Reviews For Morning Mindfulness - Two Positive Minutes to Start Your Day

The soothing music help to relax me as I contemplate the daily message from Dr. Jin. Thank you!
This show is a quick burst of inspiration to start your day the best way possible. It not only inspires you, but it really makes you think. I love it! Five stars!
Love the short, to the point episodes that serve to get your mind going and motivate. Thank you!
Just listened to #715 and it got me thinking, piqued my curiosity, would definitly suggest a listen, also liked the relaxing music, and meditative nature.
I just started listening and I’m in love already. Great way to start your day with a few minutes of mindful thoughts. The episode on make decisions really helped for something I’ve been processing lately Thank you!!!!
Seriously this voice, I just loved listening to this. A unique and helpful mind shift to get started with. SUBSCRIBED
I personally have had a difficult time loosing weight and listening to him loosing 50lbs really helped me connect with Jin. A great show to listen in the mornings because of how relaxing background music is to me. I also suffer from stress and tips and tricks provided in these shows are like golden nuggets of information to me. I love it.
Thank you for sharing these short bits of mindfulness. Such a great idea to start your day with 2 minutes of positivity. Thank you for facilitating, can’t wait to listen to more!
Short, sweet, and to the point ideas for you to ponder each day. Good ideas and things to reflect and ponder to be an even better person which helps me achieve more.
Dr. Jin provides a quick pick-me-up to reset your mood throughout the day. Great advice and insight in a compact form!
Dr. Jin is back!!! Love his insights and his plan for the future of this podcast. Quick easy listens here that will positively impact your day. 🙂
Just listned to the episdoe on Milestone check episode. Great content Solidyly delivered.
Jin does a beautiful job of presenting the concepts of Mindfulness - as a Life & Love Coach, Mindfulness and Concious Awareness as Jin teaches is very important to my clients for healing over Childhood Trauma - I love the show and will be recommendinig it to my clients! Coach Riana Milne
Love Dr. Jin, In a few minutes he communicates profound thoughts that are so useful, motivating and inspiring!
Dr. Jin combines mindfulness and humor in a beautiful way! I find this show so relatable & I can't wait to hear more. This is MY kind of Mindfulness:)
Dr Jin, this is such a GREAT show, love it. Perfect amount of time to start my day, your shows are spot on with a slight sense of humor woven in, I love this! Thank you!
I've avoided this podcast because of the artwork. That picture with the bizarre mouth is scary looking to me. I feel my neck & shoulders tense up when I look at it and it makes me think of the Joker character played by the amazing actor who died during filming. Please change the artwork.
Excellent podcast! Brief talk but solid!
I really enjoyed the show on mindfulness. It is something I struggle with and this is a great reminder that I need to be mindful of others.
I really enjoy this show.!! Tons of Valuable information, and easy to put on practice...!! Everybody should listen to this podcast
A quick wonderful way to start or end your day! Great job dr. Jin!!!
This show is a great way to start your day. Just a short 2 minute break to remind yourself to be present. I spend my mornings with my kids, so nice to be reminded to keep my head there with them rather than darting around.
This is my new favorite podcast, by far. I absolutely LOVE the insights I receive (or get reminded of) in such a short period of time. This is brilliant, powerful and concise... like the Tao te Ching. Thank you!
Let's breath and smile. Something we should be doing everyday. Each episode gives a short and helpful advices on being self-aware in life.
Listened to #558 but couldn't get into it. He is reading the material instead of talking naturally. He even read "Ha. Ha." instead of actually laughing or just smiling when he said it. Also had a hard time understanding him.
Dr. Jin host of Morning Mindfulness highlights all aspects of inspiration and success in this can’t miss podcast. The host and expert guests offer insightful advice and information that is helpful to anyone that listens!
Dr. Jin shares wisdom, insights and experiences from a lifetime practicing martial arts, meditation and.....more.... We all need to slow down every chance we get and "be here NOW." I've practiced meditation 4 decades and studied tai chi, aikido, yoga etc. They have all helped me stay somewhat present in an escalatingly complex and too often un-conscious world. Bravo Dr. Jin and wish you continuing success.....
Two minutes are challenging. I try to use the short content that Dr. Jin is sharing for the issue I feel it is most relevant to each day, and give it a meaning that suits my day.
Dr. Jin is Great!!! I love everything about this podcast. Morning Mindfulness gets right to the heart of where I want to start my day in 2 minutes!
Like a shot of expresso, Dr. Jin delivers a perfect energy boost to start your day well.
Thank you, Jin, for these lovely mindful minutes. You leave me feeling calm, cool, collected, fired up and ready to go!
Sometimes all you need is a little jump start, this is PERFECT for that!
Great show that provides inspiration in a short concise manner, that helps the listener get off on the right foot each day! Keep up the great work!


I've been listening to this for about a week now and slipped in several older episodes, just great!!! I now find myself looking forward to these in the morning because they are so meaningful and seem to hit home at the right time. Keep up the good work!
I love how Jin can deliver such useful and powerful advice is such a quick way without ever feeling rushed. Very fun to listen to and applicable to just about everyone
I was looking for a short motivational podcast. This is it! My favorite part is: Let's breathe and smile!
Jin is a nice guy, dedicated to his audience. I love listening to the show
Great Podcast!
I have recently started practicing meditation and minfulness and this show was right up my alley!
Great show and help with morning mindfulness. It's so important we focus on changing ourselves vs others! Thanks for the work you do.
In today's fast pace life, this calming and breif podcast is chock full of good info and a great listen in the morning.
A new daily lesson in 2 minutes!!!! I love this. The shortest but most impactful podcast I've listened to in a long time!
A great podcast! It's motivating and have lots of great advice/tips for everybody. Keep up the good work!!
Great job Jin - love the 2 min format. specially enjoyed the positive mental attitude episode.
Thanks Jin! 2-minute Nuggets of fun and introspection.
Dr. Gene dies such a great job with this show! Production quality is out of this world!
Start your day off right!
A wonderful, peaceful podcast with power to get your day started right.
Mindfulness can be a way of life. Thank you for this awesome podcast