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Jody has been asking me in so many of the incredible podcasts that I listen to practically daily to leave her a review and today is the perfect day to do that! I have been listening to this podcast for over a year now. Jody has worked out with me so many times and I love my friend. And the thing about friends is that they give you equal time and they help you to see the parts of yourself that you don’t often recognize which are the best parts of you. They also give you advice and help empower you through your challenges. I was a high school senior when I started listening and have now gone to college and am going on my mission in 14 days! And I want to thank my wonderful friend Jody for being here, celebrating life with me, and helping me achieve impossible goals! Love you Jody!
Finally a way to retrain my brain! I’ve literally spent years thinking it was broken. I just needed some thought work to retrain my self deprecating patterns. Nothing has changed and yet everything is starting to change😊.
I discovered this podcast a few years ago and loved it so much I had to listen to all the previous episodes. Jody provides so much knowledge and encouragement to be the best version of yourself. I’m so grateful for all that she has taught me through the podcast and can’t wait for the opportunity to learn more in Be Bold
I love listening to Jody Moore so much that I joined her Be Bold program. But even this podcast is full of so much great content. It really does help me feel better than happy and realize how to change my thoughts. I can never get enough of her content.
I just listened to the Mark Butler episode and it was amazing. I’m a podcast junkie and this was one of my favorite episodes ever. It was a great conversation about money attitudes and I found it super helpful. Thanks Jody and thanks Mark!
I am a mom and a grandma and I love listening to Better than happy, I espically love the ones on rechanging your thinking those podcasts have helped me alot. I dont know if you have a done a pod cast on this yet, but I am interested in how to understand when feelings of hurt are always seeming to be an issue. If you have done this please let me know which episoide it was. Thank you again for all your insights they are very helpful and I learn alot from you. Thank you again.


Love her. Life changing.
I'm a relatively new listener, but I've become a fast fan! Jody and her guests offer meaningful conversations with super practical takeaways. She's a boss!
Thank you Jody for all you share. I appreciate you for being willing to comfortably teach about money, helping me realize my tense feelings and frustrated speech around money are not helping my situation. I was also blown away when you taught that if my husband is depressed, I don’t have to feel guilty for feeling happy. How could my low emotions help his situation?! They can’t. Wow! Thank you.
Soo good! I love one of her first podcasts about creating habits. She gives such good tips about creating habits in a healthy way! I am excited to use them in my life.
Can you mention me in the next video Please say Grace rose Norton says hi ANNMARIE
Learning how to change my thinking has in turn changed my life! Thank you Jody for being an exceptional teacher so I can understand tricks to improve myself. It’s amazing how the things I learn from the thinking model really does apply to everything. I am more pleased with my life because of these podcasts 😇
I love listening to Better Than Happy. I feel so inspired after each episode. I have learned so much about how my mind works and how to manage my thoughts and my life. She gives tools and advice that aren't difficult to implement, but have changed my life in incredible ways. THANK YOU!
Thanks for creating such inspired content on your podcast, Jody. It led me to join Be Bold over a year ago, and as you promised, it took my understanding to the 10x level! 😁 I still love the podcast and learn so much from it, but love to go even deeper with all the coaching calls and monthly classes. I am a different person than I was a year ago, and I thank God for leading me to you!
I love listening to this podcast because I feel like Jodi gives manageable strategies that honestly change your whole life. It’s not just a feel good podcast, it motivates you to do the work to make your life so much better!
Thank youuuuuu!!!! I am loving your insights.👏🏻❤️🙏🏼
The love of money is the root of all evil. Don’t lead people astray. Read Ecclesiastes 5:10, Hebrews 13:5, Matthew 6:24, 1 Timothy 6:10 & notice how blatantly what Jody’s teaching differs. Just one example of the tons of false doctrine on this podcast.
Thanks for helping me question my thoughts and realize I can turn them into what I want them to be!
