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These guys offer actionable advice, and cover tactical and mindset topics that I had never thought to apply inside of my own business. Thanks for the great advice and inspiration!
I used to like this podcast. Now it’s just click bait title after click bait title. Gross. They are now appealing to the lowest common denominator.
Older podcasts are inaccessible for some reason
Internet Business Mastery highlights all different ways to make money and maximize your time management. This is a can't miss podcast with awesome advice from expert guests!
I was recommended this podcast from various sources, and heard rave reviews about it. The information is so-so. It's stuff I've found with other resources. However, they have an archetypical "entitled tech-bro" attitude about things non-related to technology and web marketing, which put a bad taste in my mouth. I joined Jeremy's leadership Facebook group, and man was that a joke. It was nothing but a bunch of angry, bitter middle age men spouting unwarranted elistist garbage. And considering it was nothing but a bunch of white guys, there was a hint of a racist subtext. Nope. Had to move on. I left the FB group, unsubscribed to this podcast and had to post an honest review.
I've been listening to this podcast for awhile and appreciated the episode with Jeff Walker. Keep up the great work!
Hey Guys, thank you for creating a show and sharing the ideas and systems you use to produce a great online business. I love the ideas that spawn from tuning in. Thank you! Diana Gladney
Very useful information. Great content and it feels good to know these guys have done it.
Found it back in 2008.. Made my day job so much better. Like but not like the prez, I now had hope. The legends live on. Get the archives and join the academy!!
Some really great information and interesting topics and guests. Definitely recommend
One of the best business podcasts on the net.
Learning a lot and trying to apply this knowledge to some of the stuff I want to do in catering. Thanks a lot.
These guys stay on topic. They don’t spend a lot of time discussing personal activities that are not relevant to the topic. Many tech podcasts go into great detail about the family cat, their latest vacation destination, mindless banter, not funny jokes, etc etc etc. These guys present useful information that you can use today.
This podcast has been extremely helpful as I begin to create a website from scratch and find my voice as an Internet business woman! I haven't even begun the "what's my niche" yet, but I am learning so much already about the importance of state of mind and understanding myself before even making waves online.
Been listening to Jason and Jeremy (previously known as Sterling) since about 2006. Got turned on to Jason Van Orden/IBM podcast, as it was mentioned by Robert Scoble on his website, back in the day. (I have Jason’s original 'Promoting Your Podcast’ book. Yeah, I’m a fan.) These guys shoot straight and they know what they are talking about - just ask Pat Flynn. If they are guilty of anything, they are guilty of waiting quite some time before seriously getting into paid traffic…but in their defense, they just didn’t need to all these years!
This podcast is excellent in providing clear, concise, step-by-step instructions on how to get a business started utilizing the internet, Among the various advertisements for their internet marketing program (which I’m sure is GREAT), they offer a multitude of resources, hints, tips and tricks as technology advances for people who are beginning their journey through creating a business and for those who are already business and ‘tech-savvy.’ Their voices are clear and their topics cover a wide range of interests and demographics,
I lost my job just about two months ago. Yesterday was the first day that I had an absolute meltdown and questioned every decision I’ve made. I started to wonder if I was wasting the time and resources my husband and I had saved up for very little profit and I started to feel really guilty about that. Then this morning I came across episode 228: What To Do When You Feel Like Quitting. You’re honest stories, actionable items, and permission to take today and rest up, re-fuel, and relax is EXACTLY what I needed. Thank you both for your dedication to your listeners and students. Keep at it!
This is my absolute favorite business podcast! Each episode is so useful and I love how they feature one of their student's successes each podcast for inspiration. I have learned so much from them, I even have to stop and take notes and replay sometimes because it’s so valuable. Thank you, please keep them coming!
Amazing content guys. Keep it up!


By jgw-UBG
I thought each episode of the 20+ I have listened to so far has great value. The contentis organized and susinct.
I cannot thank you both enough. I listen and relisten to your podcast almost everyday for shots of inspiration, motivation, and actionable ideas. I am so grateful for all you guys offer. To the reviews that complained about fluff … I think maybe you’re confusing fluff with mindset? Some episodes are more actionable to-do’s and web strategies (the product launch series is amazing), while a lot of the other episodes are more about the mindset of doing this kind of work. I definitely find myself needing and appreciating both. Thank you Jeremy and Jason!
I love your podcasts, I wonder why you stopped numbering them. Really inspirational podcasts, thank you.
I used to like this podcast when I first started listening to it back in 2008. but quickly found there's not enough meat. They do that on purpose to hook you and sell you their $98 membership. (It’s probably more now). I can’t say I blame them for that too much, but you can find internet marketing info for free on Youtube or other podcasts.
Jason and Jeremy are knowledgeable, generous and fun—tune in and listen to their witty comments and wise suggestions for building a better business.


By Vic 81
You guys got me started on my internet journey. You all are very helpful. Thanks
Wow. These two guys never cease to amaze me with the content that they constantly put out. It is top quality and it challenges my thinking in a great way. They are so great at communicating complex subjects in simple actionable terms.


