Reviews For 9yrspodcast

I am a Wimbledon fan from the US and I have been looking for a way to follow to club more. This podcast gives me the insight from Dons fans that I need.
It only took 9 years for AFC Wimbledon to make it back in to the Football League, but it'll only take you an hour to hear match reports, youth player updates, loan info, general club discussion, upcoming match predictions, interviews, pro wrestling talk, and fun soccer themed games (Celebrity Two Word Tango and Poleon Go). If you're an AFC Wimbledon supporter, this is a great listen.
As a AFC Wimbledon supporter living in the U.S., this is one of my favorite ways to keep up with the team. It's informative, and very entertaining and funny at the same time.
As a supporter living in the USA, I'm loving the weekly updates and reviews of the news and performance of the Club. Well done lads!