The Orchard

Reviews For The Orchard

I love going to The Orchard, but sometimes I miss a Sunday. So all I have to do is listen to the latest podcast so I can be caught up for the next Sunday!
Brian Collier and Will Rambo are both excellent speakers and I always get something out of each sermon. I find myself playing these on my 30 minute work commute in Memphis. I haven't found a home church since moving to Memphis from Mississippi, so these are a great way to get some guidance during the morning. They need to go ahead and build an orchard campus in Memphis!!
This church has opened their arms and hearts to us. We fit right in with all the other misfits! God has anointed everyone in this ministry and we see it through them in the service. God is clearly in charge of this church! It's a wonderful place to grow and fellowship with others who will love you just the way you are!


This is such a wonderful church to be apart of. The staff is so amazing! Not only do they preach the gospel in their words, but Jesus is evident in their lives by the way they live & treat others. They LOVE people and genuinely care for the community. My family is so blessed to be apart of a community of faith that meets the needs of those God has called them to reach out to!!! GREAT TEACHINGS! GREAT STAFF! GREAT PASSION!!!
Pastor Brian Collier is amazing & so is The Orchard!