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Love the Bears content but come on with the terrible audio mixing. The podcast audio is so low and then a commercial kicks in and blows your ears out.
Enjoying the new Bears cast. Keep them up -good stuff. Thx
Almost 20 minutes in still haven’t heard anything about football. Gee whiz!!! Deleting this pod.


By Pjcubs
And now it’s gone ,, bye


By joe66#
I love this podcast. Hub knows his stuff. Just wondering why they have stopped having podcasts? Hope all is well.
Hub, I know you have been following the Bears over 40 years, but that does not make your opinions or takes statements of fact, as I believe you sometimes think they are. You’re better as a featured guest on 670. PS I was on the RRH train with you from the start though. And that dix is an upgrade over Amos.
I’ve been listening to Hub for years but recently I noticed how wrong he is factually. Opinions are one thing but his takes are flat out wrong A LOT!! Arthur on the other hand is excellent. I can tell that he disagrees with his father a good amount of time.But it’s hard to argue because he doesn’t want to rock the boat
I always enjoy hearing hubs opinions and Arthur works in well with the podcast . Enjoyable
Yo guys enjoy the pod, concerning our issues at TE , I’m concerned. TE is a big part of the Nagy offense; agreed. Trey Burton has the potential to be very very good at TE; agreed. Hold on, got to stop, my groin is locking up. I think we should draft a TE
You ever see a little league coach who knows little about baseball but coaches anyway and plays his kid at short stop even tho he’s slow and can’t hit. Yeah, this pod cast is a lot like that.
I am always really happy to see a new episode pop up on my iTunes account. Bears fans must listen. Keep up the good work guys.
This is the best of the Bears podcasts and gets good insider/scout perspectives on the team.
I always enjoy Hub Arkush's Bears insight and it's great to get added perspective from Bob LeGere, too. I just think these guys have so many other things going on during the season that they can't get a podcast posted quickly and sometimes I miss an episode previewing the next week's game.


