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Ruined by the giggling guys, too much schoolgirl giggling.
I love the down-to-earth, no-nonsense feel of this show. Will definitely keep listening!
I like it!
I see the signs now, but I need more balls haha
The podcast just started and they only have 2 episodes out so far. Its fairly new, though the stuff they have is not bad. Its pretty insightful actually, the advice they give is some stuff that's a newer take on what I've heard before on similar podcasts. What sets these guys apart i feel like, Is that they don't claim to be pros really. They are more like one of us, just trying to improve their skills in dating and talking to women. What's cool and kind of what makes me feel like I can trust them, is that they're advice is pretty much in real time and relatable. Mainly, because they are giving us advice as they are going through these experiences themselves. The second podcast they have up is pretty cool, I never really thought to look out for those details they mentioned in there. Anyways, I feel like this review is going on too long now. I think its pretty good so far though, and I recommend it forsure. If you guys read this (PG), I hope you guys try to keep your stuff as genuine and relatable as it is now. Hopefully as things go on you guys don't change your style too much, it seems like its already going in a good direction. Hope you guys read this and take the suggestion into consideration!
These guys have some good tips. Good to check out. Thank you.


By Nuttes
The "does she like me" series is pretty accurate. They're giving away all out secrets!


By PG-er