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Huge TV fan here and I have always been interested in the production process of the concept of a television show to what ends up on the screen. This podcast does an excellent job of immersing you into the creative script writing process and comparing it to what actually ends up on the screen after the script goes through all the hoops that are necessary for a script to go through before it lands on our television screens.
A really unique concept for an entertainment podcast. Alex and Jason have great banter and their enthusiasm is infectious. They made me want to watch a show I probably wouldn't have chosen to watch otherwise! Lots of fun, can't wait to listen to more.
This is fun. Alex and Jason chatting away about tv. The theme is great the shows they review are awesome. I love the game of thrones episode and breaking bad and lethal weapon. All so fun. Great trivia. Check it out!
I’m relatively new to this podcast, but so far I love the Theme, the variety of the shows, the length and the banter of the co hosts. Mostly, the theme, knowledge TV structures, appeals to me – setting this apart from the saturation of TV review shows that is more “du jour” style and individual television shows, these podcasts are highly relevant even when listened to several weeks after release.. Thx so much for the great Script vs. Screen podcast! Not a specific episode … every week! It’s a must listen every week, and definitely missed on the few weeks you skip. Do yourself a favor and give a listen. You will not regret it.
I am generally not a podcast listener but I found these guys really entertaining. Highly recommend!
Really great conversation between lovely hosts. An awesome premise to which the podcast really delivers.
The best part of this original podcast is how much fun the hosts seem to be having. Highly recommend.
If you’re a big TV fan and love to hear about the process of making a show, this concept provides a satisfaction for that love on all levels. Alex and Jason have perfected their analytical structure and provide an interesting and humorous hour of talking TV. Worth the listen every time and is a good way to learn about shows you might not have been interested in previously. Rubber-baby-buggy-bumper. I just wrote that so I could hear Alex attempt to read it on air when they read fan reviews at the end of the next episode. But seriously, a great concept for a great show made by some great guys. All of the stars!
I loved the married with children episode. Alex and Jason are fun to listen to and really have a good time. Check this tv podcast if you love pilots and scripts!!
Great concept vs. premise, great personalities vs. chemistry!
Alex delivers great personality and content to the podcast. I watch a lot of TV and write on the side, and this is a great podcast to listen to if you are interested in that sort of thing
This podcast does an amazing job at combining my biggest interests in life, TV and writing. As an aspiring TV writer I find the banter from Alex and Jason to be both amusing and informative, not an easy combo to pull off. Their content is fresh, the voices unique, and the critique, hilarious and on point.
Im still playing catch up but have loved everything I've heard so far. Such a brilliant idea for a podcast. I've always been interested in the behind the scenes aspect of tv and movie making so I love what you guys are doing here. I found the 30 Rock and True Detective episodes especially enthralling and am currently listening to Game of Thrones episode as I shovel 3 feet of snow off my car. Keep up the great work!
This is a great podcast for TV lovers and aspiring writers/directors/actors/etc. Alex and Jason clearly enjoy what they do and its great entertainment for a jog, drive home or just some downtime.
One of my favorite things is listening to people talk about what they love. Alex and Jason are a couple of those people. From letting us know tv tidbits to discussing the differences on page to screen, they have cornered the market in educated discussions on television writing. I’m excited to hear more episodes.
The two hosts are such a great mix together, and the conversations build in such an interesting and engaging way. I particularly loved the 30 Rock episode, and how it explored how a show would've been so different if it had gone different ways! I love it. Keep up the great work guys.
A really cool look into scripts on such a wide range of shows. Alex and Jason give us the scoop on the first episodes and inude fun insights trivia and stuff you didn't realize or know. Good rapport between the two love how much fun they are having.
Alex's delivers the promise he makes to the audience within the opening minutes of the podcast. It's a great listen for people who love tv and writing. The two hosts have great chemistry and really makes you feel like you're there with them.