By huge428
They just had to run their mouth about politics so I will now be deleting them now.
I subscribe to this podcast only because I can’t get enough Bears content. Between the poor audio quality, lack of legitimate insight and the tacky, incessant typing in the background- this podcast is just hot garbage. Step your game up guys.
I love Hub and Arthur! They give great analysis and are consistent in their ability to get a feel for where this team is at. That said, the sound quality is awful. There are times when the sound of someone typing is audible, the voice cuts out, or there is a buzzing sound. It’s almost unlistenable at times. The Shaw company should put some more money in technology to get this thing up to par. It’s sad right now.
The typing in the background is really annoying.
I like the podcast content a lot but there is so much background noise. Lots of loud typing and people talking, it’s very distracting.
Please stop typing( sounds like typing) while you’re doing the podcast, it takes away from the show.
Please stop using your key board it’s beyond annoying when trying to hear guest speak.
I have been listening to this podcast for the last couple of years and the discussion/analysis is good. The problem is the commentators sound like they are in a tunnel or drop out mid sentence. There may be too much use of a speaker instead of a headset. Also, please stop the typing sound that is clearly audible every week. It’s very distracting and takes attention away from the discussion. Update 9/27/18: I wrote a review 2 weeks asking to please stop the infuriating typing noise. I just started listening to the latest episode and it took a a grand total of 30 seconds before the typing noise started again. I don’t understand why this is so hard to fix. Regardless, I am dropping this broadcast. There are other Bears podcasts that don’t have this issue.
This has great Bears commentary! But the audio is terrible. Can someone please ask Hub to mute his mic when he’s not talking? The paper rustling, computer typing, and other noise in the background are distracting and amateur. Fix that and this would be a 5 star review.
The content is generally good. However, the sound quality leaves something to be desired. I would suggest that whoever is typing in the background on these podcasts stop doing it. It makes for a distracting listening experience.
I’m shocked Hub isn’t incensed by the sound quality of this podcast. Intro song played 4 minutes into discussions. Someone is doing the dishes in the background, dog interrupting Hub. Meanwhile I can hear every page shuffle, cough and chair squeak. I love Hub’s football knowledge, but I don’t think I can get past the poor quality any longer.
First of all tremendous football knowledge between all the contributors here. Hub has been a Chicago sports guy for as long as I can remember. Great insight! But the back ground noise is maddening? Clicks, creaks, chewing, doors opening and closing, keyboard typing.
Do they listen to how horrible the sound is? Third time complaining about this. Hub is always in a car as if he forgets when the podcast is recorded. Others are on muffled cellphones. Can't they stop and restart? UnBEARable to listen and often half to stop half way through and delete.
Only bears podcast I have unsubscribed to. They have very bad takes (like Deon Bush is going to beat out Amos) and reject modern, advanced statistics. They sound like a bunch of grumpy old men that haven’t wanted to change since the 70s. Just to put the cherry on top, their theme song sounds like a viagra commercial. Not a good podcast
Thank you for your work covering our favorite team.
A podcast is not a radio show. Please, please stop telling us what we're listening to and who you are. And stop with the bad music interrupting the last seconds. Plus the audio mix quality is awful. And why are you always rushing the timing. "Only a couple of minutes left". What time pressure are you under? You're not creating urgency. You're making it irritating. You guys know your stuff. Just deliver the content professionally.
I like the podcast and think the analysis is consistently solid. The one thing that annoys me is Arthur Arkush treating the podcast like a radio show. We know it’s a podcast. We ourselves physically go to the podcast app and choose to listen. You don’t have to tell us a thousand times per episode that we are listening to the Pro Football Weekly Chicago Bears Podcast. We already know that because we clicked on the episode. Also, it is not necessary to squeeze in randomly to follow you guys on Twitter. If we want to follow you on Twitter trust us we will. I get saying it once every few episodes but you don’t need to force it randomly into every episode. Lastly, and this is going back to my point of treating the podcast like it’s radio, you don’t have to remind us who is on the podcast. We already know after the first introduction. I really like the podcast and listen to every episode but these things are starting to become super annoying. Arthur overdoes the “host” part of the show way too hard. Just steer the conversation and add some insight. Just some constructive criticism.
Been listening to Hub talk about the Bears for years he always a fair interesting take
I really appreciate the opinion you guys share. Weekly reviews is awesome for us devoted bears fans looking for something to hear about next season. Keep the podcasts coming!
Hub has forgotten more about the Bears organization than most of us will ever know. This podcast is a great outlet for that knowledge. But, please, ditch the cheesy 80’s guitar intro and don’t let your producer play you out when you clearly have more to say...
I appreciate the professional and informative tone of the podcast. Hub and Arthur Arkush treat their audience with respect.
I usually enjoy this podcast, however I just finished ep. 81 with the Hair-Lo girls and I am about ready to stop listening. These two are perpetuating the sort of unfounded, uninformed, pointless negativity that is running rampant right now. When asked what they thought Bears fans could be excited about, they couldn't think of a single good thing to say. I enjoy Kevin and Sollie (sp?) but please never invite those two back. Although, that is the kind of uninspired negativity I would expect from someone associated with the Chicago Tribune. Stay positive Chicago, the Bears will be great again!
Good podcast. Good Bears intel.
If you want to do a bachelorette tv show podcast do it, but don't mix it with football its unholy and may cause Ragnarok. Your moon mullin interview was excellent. A 5th star can only go to those who stay focused and aren't distracted by bad tv
Great bears cast
Simply the most comprehensive, insightful Bears pod in the city. Kevin brings humor, perspective, and fun guests to help his analysis. He's at Halas Hall every day and it shows.
This Bears season has been rough but I've enjoyed the Chicago Football Podcast to get me through it. They have great guests each week and the host keeps things light. This podcast has a permanent spot on my weekly lineup.
My favorite Bears podcast. Great insight into the team and their opponents, with fun guests too. A must-listen.
Good Podcast for Bears Fans. I could do without some of the non football questions.
These guys make a great podcast. Winning my fantasy league because of them.
This is my go to source for Bears info. Even though the 2016 season is hard to watch, Pro Football Weekly has great guests that ease the pain. Should be on your subscribe list
Thoughtful and Entertaining analysis - I get all I need to know about the Bears from this Podcast!
Even though the Bears stink this season, this Podcast has been entertaining and always has interesting guests.
Is this podcast elite? Let me answer that question with another question: is Joe Flacco elite?
Probably two nice guys but definitely not cool. (See movie Almost Famous for a definition of cool) Sad attempts at amusing banter, poor interviewers, no fresh information. Assinine discussion of the Bachleorette tv show. But they are bears fans so they have that going for them.
Good podcast, but disappointed it's about the Bears 🐻 and not about the Fire 🔥.