By Lapoeta
These Guys are dedicated to what they do, helping people with businesses based off of real life experience. Genuine content, great podcast.
I have listened to hundreds of IBM episodes over the last couple of years. Sorry it's taken me so long to write a review. I really enjoy listening to Jeremy and Jason's deep insight in the internet marketting world while keeping it accessible to beginners and helping shift peoples priorities on the real overall goals. I would say this podcast falls into the inspirational internet marketting category. Great job on the latest copywriting episode - I really enjoyed it. Keep up the great work!
I have been listening to Jeremy and Jason for 6 years now, and their internet marketing advice is clear, on-target and always insanely helpful! Thank you guys for literally changing the way I think about not only my online business, but about business in general! Suggestion - this content should be packaged and part of Undergrad and MBA college curriculums! Keep up the great work!
I have been listening to Jeremy and Jason for about 5 years and haven't missed an episode. They always have great information and the podcasts really help to inspire ideas. They are successful at what they do. In their case they are teachers who have done it. Thank you Jeremy and Jason for providing this podcast and much for us.
Jeremy and Jason are providing so much valuable information for internet entrepreneurs in this podcast. It is literally growing on me and gets better and better with each episode I listen to. I look forward to more great tips and I am ready for the Academy.
I discovered this podcast only 2 months ago and have learned a lot and look forward to learning even more. I believe Jason and Jeremy are the real deal, honest in what they teach and want the best for their students.
I love the Internet Businesses Mastery podcast! Jeremy and Jason have great experience and share it in a compelling way. In addition they have great guests with real life stories. Thanks guys and keep up the great work! FYI I was so impressed after hearing a few of their podcasts and doing research that I joined the IBM Academy. Love it!
So here was my journey with I.B.M.: first, they were annoying. I don't know why, just felt as if they weren't giving their all, or it wasn't new and interesting. Also, it's possible that I have been overdosing on Internet business/passive business podcasts. Then they became interesting. I went back and made sure I could download all the episodes iTunes would let me (like 199 forward). Then I was suddenly in a phase where I listened to an episode, then re-listened to the episode to make sure I got everything out of it I could! Mind you: all this happened in two weeks, Like one end to the other in two weeks, and today I realized what was happening and decided to give the guys a rating. Also, I bought in. If you listen, then you know what I mean. So, we'll see.
These guys know their stuff and they lay it all out in the open for you. Thanks for everything you do, Jeremy and Jason!
I love the info. I must have listened to 6 or 7 episodes in one day. Lots of detail for beginners. I will definately download the notes. Very down to earth and refreshing.


I always look forward to Wednesdays solely because of this podcast. And I always get a jolt of adrenaline when I see Internet Business Mastery have posted a new podcast. Jason and Jeremy have the perfect chemistry, and the perfect balance between information and entertainment. Thanks so much guys!
Awesome podcast! Full of great content, ideas, and inspiration!
I’ve been listening to IBM for several years and have used the show as a source of inspiration and ideas. It has helped me grow my business significantly. Jeremy and Jason’s experiences are very relatable to me. To those who’ve written the mean-spirited reviews, I simply do not have the same assessment as you do of this show.
Love this podcast and have listened on a consistent basis. Great content and very actionable!! Plus, they have helped so many people become successful online (Pat Flynn being one of the popular ones).
I’ve been listening to IBM for years. They’re the Old School in the best way. They’ve been at this for years longer than most of the other podcasts, and they know how to help people go from no ideas to multi-million dollar companies. Thanks for all of the help guys!
I would start my own business! So, glad a friend referred Jeremy and Jason’s podcast to me. After one listen I signed up for the Academy and things are moving fast. Thank you Jeremy and Jason for following your dream in order to allow me to follow mine.
I've listened to every one of the IBM podcast and have never been disappointed. Jeremy and Jason provide great information for all of us budding internet entrepreneurs. I would recommend that anyone interested in designing their perfect lifestyle and finding their passion subscribe to this podcast and sign up for The Academy now!
Jeremy and Jason give a clear, detailed, extensive path for how to start your internet (or non-internet!) business. They speak to the fears we all have, the distractions we all face, and dozens upon dozens of case studies of those that have already succeeded and how. Every time I’m in my car, or walking the dog, or even making dinner, I am listening to their most recent podcast. I even save the ones that speak to me most and replay them when I need an encouraging word or reminder. This is a MUST listen for anyone wanting to start a business. Plus, they’re super funny and personable. I feel like I’ve known them and them me for years.
I stumbled upon IBM because of my wife. I didn't know anything about internet business, though I always had a desire to go inot some kind of business for myself. What I've learned over the past month of listening daily amounts to years worth of knowledge concisely delivered in enjoyable, upbeat, inspiring podcasts. These guys aren't fakes. They have been doing this for 10 years (which is like 100 years in internet years). I have moved on to listening to other podcasts as well to supplement the knowledge they provide and to get fresh perspectives on internet business. But I am also a very satisfied subscriber to The Academy and have already seen a great deal of success and progress, again, in only a month time. Utlimately, as with any educational material, you are going to get out of what they are offering only what you put into it in terms of consistent effort. But for those who are really willing to do the work, this is the place to start, unquestionably, hand's down.
Every podcast and materials in the Internet Business Mastery is essential to anyone to move forward on doing business online. Great job done by Jeremy, Jason and their team.
Jeremy and Jason deliver week after week with timely, insightful and actionable strategies for the entrepreneur. No fluff, no filler... just powerful advice from guys who have been there and done that!
One of my favorite podcasts on all of iTunes! Great business advice and motivation and inspiration!
I’ve never liked a podcast enough to binge listen, but this one actually gets me excited for my commute every morning. Each episode hits a new points that really help me get focused on bettering my work. Thanks guys!