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Great show that brings practical and actionable ideas to the topic of Real Estate Investing from looking at local markets to invest in all the way through to how to minimize or eliminate taxes! I love the show and listen to all the episodes. What are you waiting for - go listen and learn then earn!
Great content in an easy to learn format. Always looking forward to new episodes!
This podcast by Marco Santarelli is by far one of the best podcasts for any real estate investor or for anyone thinking about becoming a real estate investor. He provides great content, and interviews lots of knowledgable people to help you grow and become smarter with each episode! I look forward to each and every episode!
Enjoy the quality content.
Everytime I tune in "Passive Real Estate Investing" Podcast, I seem to learn something. Thank you!


Just started listening to you this week Marco. I’m overwhelmed but eager to learn how to build passive income via Real estate. Im on marathon listening to your podcast. I found wealth of info here that I needed. So thankful for you for sharing your knowledge. I’ll start writing questions soon. God bless you! ~Edna
Avid listener and learner of this podcast. Finding the information current and so useful in my journey to more passive real estate investing. Marco provides a realistic but positive outlook on real estate investing from a distance. Highly recommend to other listeners.
Great podcast for learning real estate investing and growing your wealth passively. Good thoughtful speakers and great insights. Way to go!!
I am a fan. I find this podcast insightful and informative. I have been listening for more than a year and I keep listening because of the pearls that are delivered on a regular basis. Thank you for this great podcast.
My wife and I have been listening to Marco for a few years now and love each show. He provides high quality insights, his show guests have been incredible, and each episode is loaded with great info. Looking forward to listening to more! We’re also starting the process of working with Norada to get started in our own real estate investment journey!
My wife and I were recently married this year and we began looking into ways that we could be smart with our money. I honestly did not like the thought of working for 40 years and living off of my 401k and Social Security checks (if there is any money left to disperse by then...). It was during this time of searching that we came across this podcast and began learning about passive real estate investing. Marco has really opened our eyes to how a shift in our investment strategy can produce great wealth not only for ourselves but also for our children. We are looking forward to working with Marco and his team in the near future!
I listen to a lot of podcasts — you could call me an information junkie — and in the REI arena, it’s crowded with a whole lot of fluff. Not here. Actionable, effective, to the point interviews with multiple treasure chests of resources. He covers a variety of topics from newbies on up. Many thanks for knowledge and EXPOSURE to what’s out there and what we can get started on.
This podcast has been an eye opener for me in regards to all the opportunities out there and how real estate can make you financially independent. Anyone slightly interested in real estate must listen to this podcast. Thank you Marco for all the content you provide.
The Passive Real Estate Investing podcast with Marco Santarelli is one of my favorite real estate podcasts. He delivers pertinent information for investors with a voice and personality I can listen to. His ask Marco segments are great for seasoned or new investors alike. You will learn something from a different perspective, and I greatly appreciate it. My wife and I have also had the pleasure and great experience of purchasing from Norada. Thank you Marco.
Free podcasts featuring excellent advice for passive investors. Marco is direct and thorough in his explanations. I really appreciate his points of view and online resources. Thank you to Wealth Breakthroughs for introducing me to him!
Marco I love your podcast. I’ve been listening for a while and love every episode you put out. You are very knowledgeable and insightful. I hope to invest with your company one day. Thank you for the great content!!!
I’m a beginner in the real estate game, but I have learned a great deal from these guys!
I have just listened to the wealth breakthrough series where Marco was a guest and now I am a big fan of this podcast. The content is great and free and easy to understand. It is pretty inspirational and educational on where to start and how to go about investing in real estate. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and professionalism!
As new investor with a full time job I find the contents very informative for every level investors


By >Andrew
I am so happy I stumbled upon this podcast with Marco. Incredible topics, and great wealth of knowledge and guess. Check it out!
My wife discovered this podcast on our recent road trip and I have been learning so much! Thank you for the great and free content
Love your show! Definitely eye-opening! ~ Elite Podcast Bookings
Marco provides the best information for investing in affordable turnkey real estate properties out-of-state. The content can be complex but Marco and his guests always manage to take complex topics and break them down into easy to understand segments.
Found your site from Anderson Advisors and I loved the interview
I’m beginning my real estate investing journey and can’t say enough great things about this podcast and Marcos team at Norada. The content is superb and I tell whoever will listen to subscribe and join the exciting world of real estate investing.
Really enjoy Marco sharing all of his knowledge with us.
Marco has decades of REI experience no doubt, but all of this info comes through the lens of a person selling you something, so take everything he says with a grain of salt.
I listen to all Marco’s podcasts and recently used some of the resources he has amassed to look for what may be my next investment property!
Marco’s wealth of knowledge is fantastic and he interviews some great guests!
