I really enjoy the back and forth, Kevin asks great questions and keeps conversations on track, and he keeps the programs tight. I never feel like I need to get off the show because it's dragging. This show makes my commute super enjoyable because I am bettering my business brain, and I often relisten to episodes several times - the latest one by Robert Gibson one of my favorites. Truly enjoy this series, and I have recommended it to many of my biz peers.
Great content, pointers, and motivation. Thank you brother Rogers!
I've been listening to the truth about marketing for about a year now. This podcast is chock-full of marketing lessons worth thousands. I've paid thousands to learn just a fraction of the lessons covered here. Ignore at your own peril.
WOW! Was hanging on to every word, couldn't get enough, wish I could listen in slo-mo. Great Job!
I've listened to half a dozen or so shows now, and read a few articles over on Kevin's CopyChief site, and it's been almost too good of an experience. I'm spending an our or more a day listening and reading when I know I should be writing. But I'm really new to this (I literally only started studying copywriting on Jan 7, 2017) so I'm still way at the bottom of the learning curve. Happily--and distractingly--subscribed to.
Readers are uncomfortably numb to "Doom & Gloom". Survive the holocaust of broke marketing. PS: You have to tune in to leverage the TXH11.
Loved the April Dykman episode, big thanks Kevin for everything here and on psych insights -- you have no idea how much it's helped me judo kick through some of the imposter syndrome as a rookie, and sharpen my skills as a copywriter. Muchisimo gracias
I’ve heard these episodes multiple times and feel like I grew up with Kevin Rogers and his guests. Each episode is so deep and insightful because Kevin only invites people he actually knows. So there’s no fumbling, getting-to-know-you, talk. Instead you dive deep into the nitty-gritty and tease out gems about marketing, business growth and life insights. I can’t help but replay episodes and use them to inspire different projects I build in my own business.
Kevin's interview with Rhonda Britten is terrific! The interview is lively, fast paced, enjoyable and interesting. Kevin, as usual, builds a rapid rapport in his podcast interview with Rhonda... and we are the beneficiaries of this fun event.
Kevin has this ability to connect with the people that few can connect with, Through him I get to socialize vicariously with the amazing people I will likely never meet. Even if I did meet them, I wouldn't be able to drow the wisdom out of them that Kevin is able to so easily do.
Kevin is an expert interviewer and he always has the best guests that are more than willing to give out gold. Recommended!
In the get-rich-quick “Internet marketing” industry where most self-appointed gurus have liquid BS running through their veins, Kevin Rogers is a rare authentic voice. No posturing, aggressive self-promotion, or affiliate offers for push-button money-making schemes. Just his views, his experience, and good conversations with people running real businesses.
Kevin, the chat with Dan Meredith was brilliant. Can't imagine why I haven't subscribed sooner. Can't wait to listen to the rest of your archive. Thank you!
Kevin can certainly tell a story and has a great way of keeping his guests on track and to the point. hearing the pro’s talk about there case studies has been one of the most helpful, inspiring listens for a while. Thanks Kev your a legend!
I just listened to the interview of Colin Theriot and learned so much, yet again. I especially loved the amazing idea of how to get paid to do research I already want to do; this sounds perfect for me. Thanks for all the great info you continue to deliver every time, Kevin!
Great Stuff !!
Great interviews! Clever questions! Entertaining content! Kevin Rogers’ marketing podcast has it all. The guests are key in the marketing world. I learn something every time I listen.
Very helpful show. Every show is interesting and helpful. Nice mix. Some are just too short. But that's a good thing. Leaves me wanting more.
This show is new, perhaps, but it immediately became the one show I never miss. I try most marketing podcasts, and most fall by the wayside quickly. But not Kevin’s show. It’s always great advice, funny, and so human.
This is only the 3rd time where I've actually listened to an entire podcast episode without getting distracted and ending it early. The others were from Tim Ferriss and Ryan Moran. It takes a lot to get and keep my attention. And Kevin has done it.