I count down the days till Friday Morning every week! I put in my air pods and go for a long walk with Jodi. I seriously feel like she is one of my best friends. If your looking for a new podcast to take you to a new level of living THIS IS IT! Jodi will inspire you to go after your dreams but at the same time let you feel peace with where you in life at the current moment. She will give you permission to pause and feel your emotions. Just listen to one episode and you will become a better version of YOU - Thanks for all your hard work Jodi, your listeners and I completely adore you!
Jody, I can’t thank you enough for your podcast. I look forward to listening every single week! I love the work you do. You inspire me to be the best version of myself. Thank you for putting so much light and love into the world. Emily T.
Since joining Be Bold I have listened to most of the podcasts from #1. Even the “not so relevant” topics are enlightening. Thank you.
I searched for a long time for a podcast that I could listen to that would enrich my life. I was so tired of hearing everyone else’s travel logs and such in their podcast, but no real substance. Jody is a true joy. I love listening to her podcast because I feel like it is really helping me. Everyone needs to listen to this podcast because it can change your life. It gives you true introspection Into your life, and gives you the tools you need to truly be better than happy. I look forward to each new podcast, and relisten to all the other ones in between. Thank you so much for this podcast. A true light in my world.
I have been a steady listener for a long time and I keep meaning to write a review because Jody, you have helped me so much. In my previous life I tended to be more negative and stress very easily. Then things got really hard and all the 'bad things' I thought I could never survive became my daily challenges. I got cancer (recovered and mangaged now), my parents and siblings all got diagnosed with the same cancer a year later, we survived medical school (almost done with residency!), and during med school our second was born via emergency c-section. We found out she had a terminal genetic condition and at 9 months suffered a 'catastrophic brain' injury (doctors don't know why or how it happened), which left her paralyzed, non-verbal, requiring a feeding tube and later trach and vent. She is now 6 years old, almost 7, and such a blessing. Most children with her condition only live about 18 months. I say this not to be a negative nacy, but to say, even when life is the worst, you can still be happy and, I would say, it can lead you to a life that is better than happy. My experiences forced me to come to this place (with so much help from Jody's podcast and Jesus-lots and lots of Jesus). I don't think I would be alive today had I not changed the way I think and realize xyz don't have to be in place to feel happiness, joy and peace. Thanks Jody, for the work you do. It changed my life..maybe even saved it.
I've been listening to Better Than Happy for two weeks. In that short time I've gained more practical tools and lightbulb moments than I have over many years of self-improvement. The most notable is a total change in my ability to hold boundaries with someone who has dementia. I had basically given up. After listening to Jody's boundaries podcast, I was totally empowered and the results were immediate. Now I can lovingly hold boundaries with someone who forgets what they even are! Thank you, Jody, from the bottom of my heart.
I’m grateful for all your valuable content! I’m Seriously so glad you share yourself with us. I’m listening to the episode on why we give up and holy cow it is resonating with me in my current situation. So insightful thank you so much! ❤️❤️❤️
Jody’s Podcast is so enlightening. I joined her on line coaching program and have benefited so much from it. I love her insights about life.
This podcast has been a life changer for me. I am so grateful to have found it, and it is helping me sort out my thoughts and my emotions attached to those thoughts. We go through so much needless suffering, and so much suffering in trying to avoid suffering. I’m so thankful for Jody and for her hard work and trying to help people help themselves. You’re amazing.
These podcasts have helped me more than years of therapy! Thanks Jodi!
This podcast has been a lifesaver during the pandemic. I wish I had found it earlier and learned how important “me time” is. As a mom of 2 teenagers (both with mental health issues) the pandemic has been a very challenging time. However, Jody makes it so much easier for me.I listen to 2 or three a week, sometimes more. Friday’s are a day to look forward to. Her words resonate with me in a way that none other has. I feel confident, motivated and empowered. Thank you Jody, you are amazing.
