The Right Dishonourable Podcast

Reviews For The Right Dishonourable Podcast

Originally brought to this podcast because of Sargon of Akkad guest appearance. Funny, excellent discussions on British politics from a center-left perspective. Well organized and discussions stay on point. Increasingly better guests and, while it can be an echo chamber at times, it's pleasant to listen to people who disagree speak with each other respectfully.
As an American in the U.K., I find listening to these guys both confusing and enlightening! They seem to maybe do a good job of presenting UK politics (?) but it might just be their accents making them sound smart. Either way, an enjoyable listen.
Jazza and Jimmy keep the conversation flowing about all the political goings on. It's been a crazy year in UK politics, and they've been a welcome respite from the insanity. They are passionate and opinionated, but they don't let feelings get in the way of facts (something our politicians in the US could learn). As soon as the podcast comes out, they are number one on my playlist. I'm going to miss them during August vacation, but I look forward to hearing from them in the autumn. Especially with the US elections coming to a head, and a possible snap election in UK.
Really enjoying this podcast. (3 episodes: six, seven and eight) Jazza and Jimmy and guests keep the three topics per episode on track. Jazza has a liveley and thoughtful Progressive pov. As American, it is fascinating...and hear how others view our political shenanigans. As an anglophile, it is fascinating to learn about the sausage making of the Parlimentary form of government. Give it a listen. Not sure why, but the first 5 episodes no longer appear in the Feed.