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Wendy is awesome and a expert about detox which is something we all need to learn more about. It would do you all well to subscribe
Highly recommend listening!
I have a lot I could say but I don’t like being negative . Just beware if you sign up for her emails , you will get way too many emails with her ultimately trying to get you to buy her products
Love this podcast ❤️❤️❤️Jinx
Useful information regarding all aspects of detox from heavy metals, interesting guests, great conversation skills. Thank you for making it easier for non-scientific listeners interested in health to understand and apply to our daily routine.
Love listening to Wendy’s podcast in the car. I’ve learned so much!
Wendy, host of the Myers Detox podcast, highlights all aspects of health, wellness and more in this can’t miss podcast! The host and expert guests offer insightful advice and information that is helpful to anyone that listens!
Thank you! If you could do a podcast on the necessity of detox to help with infertility, I think that’d be MEGA, as my best friend is trying to do fertility treatments without detoxing first.
Great guests and nutritional info, but the sound quality is so poor at times I have to stop mid through...she will be louder then the guests volume so I’m forever turning it up and down and their mic quality is poor. Thought it was just my phone, but a friend agreed and said the same thing. Not terrible when playing it in my car since it’s easier to turn the volume up and down. Stay healthy and thanks for sharing your knowledge!
In an increasingly toxic world, we must practive the precautionary principle to reverse or prevent autoimmune disorders, and thrive. Wendy brings her personal perspective, passion, terrific guests and empowering information in each episode.
Learn so much from this podcast!😀😀😀😀
I know Dr Schaffner’s work and was so happy to see she has a podcast so I can engage with her more!
Wendy makes some good points, probably helps a few people. Lots of emphasis on hyping products with no or little scientific basis in hopes of emotionally triggering the buy impulse. The pure harmony pendant episode really had the charlatan alarm bells going off; a stainless steel plate with some holes drilled in it! This thing will fix all your problems A-Z as portrayed by Wendy and the maker of this scam!
Wendy and her guests provide some incredibly compelling content that’s geared to help you take actionable steps to live a healthier, more well-rounded life. Highly recommend listening and subscribing to Live To 110 if you want the knowledge AND mindsets to improve your body, mind and spirit (and sustain a high level of vigor as a result)!
Thank you Wendy for providing a consistent wealth of valuable information. And the episode about retroviruses! OMG, the horror of it. Thank you for helping spread awareness. You are an invaluable resource to the world. Breathe
Consistently well researched, cutting edge information. Outstanding guests and interviews. Excellent interviewer. Asks intelligent, helpful questions and does not interrupt or try to steal the limelight. Her podcasts have been a real & valued asset for my own personal health journey.
This truly changed my life! Thank you for all the information you’ve provided over the years. You’re a talented interviewer and you also are really informed on these topics. I love listening!
Thank you Wendy for all you do with your podcasts and videos. Each of them is important and of great service.
Lots of good information and perspectives to consider.
I have learned so much from this podcast and have forwarded many of these talks to friends, family and clients!
I have to say Wendy Myers is a wealth of wisdom and knowledge herself and she brings on all star caliber guests from every area of the health and wellness universe to educate and inspire the world to be the best and most thriving versions of themselves. This is definitely a podcast worth subscribing too!
Live to 110 is such an awesome podcast, my favorite, I look forward to it each week. Wendy is a fantastic interviewer, asks informative questions, and exposes listeners to cutting edge alternative health information. I have been following Wendy's Mineral Power detox programme for a year now and my health has never been better. The podcast explains many of the technical reasons behind Wendy's recommendations. I have particularly appreciated her explanations of how to detox thoroughly and safely, and her introduction to bioenergetic healing with NES Health, which has literally changed my life. Quantum physics is the way to go! I especially like how Wendy highlights the science of alternative health, and reminds us constantly of how medical politics and big pharma have brainwashed so many - but not her listeners! Thanks for everything Wendy. Keep up the great work :-)
Thanks for providing such awesome health info to help us to get power over our lives!
Please keep fidgeting at a minimum. I have no idea what is making the noises, scraps, clicking. But it's distracting and makes it impossible to listen. Audio distorts when when you laugh or get excited. If you need to drink. Gulp off mic. I'm not a hater. The content is good. But thus is the same kind of annoyance as when you sit in front of a toddler on an airplane--and you must endure constant seat kicking, random shrieks of loud and wet coughs. Learn some mic and audio etiquette PLEASE and pass it on to guests! Razi Berry has one if the worst episodes.
Wendy is awesome and her guests are varied, interesting, inspiring and educational. The Live to 100 podcast is one of my favorites and I listen to it each week on my morning walks. I find myself eagerly anticipating the next one. I have begun to make so many healthy changes to my life, diet and home based on the information I gather from this podcast and am starting to see and feel the difference. I recommend this podcast to all my friends and family. Thanks, Wendy - I really appreciate all that you do!
Thanks for so much great content Wendy! You and your guests share so much great information and I always take away at least one nugget from each show. You rock!
Very helpful, and she knows which questions to ask to make the show even more interesting
Recently found Wendy after hearing her as a guest speaker on the Oil Revolution podcast. After subscribing & listening to several of Wendy's podcasts I have to say I'm very impressed with the content and I've enjoyed all of the sessions I've listen to so far. Very informative.
Love listening to Wendy's voice, very soothing.
I love the interviews that Wendy does. Great way to keep up with the latest alternative health options.
I am thrilled to have come across this very informative Podcast that can dramatically improve health. I LOVED learning more about Fermented foods. I am addicted to them already and I was still very informed with new info I wasn't aware of. Thank you for stressing how important it is to have a healthy gut and choose Raw-Fermented-Live foods! InterviewValetCF
Wendy is super level-headed. Wendy gracefully troubleshoots real-life health conditions with her wonderful guests on this podcast. Her ability to be vulnerable and discuss her own struggles encourages you to not beat yourself up over you issues but to enthusiastically see the light at the end of the tunnel. I have been using my infrared sauna for a few weeks and haven't felt such a difference since I began a paleo lifestyle years ago. I would've never discover infrared therapy without Wendy's persistent information on its benefits! God bless you Wendy!
This is a great show about the cutting edge of how you can improve your health. It's very informative, no nonsense and to the point, and also very entertaining. Quality of speakers is great! I have signed up for Wendy's mineral power program feel a big difference after three months.
I never listened to Podcasts until I listened to Live to 110. Wendy is so amazing!!! I love her passion and the informations she provides is priceless and life changing!!! I absolutely recommend this podcast to anyone who wants to learn about living a healthy, happy life. I absolutely love it! It's my fav! So inspiring and gives plenty of motivation. Love it!
Thanks, Wendy, for a fantastic podcast. This is one of my favorites. I always learn something new from you. Keep it up!
Wow! I have thoroughly enjoyed the few episodes of this podcast. The guests that have been interviewed have certainly made me pause and reflect on my long held beliefs on certain health issues. Definately thought provoking. Thank you for bringing a much needed alternative view to the overcrowded pharm. medical view. I have become a faithful subscriber!
Thank you Wendy. You have a consistantly helpful and very interesting podcast, with great guests and stimulating conversations. Keep up the great work!