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Reviews For The Annapolis Podcast

Was so hopeful about this podcast, which covers the local current events and issues that I want to learn more about, often with great guests. Unfortunately, the hosts are more interested in listening to themselves and airing their rants, that it's easy to lose track of whether to not they have a guest. A little curiosity from the hosts would go a long way toward improving this podcast.
Scott has a diverse array of guests from well known public figures to others who aren't in the public spotlight. What they all have in common is they have unique stories to tell, and perspectives that are informative and often funny. Even as a longtime local, I am learning a lot I never knew about our community. A topical and well produced podcast.
A consistent lineup of quality guests--guests that tell stories; that make a positive impact on our surrounding areas. Scott is well-researched and clearly has passion for uncovering our local history of Annapolis. Truly entertaining for the Annapolis-enthusiast, The Annapolis Podcast is a valuable asset to the local community!
The Annapolis Podcast is one of my favorites. Listening to Scott interview his guests is like having a conversation with friends. The diversity of guests and topics assures you never quite know what to expect, but are rarely disappointed. As an Annapolis transplant the Annapolis Podcast is helping me get to know both the history and current state of my adopted hometown. Bonus feature: Scott ends the program by asking guests to talk about their favorite restaurants. Keep those recommendations coming!
Been a listener for while. A solid podcast with great local content. Scott knows how to find the interesting people and draw out their perspective on the Annapolis area. Definitely worth subscribing and becoming a regular listener
Scott, the godfather of Annapolis podcasting, does a fanatastic job at keeping the podcast fresh by selecting a diverse mix of subjects to interview. My favorite episode, thus far, is Ralph Crosby, owner of Crosby Marketing and lifelong Annapolis resident. Seriously, the picture he paints of Annapolis, mid-20th century is genuinely mesmerizing. I listened to it twice. Great podcast!
The Annapolis podcast is vibrant 30 minute insight into the history, culture and people of Annapolis, Maryland. This sleepy bayside town has a history as deep as the country itself, and host Scott MacMullen navigates the depths with a delightful ease. From local politicians to the city paper’s beer columnist, MacMullen’s insightful inquisition will send you a journey through the history, culture and political climate of one of America’s most historical cities.
Learning lots of cool stuff about Annapolis. Keep up the great interviews!
WOW….The Annapolis Podcast is flat out awesome. Good production quality. Easy to listen. Very impressed. Keep bringing it.