I stumbled into the world of passive income a few years back which eventually led me to passive real estate investing. Soon thereafter I came across Marco’s podcast and it’s been life-changing. I am currently fixing up our previous primary residence as a rental and looking to invest in turnkey solutions as we harvest equity and cash flow. Marco’s wealth of knowledge and real estate network takes what is at first a scary investment strategy and distills it into something concrete, simple, and actionable. With the knowledge gained from these episodes, my wide and I are on the path to early retirement and financial freedom. Thank you for everything you do!
I’m a pizza delivery driver, while I’m on deliveries all night I listen to this podcast. I use Spotify, though. I’m learning and teaching myself about real estate investments! This show REALLY helps simplify and breakdown every part of what I should consider for properties, since I am a learning investor. Thank you Marco for always being straight forward and informative!
Great podcast for the new real estate investor. Marco does a great job explaining different topics and I really enjoy the market spotlights where you learn about different cities/markets.
Just getting my feet wet in real estate but the information thus far has been very useful.
Marco, host of the Passive Real Estate Investing podcast, highlight all aspects of real estate, investing and more in this can’t miss podcast! The host and expert guests offer insightful advice and information that is helpful to anyone that listens!
Marco does a great job of clearly explaining the information. The information is useful and helps when looking at other markets.
The way I stumbled across the passive income podcast was serendipitously. I actually overheard Marco chatting about REI in a local coffee shop, and as an avid investor and home flipper myself, I approached him and introduced myself. We had a quick chat and I was introduced to Marco’s podcast. This was approximately a year ago, and I’ve been listening to his podcast ever since. I received a bachelor degree in Business Admin as well as earned my MBA, both from a prestigious west coast business school. It is no exaggeration when I say the information in Marco’s podcast has been more valuable in my real estate investing career than all my higher education. Now I’m not knocking higher education or saying people should not go to school, but what I am saying is that the fact that Marco’s podcast is available for free to anyone who wants to better their life through real estate investing is absolutely incredible. The quality of the guests speakers, and breadth of topics are outstanding. I also enjoy and appreciate Marco’s straight to the point style, which focuses on the important concepts without derailing. Thank you Marcos for all that you do and for providing us all with fascinating insights into the exciting world of real estate investing on every podcast. Keep up the amazing work. - Ash
Very informational podcast with all sorts of different topics that have helped me understand and learn about real estate investing.
I have been trying to find a podcast that will help me because, I don’t know where to start. Marco answers question, he does not holding anything back. I appreciate it.
I’ve stumbled across this podcast after I almost accidentally became a real estate investor. The podcast contains ton of information and Marco has this gift of interviewing people and educating his listeners without being judgmental or intimidating. I’m saving up towards my next down payment and then going to ask for a counseling session with Norada. Thank you Marco!
I have never come across a podcast of any subject with such valuable information. It’s to the point and all avenues of the subject are taken into consideration. I came across the podcast by accident and then realized I needed to start from the beginning -2015. I’m almost caught up and I can not stop! I’ve learned so much and plan to make some moves soon. I own a small sfh and am now well prepared with knowledge to scale the business. I love sitting in traffic and listen to an episode or two!
Loved talking with Marco on the podcast. He is as genuine off screen as you would imagine him to be. Total respect to you, Marco.
Sometimes the show's content is worthy of a long podcast, but other times it's short and to the point. We like that. Marco doesn't waste time and like 'Goldilocks' said, "It's just right!"
Really enjoying this podcast. I have “speculated” with real estate, but hearing this podcast, I definitely need to change up my strategy! Really appreciate the insight!
I started my RE journey a few months ago and have now acquired 5 properties that cash flow a total of $2000/month. My advisor through Norada has helped mentor and coach me along the way, introducing me to contacts in different markets making this passive income a reality. I still have so much to learn but the wisdom and knowledge that Marco and his friends in the industry pass on has been truly priceless. Thank you to Marco and the Norada team. Keep the podcasts coming!
I am so happy that I found this podcast! I have been searching for podcasts that discuss ways to make passive income, specifically through real estate investing and this is by far THE best! Marco’s knowledge of passive real estate investing quickly becomes clears as he delivers complex real estate investing truths and techniques in a clear and concise manner that is easy to understand. If you are serious about learning how to make passive income through real estate investing—-look no further, this is where you should start!
Hello Marco, I am glad I found your podcast! I am a follower of Kathy Fettke and Bigger Pockets and regularly listen and learn about real estate markets other than California. I'm thrilled to have found an investment company in my backyard and look forward to learning more about your business and connecting with you. I recall seeing you in Think Realty magazine.
I really appreciate the depth of knowledge and information shared on this podcast. The passion for helping people and sharing information makes listening truly enjoyable.