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Reviews For InDesign Secrets

The hosts know this stuff better than anyone, but don't come across as haughty. They cover new developments and plug ins to the nines. If you use In Design it's a great resource, I use the back catalog and never miss an episode. More please!
Great show, great hosts! ANYTHING you want to know about how-to-do-it in InDesign… they know and are happy to share. No secrets now! Thank you.
I never miss an episode. Great information! Anne Marie and David are so knowledgeable and entertaining. Love the obscure feature đź‘Ť
The tips - when they get to them - are good. There is just way too much blather to get to that point.
I absolutely love the InDesign Secrets podcast! The hosts David and Anne-Marie are the world’s best InDesign instructors. I highly recommend attending CreativePro Week, a 5 day educational conference run by the hosts, which also includes The InDesign Conference as part. By listening to this podcast, you will become a better graphic designer.
I’ve been a podcast listener for a few years now. I’m so glad you’ve decided to increase the episodes. I love it! Excellent information.
The InDesign Secrets Podcast is one of the best shows for creatives that I’ve listened to. It was this show that actually inspired me to do my Podcast. Both Anne-Marie and David are creative who have tremendous insight to offer, and are very generous about it. Some of the most down to earth Creative Pros you’ll ever engage with!
I am new to InDesign and this podcast has helped me in many ways. David and Anne-Marie are easy to listen to. Great wide verity of content that is sure to help anyone at any level.
InDesign Secrets is a great podcast for those working with what is arguably the deepest and most powerful page layout program around. David and Anne-Marie know InDesign like few on the planet. Their show is like a mini-conference, the kind that you'd usually pay some pretty healthy money to be a part of. If you are using InDesign, you'd be well served to sign on and listen to this show. Thank you, David and Anne-Marie, for a great piece of work. Ron Lindeboom
And I've ended up saving a lot of time. Great for the drive to work. A perfect companion to Michael Murphy's theindesigner podcast, which has pretty much gone video, and which I also highly recommend.
This is truly the one podcast that I listen to attentively, with my InDesign application open and ready to follow along. Great tips and obscure pointers that would otherwise never be realized. They are seasoned InDesign pros and it shows!
This is stuff you'd pay $1,000 for or more at a seminar...and be glad about it! They two of the best in the business, and this podcast is a boon to all of us—indeed to all humankind!—but particularly those of us who migrated to ID from Quark and other programs and felt hopelessly lost.
They know InDesign and seem really excited to be able to help other users. Almost all of the content is useful information with almost no promotional plugs. Sound quality is better than average. They're both good speakers who don't say "um" all the time. I only wish they released more podcasts more often.