The World: Global Hit

Reviews For The World: Global Hit

This performance was very moving and varied. At times it sounded like a bird calling against a backdrop of native drums. At others is was a very Western guitar riff. I looooooooooooved it.
I learn about so many different kind of music and musicians around the world (and here in the US) through this program. It is simply the best.
This podcast is simply THE BEST one out there. Every weekday when this podcast comes out, you can hear different types of music from all around the world. They go to Africa, Asia, South America, Europe, and North America. Always it is a different mix of tunes. The hip-hop from Africa is completely different from the hip-hop in Europe, which is completely different from the hip-hop in South America. It is impossible to even compare one day's artists to the next, and what each song means for that country. By listening to this, you can better the way you look at the world, and better understand the different cultures of the world. Even for people who really don't find this interesting, try it. I thought this would be really bad, but if you give it 1 try, I guarantee you will like it.