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I listen to podcasts daily, and The Social Hour is my much-needed dose of fellow female professionals. I'm not sure why it seems like the business/tech podcast world is so dominated by males, but I am SO greatful for Amber and Sarah and thier occassional guests (like the fabulous Veronica Belmont) and all the up-to-date information that they provide. Keep it up ladies, you are doing great stuff and keeping me motivated to do my job!
A must listen for anyone in technology and communications.
I normally listen / watch all the twit shows but recently I applied for a social media manager at my position and used this as study. Unfortunately, I didn't realize how many social media managers there were and I lost out to someone who had a position at another company. I always learn something new and something I can use in my position in customer service.
This is the place to learn about tech and social media.
I actually used to like [email protected] with Leo and Amber, but this new format with Sarah, and AmberI find is just a rambling, say nothing, waste of time. I don't know how many times they start the show by saying how much they have to talk about, and they could go on for hours and hours. But, it turns out that they don't really have much to talk about, and just go on and on about nothing. Sarah just yammers away about nothing, and comes across like they're trying to stretch out the time. I find it really frustrating, and annoying.
All current topics that involve social media and great internet sites are discussed weekly by Amber and Leo. People think I come up with the most awesome new sites- and I have to give the credit to [email protected] This podcast is a must for those who love the internets! Always lively and informative. I anxiously await each new episode.
I think this podcast it amazing.


By Sibman1
So is Amber from Canada? She never seems to say where she is from. :)
Love listening to this podcast! The interviews and list of links provided are always informative and helpful. Thanks!!!
Just when I've almost forgotten where Amber is from, she reminds me that she's Canadian! Whew!

By @KV4S
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[email protected] offers an excellent, intellectual discussion of tech news by two seasoned and talented reporters. Just like every other top-shelf podcast at Twit, you get beautifully unbiased opinions and reviews. Leo's simply the best out there!
I started listening to this and many of the tWiT PodCasts as a substitute for TechTv when ComCast ruined it. Started listening to This Week In Tech when podcasts were new. I then started listening to KFI the Tech guy before it too was a PodCast. After that I subscribed to [email protected] when it was still called "Inside the Net". Last I subscribed to MacBreak. I tell you all this to lead up to the present. All of the shows listed (except The Tech Guy) have become too political, mainly liberal, and at first I tried to overlook it hoping that after the election it would stop. But it has not. They always talk about Obama, put down McCain and Palin and the rest of the "conservatives". They insert positive statements about Al Jazeera, while putting down Fox News. Leo often talks about how it is great not having the bureaucracy of a network, but he needs someone like a producer to keep him on topic, Tech and Mac news. I am all for people having there own political opinions but maybe that should be its own show. As a result I have started unsubscribing. First with [email protected] for it was the most political of all. Then This Week In Tech was removed from my list. I fear that unless politics and other, ahem, social causes don't get phased out I will unsubscribe to MacBreak as well.


By Katt9r
Love your show
I enjoy the podcast but I can no longer take Sarah Lane constantly punching the microphone. When ever Sarah speaks there is a Puff sound that is followed by another Puff sound that comes from her microphone and sometimes it is so bad I stop listing to the podcast. Please Sarah move the microphone away from your mouth….thanks


By Pwog15
I wish i could better express what a really great network TWIT is. It has truly been wonderful to hear everyone on every show giving their opinions about their passions. Way to go Mr. Laporte. One thought, Morgan Webb, Cat Schwarts, Bethany and Dvorak basting at the cottage.
A branch off of TWiT, [email protected] is hosted by Amber MacArthur and Leo Laporte bringing you the new and bright Internet news, at night. Both of hosts have a background in broadcasting, and have great insight on the latest trends and websites out there. If you have nothing else to do on Wednesday night, tune in at They usually have guests on the show, and sometimes these guests are from around the world, like their recent interview with Mr. Tweet from Singapore. ([email protected] Episode 80) In a few recent episodes though, Amber took a maternity leave for a month or two, so Sarah Lane is co-hosting the show as a substitute. Never-the-less, the show is still excellent for their interviews and podcast picks of the week. They offer very random, but useful websites.
An easy listening podcast. For me this is a "must" every tuesday night before going to sleep.
[email protected] is one of my favorite TWiT shows, and I listen to almost all of them! It has great hosts, great content, and great guests! A must have for anyone with internet access. Hilarious to listen to, especially at night!
Leo and Amber cover web based applications, and the internet. They do a good job. I personally love the off topic personal talk at times.
I love this show. Check out show 78 for the anti-Kant campaign. I knew all that philosophy from college would pay off :)
We miss [email protected] Please more shows soon!
Fun discussions and great links, like your friends giving you insight into the best of the 'net.
it seems that there are frequent problems keeping Amber online consistently and that definitely affects the flow of the show. I realize it is a live show and things happen, but they seem to happen often. When Amber isn't on or is dropped, it is the Leo show and while I think Leo is great, Amber gives this show a reason to exist and makes it unique among the TWiT offerings. Most of them are primarily a 'boys club' and having her and Leo on together really does create a different atmosphere. I want to like this as much as I like Command-N, but I just don't.


