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Entertaining, informative. Love Mark.
Mark does a great job of describing the inner workings of the NFL. He also holds no punches, which is refreshing.


Nothing bad here, Mark knows his stuff and is entertaining, but I dislike how consolidated shows seem. It’s probably because the guy’s busy with calling games and all the Denver stuff, I get it, but I’m wanting Mark to really dive deep and enlighten, no "quick hits."
Keep up the great work, big Mark! You’re the man and are great at what you do. Go Broncos
Mark has an infectious, positive attitude and I love listening to him talk football and the Denver Broncos. Having access to Mark in podcast form after years of watching him play for my Denver Broncos is a true pleasure. I hope he sticks around for a long time in this medium. The positive stain he leaves on my weekdays is brighter than the yellow pigment plastered on the inside of his football pants.
Guy doesn’t take himself to seriously, he has quite the way with words, besides his football acumen, his knowledge of all else is just good enough to work and make us chuckle. You get good football information without ego and attitude.
How do I ask a question for Stink? I’d like an update of the Broncos OLine. How are the boys doing.. especially the tackles.
Love your show and your work that goes back to ESPN days. Love fact you are your own person. Was in Denver last year for a Convention enjoyed my stay great city
Great insight into football as well as great laughs and poop stories
Guaranteed to laugh and spit saliva all over my chin at least once a month.


Stink and Mike are incredible. Stink is legitimately funny; not sports guy funny, actually funny. He’s also brutally honest, doesn’t back off of his opinion, and that fact that he was an offensive lineman allows him to bring a perspective to the table that isn’t often heard. I don’t know what Core water was thinking...
Evans and Schlereth have a great rapore. I love that Schlereth will not sugar coat his opinion. (wether you agree or not)
Stink is very knowledgeable when it comes to football , has great stories from his playing days , and he is hilarious . I’ll watch or listen to anything if it has Stink on it
Great podcast! I cannot say enough about how much I enjoy this podcast. Mark and his crew have fantastic chemistry and provide their weekly insights (and many laughs) regarding the weeks NFL action. Any NFL fan (regardless of team) should have this as a subscription. Big fan of Stink and his work!
Evans, that’s because the Jets are good, white boy! No surprise that they waxed Dallas. Now we wax New England this week.
He was so informed and hilarious funny at same time! Found him on podcast and I binge all the back episodes! Totally my top 5 podcasts! I drive a tractor trailer for a living. So I’m listening to podcasts All day.


Great show.
The banter makes me recall the type of back and forth you’d engage in while hanging out in your friends basement in college, the football insights from a long time pro have significantly informed how I talk sports with friends.


If you enjoy unenthusiastic negative opinions that will never give you any hope for the Broncos future then this podcast is for you.
Much like Mark’s physique his podcast contains no fat. It is a tight 30minutes. And evergreen if you love the NFL.
Art Star? You mean Bart Starr? Who writes your summaries? Maybe quit obsessing over Tom Brady like a schoolgirl, it's gotten really old, really quick.
Mike and Mark do a great job of making a fun informative podcast about football. They have great chemistry. Mark has so much football knowledge. Great to listen to.
I love Mark Schlereth and have listened for a while. But he continues to act like he is a doctor or an athletic trainer because he played in the NFL 20 years ago. He calls games but doesn’t seem to know what truly goes on in an NFL franchise although he loves to act like everything is the exact same as it was in 1998. He makes wild accusations against teams, doctors, coaches and general managers without any backing and he sounds smart if you don’t know anything about the day to day running of a professional team, but often sounds ridiculous and out dated to those who work in the league.
This show is great! Stink is great! Scott is great! Core water is great! 100 percent football talk from a former player who knows his stuff!
U will nothing but the stinking truth here. Mark brings it daily w great guests and a wealth of knowledge


Funny as hell. Great show.
Stink is a legend. I’ll listen or watch anything he’s on. Mark is the man and gives the best mix of interesting and entertaining analysis.
Great commenting and philosophy on football and life in general. Excellent stories from a guy who played the game and knows what the NFL is all about. Doesn’t hold back. Oh, and the random meathead jokes and stories make for a good all around podcast.
Best podcast for Football.
Where else can you go to get such incredible insight; like Stink declaring the best record in the NFL (Eagles) as...... wait for it..... the best TEAM (“at this point”) in the NFL. Brilliant. Gotta have it. I do like the upgrade sidekick this year though (Mike>Rich).
Thanks to Stink for great analysis and fun!
After Mark's appearance on Pardon My Take, I decided to check this out. I didn't know he had a podcast prior to that, and am pleasantly surprised by the quality of this! Great job of promoting yourself, and returning the favor having Big Cat on your podcast. Classy move by an excellent host. Mark Schlereth is a Football Guy. You have earned yourself a listener, friend.
Mark knows his football and he's entertaining as well. What's not to like?
I love listening to Schlereth talk football, but have too many alternatives to tolerate regular references to piss, dumps, balls, etc.... the macho stuff is not for me. Will stick with Bill Barnwell, Robert Mays, MMQB, and others.
Love the way Stink talks about football and life. Cannot question his honesty and he has the expertise to back it up!
great sports takes, but keep your politcal opinions to yourself. You have know idea what the founding fathers meant in the 2nd amendment
Couldn't listen with kids unfortunately due to profanity. That's a shame cause Mark has great insight about football. Not sure why this podcast has a "c" next to it. I guess it doesn't mean clean.
Love hearing Stink's take on things. one of the best podcasts going...
Great job mark! I really enjoy the honest tuff nose opinions that you're offering and you bring on some good guests! Please be easy on my cowboys this year!
Been a fan of Schlereth since I first began watching NFL Live many years ago. It's great to get his insight on the intricacies of the game. Even when he's roasting my Eagles his points are indisputable and entertaining, while fair. KEEP IT UP, STINK!
I really enjoy your podcast, it is one of my favorites. Also. as a Denver Broncos fan thank you for the 2 back to back Super Bowls... The Broncos are forever indebted to you.
Great podcast. Intelligent and thoughtful opinions with a wicked sense of humor. Whether you agree or disagree you have to respect the passion Schlereth has and imparts to his podcast.
Schlereth is a self-aggrandizing blowhard. Don't waste your time.
Great show Mark, keep em coming.


If you want a football indsers point of view and a TON of great insight then you have found your podcast. And Schlereth's Stinkin' Green Chile is phenominal!
Always enjoy listening to Mark on ESPN. He's one of the few personalities who isn't a blowhard.
He's only a couple of episodes in, but his insight into the NFL and his frankness on what's going on make this one of my favorites.
Love this new podcast. I've watched you on tv and love your take on football and added benefit of yard tips. Keep it up.