Legal Marketing Launch with Bentley Tolk

Reviews For Legal Marketing Launch with Bentley Tolk

An excellent take on the nuances of legal marketing
Bentley is a thoughtful interviewer and provides his listeners with great information for building a law practice. Great podcast!
Loving this podcast. Episode topics are interesting, the content is incredibly helpful, and the episode length is perfect. Keep up the great work, Bentley.
Learn from the professionals! The show gives you so many ideas when it comes to legal marketing.
I’m not a lawyer and I don’t play one on the internet. But I am a professional marketer and even I’m getting a ton out of this podcast for my clients. Keep up the great work, Bentley!
Bentley consistently offers solid marketing advice that is not only excellent for attorneys, but any professional looking to grow their business. Well done.
I listened to your podcast interview with Hugh Culver last night. I thought it was excellent: high production values, engaging guest, and interesting subject matter. Well done. I look forward to listening to others.
Bentley lays it out from an entrepreneurial and marketing perspective as to what all lawyers, especially solo or small practices, need to do in order to not just succeed but to excel at the top of their game as a top level attorney. As an attorney, this is the real info that is missing in law school and most legal trainings.
Bentley, with his guests, will guide you though the challenges one will face building their entrepreneurial legal enterprise. Good guest stories and quality audio recordings will give you a good reason to try this one but the quality of content will get you to subscribe.
Bentley provides outstanding legal advise through his expertise and the knowledge of his guests to help lawyers and attorneys with their strategies to grow their practices.
This would be great even for our small business that isn’t related to law. Lots of great marketing tips!
Like many skilled professionals, just having the skill and knowledge does not mean the flood gates open with clients when you open your doors. Marketing is so important and it is no different with the lawyer profession.
Bentley provides outstanding content to help attorneys take action to effectively market their services.
Excellent information that everyone will benefit from.
Legal podcast? While there is plenty of potential for dry content, Bentley has an energetic presence and lots of awesome guests.
it is important to not just focus on the marketing aspect but all the legalities as well. definitely needed for every entrep.
Bentley, awesome show! Way to bring all the marketing technologies and strategies to the legal world! Awesome!
I have worked as a marketing agent for over 20 law firms. I found this podcast to be both entertaining and have very valuable insight! You should subscribe!
Bentley Tolk brings a level of professionalism and enthusiasm to his podcasts that is outstanding. Each episode is different and well worth a listen. Some of the tips and advice are especially relevant and important for new lawyers, law school students, and professionals in a variety of fields, not just the practice of law. Keep up the great work.
This podcast is absolutely essential for any lawyers or law office looking for marketing advice catered directly to their services.
congrats on your launch. Keep up the good work!
The business of law. Helpful, informative and on point!
Lots of fantastic marketing information that will benefit and assist all entrepreneurs and business owners. It isn’t just for attorneys!
WOW…Legal Marketing Launch Podcast is flat out awesome. Good production quality. Easy to listen. Very impressed Bentley. Keep bringing it.
Every lawyer at a law firm would benefit from the insight and strategies on this show! Make it a habit to listen during your commute or workout.
Frankly, lawyers are terrible at marketing. Nearly all of them. I'm not a lawyer... but I pay attention to industry-specific marketing content because that's a great way to learn some ideas not being used in my industry. This is a great show... lawyers would do very well to pay attention.
This podcast isn’t just for lawyers - if you’re in marketing, business, or management, you will definitely benefit from giving Bentley a listen!
Great advice for anyone in the legal field looking to build and grow their own practice.
This is perfect for any lawyers out there ready to launch their own business!
Bentley Tolk’s new podcast is designed for lawyers at every stage of their careers who want to propel their firms’ marketing and client development to the next level of performance. I listened to today’s interview with best-selling author, speaker and marketing guru, Bob Burg. I know Bob’s work and as usual he added large value to the discussion. Bravo Bentley Tolk! You have a winner here...
Really good advice that lawyers can use everyday!
Gain tools, tips and strategies to grow your business through marketing. This isn't just for attorneys. Any professional will learn from the guests and give you ideas too.
This is an engaging interview with excellent insights about many things including not permitting our devices to deprive us of productivity.
Bentley Tolk is a natural host. He asks great questions of his guests pulling very interesting info out for the listener.
Having networked with many lawyers who were at a loss with the changing business model of law firms and the tried and true way of gaining clients, this podcast is pure gold.
I’m not in a law firm but I've done professional services marketing for 16 years and would recommend this podcast to anyone in consulting, medicine, and any professional services practice. Great guests, interesting conversations, practical advice.
Wonderful marketing advice! The interviews are engaging and filled with helpful information on how to make connections and build (or enhance) your practice. Looking forward to incorporating the suggested tips and techniques.
This podcast is full of valuable information that you can put into action immediately. Great job!
Loads of information. Well done podcast: audio is great, great flow of questions and good clear, intelligent guests.
Bentley u outdid yourself here my brother, I’m totally digging’ your new show and appreciate you putting this together. This is a must subscribe to podcast. Much love!!!
I’ve done a lot of legal marketing and it can be dry. But this podcast keeps it interesting. Keep up the great work, I just subscribed.
This podcast rocks. The host is pleasant and knowledgable and the content is really powerful. Keep up the great work Bentley.
Great podcast with applicable tips and lessons for those inside and outside if the legal profession. Well done!
This is awesome advice for marketing in general, but also because it’s so specific these steps are actionable. Cheers!
Insightful ideas. Good content. Practical advice. Keep them coming.
I am only tangentially related to the legal field through my work in the social service industry, but I love the themes of innovative marketing, work-life balance, and personal/global responsibility in these podcast episodes.
Where else can you get information like this in such a great format? Thank you for providing this outstanding resource.
I highly recommend this podcast to everyone who needs to jumpstart their legal practice. The days of sitting in the office waiting for the work to roll in are over. This podcast is an excellent resource for all attorneys!
The format is very useful. It provides practical ideas and techniques that can be readily implemented. The diverse views and experiences from the guests are especially useful.