Sons And Doubters

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Can't wait for this series to come back! I've loved listening to these journeys of transformation.
Thankful for these dudes and the honest conversation they provoke.
I don't understand when people review things not as they are, but as they wish they were. These guys set out to record their journey along with others, to share, the question, and to search. I appreciate this so much. Keep it up guys!
This podcast is a breath of fresh air. I love and admire the honesty and vulnerability. I've laughed and cried while listening so far. I can't wait to hear more!
So grateful for this podcast as it helps me get through my own "deconstruction" phase. Thanks for letting me know I'm not alone!
I started listening out of support of creative efforts of a friend. The themes explored are interesting but it felt like two guys playing radio with some of their favorite artists in a circle I know nothing about, and rarely connect to. As I kept listening, I heard the development and maturity playing out right in front of me. They began to become more than a couple of guys, but characters within an interesting show. I wrote this after the David Ramirez episode: Just finished the David Ramirez episode. At first I wasn't feeling it because it seemed he was an 8 ball away from being Matthew McConaughey in a Lincoln commercial. (Not because of his beliefs but more his cadence and diction) I ended up thinking this was your (You and Aaron's) best episode from a character standpoint because when David backed off the interview for a bit and allowed y'all to respond, you really started to hit a stride in conversation that I don't think you've hit yet just between the two of you. It really added depth to your personalities in the medium. Juxtaposing David's "counter" belief to what the show is about finally allowed you and Aaron to solidify a belief structure within the show that hasn't been there up to this point. Voicing the almost opposite theological views of the approach to church was particularly appealing. I hope there is more conversation like that in the future. Really solid radio, my friend. So give it a listen, it's good stuff.
Keep them coming guys. This is so significant for many of us. Thanks for doing this!
I love these guys honest discussions and interviews. Best podcast I've heard.
The idea of Sons and Doubters is 5 star. I was so excited about this podcast when I first heard about it. The shortcomings are in the execution. For a podcast with "doubt" in the title, there're a lot of happy endings. If I needed a doubt story that ended with a tidy bow on it, I'd just go to any church in any city. I hope Sons and Doubters keeps going, but it'll have to mature quite a bit if I'm going to keep listening.
Luke and Aaron pose some amazing and thought provoking ideas, (with the help of their guests). I especially enjoyed the show with Latifah Phillips, so mind blowing. I regularly listen to podcasts at work with earbuds in. My co-workers now know I'm listening to podcasts, so it's always awkward when I'm listening to s&d and bust out laughing or get choked up to the brink of tears. But the awkward moments are totally worth it.
I like it.
Love it! This podcast covers a variety of real life situations of people who are doing life and looking for truth. We don’t always have to have the “right” answer…it’s ok to have questions. I enjoy listening to this podcast because of the transparency of the hosts and guests! It actually makes me feel like I might be normal with my own doubts, and that it is ok. LOL!
Most conversations about faith seem so safe and almost contrived. This one is brave.
Are you looking to be challenged? This is a podcast that will challenge you to be intellectually honest and forthright with your beliefs and how your life is shaped by them. Are you living congruently with your beliefs? This will help you work/think through the incongruencies. Great stuff!
Have been going through different patches of life and trying to navigate this season of life and doubt is becoming something that I understand more of now, if that makes sense. Glad just flipping though Christian podcast and I landed on a good one that aligns with what I believe but also pushes me towards other thoughts and truths about The Lord

By kcaz
The one thing that I truly love about this podcast is how honest they are with each other and us as listeners. Its not here is three easy steps on how to fix whatever doubt we are dealing with but friends talking and supporting each other the way friends do with laughter and what seems to be pure honesty.
The podcast topics are great educational tools for the journey of truth and relational, spiritual growth/maturity!
Excellent first episode! Very conversational and honest. Really looking forward to hearing what ideas and issues you guys tackle and try to unpack. Process Radio. Love it!
This was awesome Aaron. I know I speak for more than just me in saying we look forward to more! Everyone who is intellectually honest and self aware has these same feelings throughout their journey. This is a great resource to start the conversation. Keep it up! Cheers! LB


By sduffin
So excited about this podcast! I can't wait to hear what these two have to say about faith and life. I know it'll be honest, insightful, and a whole lot of fun.