This has been the single greatest podcast I’ve found for managing my thoughts and slowing down my thousand mile an hour brain every week! I wake up every Friday morning excited to go drive to work because I know Jody will get me there with a good mindset! As a fellow member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints it is so wonderfully funny to hear someone else’s healthy brainwork and organizing priorities and insights. Thanks Jody More for utilizing “the Model” in a positive profound way! I am also member of be bold! And at some point I will go in and actually make time for those classes too! 😀
This podcast is exactly what I needed in my life! After raising all of my children I was lost. I had no idea what to do with myself and quickly became depressed. After listening to your podcast for several months ( I’m on episode 150ish) I am now excited about this next phase of life. Thanks to you I have decided the rest of my life will be full of fun,creativity and learning. I also made up my mind that guilt and fear will not be invited! Every morning I read my scriptures and listen to JODY and now I look forward to each day! Thank you!!
Thinks for giving me a whole new perspective on life!
So many great insights. Really makes a difference in my life. Thanks Jody!
I really appreciate listening to this podcast when I feel my brain is stuck in negative thinking or if I am just having a rough day emotionally. Jody helps me think clearly and minimize the catastrophizing I so often get into. This podcast has helped me realize I am in control of a lot more than I thought I was. Thoughts are powerful! Thanks Jody!
Love this podcast!! So much great information!
This podcast has changed my brain! It has changed the way I think and choose to feel and I love getting that power back and am grateful for this freeing transformation that I continue to go through. Thank you with all of my once aching heart 💜
I absolutely love this podcast! I love her voice, her laugh and everything about it. She blows my mind in every podcast! She has changed the way I think. Please keep them coming JODY!! 🤩
Jody, How do I thank you sufficiently for all you have done for me over these past almost 3 years. My life has evolved so much and keeps on evolving with Be Bold, Better Than Happy podcasts, Life Coach training and now Coach Incubator. Not only have I personally benefitted from you and your contributions to the world but so have my husband, my children, my grandchildren, my friends and my clients. ❤️
Gosh I honestly don’t even know where to start... Jody, what you teach needs to be taught EVERYWHERE. If there was some way that every person on this earth could learn and put into practice the values you teach, we would all be better, more evolved humans because of it. Personally, you have helped me through some challenging situations in life by helping me realize that it’s not the situation that’s challenging, but my thoughts about it. You are putting the control back into my hands and the control back into my life as I now understand that it’s up to me what life I lead. You are empowering, wise, and good to the bone. Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart.
I have been so impressed with Jody’s explanations to help change my thinking, which has changed my life. Thank you, Jody for the incredible insight and ideas that have saved myself and my family by helping us to be the best we can be!


By Jdb2345
I just discovered this podcast a few months ago and once I began listening, I could not stop. I am 51 years old and a single parent with two children in college. 2019 was my first year as an empty nester, 2019 was the year my sister shut me out of her life, 2019 was the year I started a new job, and 2019 was the year I wanted to meet a life partner. Finally 2020 is the year I am learning and applying the tools to become better than happy because of Jody. Thank you Jody for your commitment to contribute and add value to the world. Your work makes a difference. I am looking forward to become a part of your Be Bold community in the near future. I can’t wait to go deeper with your help.
Hi Jody, I know you take compliments the same as criticisms...but, you’re great! Thank you for taking my emotional intelligence to another level. I see you mama, you’re a tough cookie and providing teachings that bring me so much comfort. Thank you thank you thank you! Appreciatively, Meredith
The is podcast started me on an amazing journey to a healthier emotional life. Thanks Jody.
Amazing insights! I’ve been listening for almost 2 years now and still learn so much from each podcast! Thanks Jodi Moore your Amazing!
I’m so grateful for this podcast, it has been so helpful and has fed my brain and soul!
I started with Brooke Castillo and the Lifecoach School. I didn’t think I would like Jody Moore because I grew up LDS but left the church. But Jody Moore just speaks to my soul! Brooke is motivating to me like a cheerleader= to get up and go go go. But Jody calms me and reminds me I am enough as I am. It’s like her slightly different emphasis really resonates with the mindset of hustling and always wanting to do better that was such a part of the way I was raised. I feel validated and inspired each time I listen. Her podcast is a ray of sunshine in my life.