I'm just discovering Kevin Rogers. When I find somebody sharp, funny, and authentic, I get a little obsessive--listening to a bunch of the podcasts all at once. By now I know Kevin Rogers didn't morph from broke comic rebel into successful copywriter/marketer by selling out. He's the perceptive friend you can trust in these podcasts. No canned scripts or King of the Freakin Universe echo chambers here unless he's messing with us. Picture him talking across the table with marketers he knows, likes, and trusts. Think of wicked dry humor. Think of really getting it for the first time. And get ready to hear some amazing stories and insights. Copywriter Andre Chaperon tells Kevin how he refuses to be anybody but himself and wins big BECAUSE he's not copying everybody else. James Schramko tells how to become successful and essential instead of pounding the pavement monthly for another new trick to hype. In one short podcast, Kevin Rogers sits alone, riffing on the word "networking." Then he rolls out two cringeworthy stories: awkward encounters with rich and famous heroes. One hero shares a simple truth. When Nobody offers to help Somebody, the canyon between them narrows. Fame becomes reachable. . . for both. So The Truth About Marketing isn't about pasting gold stars on your soapbox or practicing your morning radio voice in the shower. It's about kicking self-consciousness and slick tricks to the curb to build your legacy.
I listen to several marketing/business/conversion podcasts and this is my favorite, no doubt about it. Kevin’s guests are incredibly generous with their time and wisdom, and also humble. It’s a rare combination. I also love that it feels like we’re listening in on a conversation they might have over lunch, even if the recorder wasn’t on. I come away with deep insights every time. Oh, and the episodes where Kevin solos are amazing, too. Thanks for making this available.
I have read the 60 Second Sales Hook and probably every email Kevin has sent since then. The PodCast is a great addition. The varied lengths of the PodCasts is a nice break and shows that he is willing to cut to the meat and not waste time my time with fluff. The interview shows are like sitting with a couple of friends and leting the conversation flow. Keep it up.
I follow several marketing podcasts but The Truth About Marketing by Kevin Rogers is, by far, my favorite. Kevin Rogers is getting to the brass tacks with real marketing insights on issues that really matter. It's so good, I'd pay for it
From the 60 second sales hook to copy chief to his amazing new podcasts. Kevin Rogers shows you exactly how you can better connect with your audience online and keep their attention. He consistently creates high quality content that is super clear and easy to put into action to help you grow your business !
Kevin always delivers…he doesn’t waste your time in getting to the “good” stuff. Every word out of his mouth is actionable content you can use right away. I always listen as soon as I receive notice of a new episode. Thanks Kevin!
The hyperbole fits in this case. Kevin Rogers has done something amazing with this podcast; he delivers simple, profound advice in a warm and welcoming way that is a soothing balm to sales pros like me. His obvious skill and comfort behind the mic are as evident as his deep knowledge of the subjects he covers. This podcast will be helpful, and more importantly, ENJOYABLE to any entrepenuers, marketers, copywriters or grizzled old sales pros who take the time to dial in.
WOW….The Truth About Marketing Podcast is flat out awesome. Good production quality. Easy to listen. Very impressed Kevin. Keep bringing it.
I love Kevin storytelling and making it apply to my life and business. He knows how to Deliver the insights which is really rare these days as a fellow podcaster! I was excited about this podcast before it even launched! You will not go wrong in investing your time with Kevin and his guests! I love it when I look forward to the next episode~rapwithnic
Kevin, perfect story to drive home a vital marketing lesson. Impressed that you saw your son's conversation for what it was and extracted the persuasive essence to share with us.
Loved this podcast! It was exactly what I needed to hear to encourage me in my endeavors. It was just long enough for me to stop and make time to pay attention to the whole podcast. Even in just that 8 minutes and 55 seconds I received such great tips and encouragement that I think I will have to become a member of Copy Chief! Oh and your son is brilliant! :-)
Anybody can do interviews, but the solo shows Kevin does are absolute GOLD. He is funny, insightful, and smart. Do yourself a favor and tune in. The only thing I don’t like is that he’s not on my network.
Just listened to Kevin Rogers new podcast, it was so amazing and insightful, I can't wait till the next episode! First episode was with Dean Jackson, Kevin pulled some great nuggets out from Dean. And Dean was as smooth as silk (as usual) with his unassuming, even keeled personality . BTW, thanks Dean — for carrying Joe all these years, we all really appreciate it. LOL Dean dropped marketing bomb after marketing bomb, I paid attention and took a lot of notes, yet Kevin did an even better job, because there were some insights that Kevin heard, and brought to my attention, that just flew right over my head. Thanks for watching my 6, Kev! You have to check out "The Truth About Marketing!" Time to go implement massively!
It’s the rare business podcast lately that makes me pause the recording repeatedly to take notes. Most interview shows merely skim the surface or re-tread well-worn paths. Yet despite having listened to multiple interviews with the first week’s guest in the past, I still came away with lots of fresh insights. Full disclosure: I know Kevin well, but I’d write the same review even if we’d never met. Highly recommended.