Reviews For eKaine: A man of little words and a sh!tload of Music


I stumbled across Elaine as well and let me tell you I'm sure glad I did. I listen to his podcasts more then the songs I pay for. Your dope as hell brutha keep it up cause I fean for it
I stumbled upon this podcast! I'm glad I did!! Where is this guy and why isn't there new mixes on here!!
this is one if not the best podcast that i have subscribed to or downloaded from... eKaine rocks the beats and takes it everywhere. BRAVO ~ MORE MORE MORE....XOXOXOXO eKaine
I just wish I could hear more than just one song at a time. The 30 minute podcasts are too infrequent. Please give us more! :)
I never subscribe to anything, but this podcast is the exception. Every song so far is dope. The selection is on point giving us time to digest each rare track per podcast is a Great Idea. Thank You for sharing.
Don't stop doing what you do. I'm mos def enjoying it.
These are some tight grooves, I'm certainly lovin' it.