Reviews For WorldAffairs

Ray Suarez is one of my favorite radio journalists, beginning with Talk of the Nation on NPR. His ability to juggle multiple sides of complicated topics makes for a good listen. I am so happy to find him here!
It’s a disgusting trend that no words are good enough. Now there’s at least a drum. It’s gross! Please stop it! I would listen if not for this.
Really like the podcasts. In my opinion Ray enjoys listening to himself too much. Has excellent guests so please don’t talk do much yourself. Thanks, Dr, GC
It’s obvious that the Ray, Philip and Markos and the rest of the WorldAffairs team put extraordinary effort into covering deeply substantial topics and finding guests that are authentic
I love the perspectives on this show, it’s so important to share these voices and I learn so much every episode that helps me achieve a deeper understanding. Jinho’s Journey was my first episode and I can’t recommend it enough!
i enjoy all episodes but especially interviews by mina. it’s like having two extraordinarily intelligent friends having a talk in my living room.
Very in-depth, full coverage of timely issues. Doesn’t feel politicized - just experts of various fields contributing informations.
I’ve listened to this show every week for over a year, it’s an excellent way to stay informed of important issues and a great alternative to short-form news stories. The guests are always highly qualified and dialogue is always thoughtful, nuanced, and non-emotional. Each story acknowledges the complexity and deep background surrounding the topic, leaving no space for overreaction, oversimplification, or partisan bickering.
I was excited to start listening to the episode with Caroline Hickman as climate anxiety is something myself and many of my peers are going through. SHE was amazing. Incredibly wise, thoughtful, interesting.. etc. Five stars to her. However, I found the host Ray Suarez to be extremely off putting. Hickman would have a beautifully insightful answer to a question and he would barely acknowledge her answer and move on to the next question. There was no real discussion between a lot of the questions and answers. Also, it seemed that Suarez didn’t want to agree with Hickman and was intentionally trying to contradict her answer; there was no open mindedness on his part. Oh also.. Hickman talks about Greta Thunberg towards the end of the podcast and he has the audacity to mistakenly call her “Abigail” ??? after Hickman is done speaking.. and she has to correct him. I mean really? He also didn’t apologize.. he clearly was over the conversation. He quite honestly didn’t seem to be convinced of the real, genuine climate anxiety many people feel. He was disrespectful and Hickman deserved to be interviewed by someone who was actually interested in what she had to say.
I would give this podcast a 4 star if the host would stop doing "mmhum, mmmhum, mmhum"over and over. Sound unprofessional. If she would stop doing that I can listen to the podcast without being annoyed. Thanks
I enjoy listening to the speakers, and the topics are often interesting. If the introductory speaker/moderators were better, this podcast would go from good to great.
These are the best and most informative podcasts out there.
09/04/08....listen to the Kurt Volker multi-panel discussion. Absolutely atrocious. The introductory speaker/moderator of the forum can scarcely speak, let alone PRONOUNCE words properly...Zb..Zbig....Zbig....Zbignew....Mother of God man, did you learn the King's English through "Hooked on Phonics?" I'm thoroughly embarassed for you.
This World Affairs Council provides a much needed forum for topics to be discussed and speakers to be questioned on their views. The diversity of topics and the number of speakers are amazing and enlightening. The discussion and topics are above the typical and faux left-right arguments, and if they stray, there are always really intelligent questions at the end. Typically, the speakers are discussing topics in which they have years of experience and expertise. The information I learn here always provides great discussion later with family, friends and colleagues. Great work, great forum WAC!