Eclectic Readers

Reviews For Eclectic Readers

Interesting conversation that has exposed me to a variety of books that I likely wouldn’t have known about.
Always enjoy the conversation on the Eclectic Readers podcast. One of my favorite reading podcasts, too. Love that they truly go out of their way to avoid sticking to any one market or genre.
Wonderful podcast for book lovers. Delightful and addicting!
Let’s just put my existing friendships with our three engaging podcasters aside and focus on the content. I love listening to these women talk about books and life. The podcast is like a book club session in your pocket (if that’s where you keep your iPod or iPhone or whatnot). I participate in the real life book club with these women and the podcasts allow me to catch up if I can’t make a session. They are EXACTLY the same in the podcast as they are in real life. They are authentic and their comments are genuine. I can’t wait to experience how the podcast evolves and listening to future episodes.
I'm not a big podcast fan, but I am a reader. I love his podcast for running the gamut of book topics and covering some really insightful topics for each title, but still being fun and interesting to listen too. If you're a reader, start listening.