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The right blend of breadth and depth. Clear enough to give the lay person an introduction but “meaty” enough to merit multiple listens and provide a great jumping off point for more information.
Will not disappoint
The content is great. But during interviews it sounds like someone is transcribing whoever is speaking and the microphone is picking up the keyboard typing.
The background typing during the tunneling episode made it unlistenable.
My new favorite science podcast. Great writing that goes deep into a subject and tries to convey some of the more complex nuances of current scientific thinking. If you like this podcast also check out Scientific Odyssey for a great science history podcast.
Quanta Magazine was a new discovery for me in 2020 and I’m in love with the content and the way it’s delivered. Beyond educational, it’s the entertainment that keeps me equally engaged. The podcast supplements the magazine by providing bite size articles. I find myself eagerly awaiting each podcast. This is top notch!
Quanta magazine is probably the best and most important science magazine around. The articles are Clever, detailed and legitimate science not just “gee whiz, look how brilliant we all are.” The writing is top notch and the podcast is like a second dessert filling in the details with a more human touch. Truly this is the modern model for podcasts in this genre and is destined to win awards just like the written magazine has!
Is it the mind, or the brain, which came first? Are we scientists or philosophers? Does it even matter?
I've been blazing through this podcast's back episodes at 1.5 speed, it's really fun!!
This podcast does a great job at including enough detail to allow for an understanding not only of the subject under discussion but of the larger context of the research. Though fluff pieces on science have their place it was sad to see some negative reviews of this podcast by people who apparently expected such fluff pieces here when, in my view, this podcast (and magazine) has a completely different, and welcome, aim.
A spectacular podcast. Consistently interesting, and much less dumbed down compared to other science news outlets.
This is a very intense science podcast. It goes deeply into science issues.
I love QuantaMagazine online so I was excited to see a podcast. However, the presenter's reading style is too difficult to listen to anymore. It's as far from natural speaking as you can get, clearly just reading from a script in a painfully stilted manner. Unfortunately I won't be listening again until they get someone else to read/speak.
Thanks for this terrific podcast. Especially enjoyed the avian eyes episode.
You can't go wrong with this,
This podcast serves up a dense, but digestible, helping of science. You'll stay up to date on the latest goings on in a wide variety of scientific research fields. Topics are explained very well without feeling like a dissertation. I recommend this podcast for people who like Inquiring Minds or Startalk, and don't mind digging in to topics a little deeper.
Love this podcast, just like QM website & stories. Please keep it going.
A great mix of topics, at a level that is a little higher than most science podcasts. Lots of shows about math, which I love! The presenter is very pleasant to listen to. My only suggestion would be to check pronunciation of all foreign names, since many are tricky. Some examples I've heard: Fermat (should be 'Fer-mah', the 't' is silent), Gauss (rhymes with 'house'), Von Neumann (should be 'Von Noy-men'). Not a big deal, though! Overall, though, this is a great series! Thank you!
I really enjoy Quanta the magazine, but the podcast is very difficult to listen to. It's not so much that the presenter reads in monotone, because she does make an effort to emphasize certain words, perform vocal inflections, etc. But the pacing is so off. Like, she doesn't pause at the end of phrases or sentences like you would ordinarily expect someone who is reading aloud. In audio, that's very important because the listener relies on the narrator for those queues. It's very strange. Perhaps additional coaching or they can find someone else to read the articles - in the meantime I will be unsubscribing.
Thanks for keeping me up to date. I appreciate the thoroughness of the discussions, the calm delivery, and the brevity of this podcast.
One of the best science podcasts out there. It covers new and cutting edge ideas, for people who understand, or want to understand, how scientific reasoning actually works.
The content is OK. But the delivery is so dry and uninteresting.