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This webcast helped me get to know Janet at a deeper level and to better appreciate her life journey and how she uses it and her other personal resources to help others. I'm a stong believer in the practice of mindfulness and have made it part of my life. The webcast helped me be grateful for my situation, what I have, what others have done for me over the years, and how modest my personal struggles have been relative to the profound struggles other like Janet have overcome. Thanks for inviting me to the webcast.
Paul and his conversations with his guests never disappoint. I truly wrap episodes feeling like I've fed my soul.
The perfect blend of spirituality and helping of humor. Paul Dolman bring such vibrance to the table on this wonderful podcast. Diverse, stimulating, rich and filled with insight are just a few adjectives to describe this wonderful show and the guests Paul brings to the table.
Paul Samuel Dolman has a unique conversational style to his interviews that brings out the best in his guests. The shows are insightful, with deep spiritual undertones, but they are also topical and current. Sometimes what matters most are the issues that are facing our world, our nation, ourselves. The interview with Wade Davis on Covid’s cultural ramifications is the perfect example. Thoroughly enjoy his eclectic style.
Paul is one of those curious and amazing humans who possess a lightness of being and a deep caring simultaneously. He engages his guests with provocative questions and his own insightful feedback ... which make for delightfully open- hearted discussions. Just listened again to #696 with Laura Day. So powerful, practical, and perfectly aligned with this moment of my consciousness. Her book “Welcome to Your Crisis” is now next in my queue. Paul, Congrats on 700 eps , & beyond!🚀✨ Diana C DiPaola , CT
I’m always looking for sources to inspire my soul, and this podcast delivers. Thank you
Each podcast is uniquely inspiring, educational, and grows my heart, soul, and mind. It is the perfect way to learn about a new topic, understand a different perspective, or to start embracing a new philanthropic cause. Paul has become a dear friend, role model, and teacher. He is humorous, inquisitive and shares his love for humanity throughout his podcasts. He makes me a better human. His books are hard to put down and can be reread finding new jewels in the pages. So healing to laugh out loud at a funny response or to realize what I just heard I need to act upon with conviction. Enjoy, sit back and give yourself a gift of a fellow human’s story on his podcasts.
Paul has a way with words and people that captures his life experience clearly - he shares in interchange with many intelligent and mindful individuals and with each podcast I feel like I have learned something new and gained something from the experience - what matters most is well worth your time and consideration.
Thanks for your inspiring and important talks. I enjoy them all. Makes me a little nostalgic for a program I hosted on a community radio station. My program was called “The Seekers’ Forum.” For a little while I got to do what you do. I’ll contribute on Patreon soon. Promise ❣️


As I've come to expect from Paul, amazing and inspiring!
Paul Samuel Dolman is knocking it out of the park. Must-listen to podcast. Keep it up Paul!