Open Line, Thursday

Reviews For Open Line, Thursday

God sent this wonderful man to bring us closer to the Holy Trinity. He has saved me daily. His devotion ,spirituality and brutally honest guidance has brought me home🙏🏻
From helping me to pray better to better understanding my faith every episode I listen to has something to inspire and support me. I’m grateful for Father Larry’s knowledge and his ability to make things understandable.
Love Father Larry's honesty!
I love almost every program EWTN has , but this one has help me come back to my catholic faith and else learn and teach my faith. I love it.
I love Open Line. The hosts on this program are both defenders of truth and practicioners of charity, a blancing act that some may struggle with. They host are very fair and do a great job at displaying thier love and patience towards their audience despite what their personal beliefs are.
I have found this program along with the other Open Line Programs during the other 4 days of the week to be very informative. Yes, Patrick Madrid plugs his blog but what better way to let us know where else to find very informative things about our Catholic Faith and to expand on what the current talk was about. Especially since phone calls and answers are so brief. Thanks to all you at EWTN and Open Line for helping me grow in my Catholic Faith.
Patrick Madrid's radio show is good and informative however he plugs his blog and website often and I mean A LOT and it get's to be a little bit annoying
Mr. Madrid's patience and charity to us listeners and to those who call into the EWTN programs - Non-Catholics and Catholics alike - is so refreshing and appreciated. His knowledge of Scripture along with his knowledge of the oral and written Tradition of Christ's Church is an invaluable asset to those of us still wanting to learn more about the historical Church and our role in the Body of Christ. Thanks to EWTN for ALL their programs and to Patrick Madrid and his family for their faithful witness to Christ. God Bless. CJLawrence 08-19-2007