[email protected] is a weekly (generally speaking) podcast hosted by Amber MacArthur and (when it comes to computers), the ubiquitous Leo LePorte. It is a light and airy presentation of the many different technologies available on the Internet including reviews of new offerings. Many of the shows feature interviews with the people pushing the internet technology envelope such as Mark Frauenfelder of Boing Boing and the creators of Tumblr and Jaiku. If you are looking for an internet centric podcast with solid content and a superlative presentation, this show isn’t it. It is the most annoying netcast I’ve listened to. At first, I thought it was just me, that I would get used to the content free chattering back and forth between Laporte and MacArthur. I couldn’t. Their prattle reminds me of two junior high youngsters at the edge of ecstasy because they’re holding hands. Leo is annoyingly giddy, seemingly eager to make any comment that will cause Amber to giggle and MacArthur’s California “valley girl” intonation is a distraction. Perhaps if she stopped answering Laporte with “yeah” all of the time, I might be able to get past my impression that she has no idea what the real world is like. The content is weak. The two conduct powder puff interviews that provide no more insight into the interviewee or topic than if I had simply googled the subject myself. Amber’s links are “cool” sites that are useless. Not once have I really heard an evaluation of any of these links that seriously answers the question, “How would this really change how I live or work?” No personality ever has nothing but hits. Leporte’s “MacBreak Weekly” and “TWiT” podcasts are outstanding. Unfortunately, [email protected] is Leo Laporte’s Ishtar.
This has been an enjoyable show and I love listening to Amber and Leo. It is obvious that Leo worships Amber and she is clueless to it. Quite entertaining. This show was a re-tooling of Inside the Net. I preferred the format of Inside the Net better. Amber and Leo spend so much time talking to one another in this show that they hardly have time for guests. But, that is what makes it fun to listen to. R U Listening?
This is just a silly uninformative podcast. The too frequent ramblings of Amber's personal life (which don't reflect her obvious talent) make her sound younger than she actually is. And Leo seems so out of place trying to relate to someone many years his junior. The ramblings of Leo's unscripted dialog make this podcast un-listenable. At least when he sticks to bashing MS he has some structure to build upon in his podcast(s). This comes across as an afterthought on the twit network.
This podcast covers a broad array of web/tech topics that I've found useful and fairly inspiring. Getting a chance to hear the thoughts of web 2.0 developers has markedly changed the way I think about my own projects, and exposed me to applications I now use daily. High-quality content. Keep it coming!
Ug. This was not a good podcast. The girl sounds like a jr. high student. Is she? I listened to a show and downloaded a second because the guy seems professional. The girl is boring. I am assuming the picture is to attract lonely fat linux nerds to download the podcast. I doubt it's really the person on the show. Yuk.
Leo and Amber always have a guest, that's fine, but it can get a bit boring from time to time with periods of "amber dropped off, ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmm" and though they're both great, the show just has flow problems. Perhaps an episode or two without guests where they talk about what actually is going on with the net instead of talking with these people about it. Overall it's not bad, but it's not great.
I agree with some others opinions that the content is great! Leo has an excellent voice for radio/podcasting, and asks some pretty good questions. Amber does a decent job, but has a horriby annoying nervous laugh. This laugh totally "fills" the sound of the podcast, and really takes away from the interviews.
It's a great podcast in terms of content, but Amber's voice can be annoyingly nasal and high-pitched. She also needs to stop that automatic nervous giggle. Leo saves the show, as usual.
Amber gets a lot of help from Leo LaPorte (sp?) conducting informative interviews with leaders in the next phase of web technology. Great way to gain exposure to the latest stuff taking place on the net. Well worth the listen.
The interview with Jason Fried of 37signals was brilliant! Jason really showed us that he has some serious thoughts about web based companies and Amber and Leo knew EXACTLY when to ask questions and when to let the guest run with it. It really was refreshing to hear a hosts / guest combo work that well.
You can't go wrong with Amber, Leo, or anyone else involved with Twit or Call for Help. This group is very knowledgable and always has great topics for their podcasts. I especially liked the protopage cast and the last cast on the 28th. If you are a novice or a techie you will enjoy this cast.
It is, I suppose, nearly impossible to avoid content which is "a little dry" from time to time; after all, they're talking tech here. Overall, I've enjoyed the show, and have listened to the Protopage episode a few times. Some thoughts... I'm sure, as the show develops, pacing may become a bit snappier and, for most topics, twenty minutes is probably a good length. Thanks Leo and Amber, I look forward to the next episode.
Great show. Very interesting discussions. And Amber is a cutie!
Even though there currently are only 2 episodes of this podcast, it still has been a great one so far. Leo and Amber do a great job interviewing the guest of the show and I hope to see continuous weekly episodes of this.
The hosts Amber MacArthur, of CommandN, and Leo Laporte, of KFI's The Tech Guy, keep listeners up to date with emerging technologies by giving interviews, and question & answer segments with creators and authors of various emerging technologies. This podcast is recommended for those who want to stay on the edge, or just learn about, new available Web-based technologies.