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Listen to the show
That’s all you need
They both have Brendan Dassey eyes
I am unable to start another podcast after listening to this one exclusively for about 6 months now, I might need a therapist
I used to listen to other podcasts, but thats not my life anymore.
On ep. 77 started listening in August but just took a detour to make my way through B city USA and decided to stop freeloading 🙏 great podcast makes me crack up
Fantastic podcast and the fact they are some of the only LA guys that call out Brenda Schwab and Rap Callens is fantastic. Keep it up duders
T dart the fart(box). I’m hooked!!


I am Danish and O’Neill.
Sauna and moose sausage
The number one beastality podcast
Found this podcast while drivin to flavortown with my buddy steve! I give this podcast 5 out of 5 garbage lid nachos. If you have horse love, you’re gonna love this!
Waiting and giving this thing the 5 stars it deserves
Jack Bearcat sent me
Thank you for calling out schaub b, ya Negflix
I guess that’s best, don’t wanna get Delia-ed
Listen to you guys on Bertcast and I’ve never laughed so hard in my life you guys are hilarious and I listen to every podcast I’m even going through the back catalogue. You guys have me rolling at work all the impressions are hilarious when you guys imitated Sylvester Stallone and Al Pachino it killed me I still will go back and listen to it for a good laugh dead on Al Pachino impression and when you do Nick and Nate Diaz impression it kills me every time you guys are awesome I’m forever a fan of whatever you guys do you two are geniuses and looking forward to many years of laughter.
Walking around my neigjborbood listening to beach cops and laughing aloud. I think it’s making me lose my mind, but it’s peaceful. -Dinkin LaRue
I’ve listened to every episode and will listen to them again and again. BCUSA and Beach Cops are also my favorites.
This is the best podcast out there! I’ve listened to the entire catalog at least 4 times through. Been a huge fan since the BCUSA days. If you want the whole mythos, start there. I’ve turned so many people on to this pod and everyone loves it. Even my 60 year old mom and her big old beefers love the show (especially the Earl eps). In conclusion, I am just glad that these fearless heroes are on the frontlines keeping the Beach safe during this pandemic! BOIOIOIOIOIOIOIOIOIOIOING!
If you love the Danish and O’Neill, this podcast is awesome. If you wanna go crazy listening to them then go to beach cops and check them out there on Patreon. Thank me later
Danish and O’Neill are hilarious. On the real, they have gotten me through some really tough times and I just want to say thanks. Beach Cops is rad too and completely worth kicking our boys $10/month for all the good work they do. Thanks guys, keep it up. Shingpie!
This show is like sitting around cracking jokes with your friends, if your friends were way funnier than they really are. Got me through soo many late nights at work. Thanks guys.
I love it great funny stories talked about with 2 hilarious comedians
Extremely funny. More holtzman please
This podcast gave me cancer.
Was not down for the podcast at first but after a few tough hours of listening I converted. Ryan and the other guy found their path. The path they found is so unique and lovely that I have laughed, cried, and mentally climaxed several times. 5 stars all the way.
If someone held a gun up to my head and said you have to either quit listening to this podcast or I’ll kill you I would tell them to pull the trigger. This isn’t a joke.
It’s a free podcast. And a true blue beach pony of a podcast at that.
The only place I get my news. What up, Pete?!
It’s great.
Been a listener since the good ol’ BC USA days, & never lost interest. I’ve gone through my community college days to my university days as a nursing student always listening and laughing out loud ridiculously hard... sometimes during the most inappropriate times... nevertheless, I always replied to anyone wondering with, “listen... & you’ll understand.” You guys have helped me through the highest of times and lowest of low times; times where I didn’t think I would live to see another day & yet I could rely on you guys for an uplifting episode... & for that I seriously thank you guys. I went to the 200th show & 100% you guys do just as well live as you do in my car speakers! I believe in your guys’ talent and hope the best for your futures. For all you comedy seekers, if you want a podcast that’s funny, uplifting, raunchy, unmoral at times,& yet ALWAYS reliable... listen to these guys. Last but not least, I just want to say never stop creating, performing, recording, laughing, or caring because you guys made a huge impact on my physical well-being & I’m sure on many more others lives out there too and one day when I’m performing a surgery... I vow to play the “true blue beach pony” episode for my fellow nurses and physicians to hear! Thank you Mayor Danish(even though I know your last name isn’t Danish but I’ll keep it quiet), thank you Ryan the asskicker, & I could never forget DeWitt(but I can forget Fran Frylack) & may you guys live happy and healthy lives as a new father(congrats) and as a L.A. mountain lion seeker! I look forward to many more episodes!
This is the best podcast ever produced. Can’t stop listening.
Keep it up guys. The world needs more Danish and O’Neil and less podcasts of girls recounting their sexual past
For some reason I’m hooked
Also my girl has huge beefers trust me
Always enjoy my weekly round of giggles & guffaws with these 2 young pups, with their shoot-from-the-hip takes on life, which are both refreshing AND exciting. Just be cool, especially around Carroll Shelby’s ex-wife, allegedly (that isn’t my life any more).
Great beefers
Or fighting a cougar with your bare hands.
The word play will leave you aching to join an improv group, more farts
20 plus tours in BCUSA. Beach Cop. Stalker of John Little.
That overthink/analyze any chance of career ladder climbing. Cult classic. File under: more unique and original than 81% of mainstream podcasts.
Zach lunch for president