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Listening to this podcast gives me the same feeling I get when I'm hanging out with my best buds and they're telling me about games. It's oddly relaxing and I haven't heard a poor episode yet.
A great gaming podcast. Show has people from across the world that leads to some very insightful opinions. They cover all news across gaming, yet always make their way back to the souls/bloodborne series. Highly recommended.
If you're a fan of Bonfireside Chat or Twin Humanities you should definitely give this a listen, but if not...listen anyway cause these guys are rad. Always fun to here Souls fans talk Souls.
Love the podcast, can't get enough talk about the souls series. Nothing like playing Dark Souls while listening to the guys chat it up! Keep it up!
Huge fan of Twin Humanities, and all things related to Souls. Folks, this is a great podcast, and a great bunch of guys. If you love games, and especially if you're a fan of the Soulsborne universe, you really should give this show a shot. Keep up the great work guys!
I have a blast listening to this podcast. The guys know their stuff and can make 2 hours at work fly by. I highly reccomend checking this podcast out.


I'm on this podcast now so it's automatically the best podcast thanks
I heard about the podcast from the Twin Humanities guys, and I am no disappointed. Very kind guys with great discussions. Keep the souls chat coming!