The Virgin Chronicles

Reviews For The Virgin Chronicles

They go deep w/ their guests into subjects that are hilarious, scandalous and intensely private.They are able to use empathy and humor to delve without shaming the guest and enlightening us the listener.
What a great podcast
Darin and Evan are such great hosts! I love hearing the stories of all sorts of firsts from the comedians and podcasters they bring on as guests. Binge listen now!
Darin and Evan make such an excellent team. They play off each other very well, ask insightful questions, and always manage to book fascinating and entertaining comedians. Definitely a binge worthy podcast!
I'm thoroughly enjoying binge-listening to these episodes. I love hearing comedians discuss their "first-time" stories. Give one a listen and you will be hooked.
What a great podcast! So funny and great to hear back story on these weirdos! Love it!
This podcast is awesome and has some great comedians come on to tell some crazy "first time" stories. Darin and Evan have great chemistry and are great interviewers. They always lead the guests to an interesting place and it's always fascinating!
Losing your virginity is usually never someones proudest moment but Darrin and Evan really make it a fun story! Come commisserate with the best of them on this podcast
A great concept where guests talk about there first anything. But we all know what they mean ;)
Really funny and great stories!


It's hella tight!