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I work alone (graveyard shift at a bakery) and I just found your podcast via a general search for the name “Dean Spade” only to find interviews with some of my fave thinkers from across the board!! Your recent episode with Ashanti Alston was riveting and a 10/10 must recommend. I have listened to maybe 8 episodes since I found Treyf last night. I love you both so immensely. How can I repay you for coming to me at my time of need?? Opinions and topics from episodes recorded years ago are still so relevant. Sam, David: your dynamic is adorable, endearing and fierce!! I will now proceed to listen to your entire archive. There are too many words and also not enough. I’m verklempt. <3


By asa lm
Thank you for this beautiful interview with Ashanti Alston!
I’ve learned so much from this podcast! They’ve brought together so many of the people I want to hear from
Treyf is one of my favorite podcasts. I really value the Jewish left-wing perspective they share. I appreciate that they engage with critiques of Israel as well as many other issues directly relevant to Jews and non-Jews alike. The hosts prioritize the voices of Jews of color in a way I don’t think I’ve seen anywhere else. Also, they are solid interviewers—but more than that, they are excellent curators of interview subjects. The conversations on their shows stick with me and have lead me to seek out the work of their guests. Plus, I learn a lot about issues of colonization, anti-semitism, and racism from a Canadian perspective—it’s a good reality check for this beleaguered American living in the time of Trump that I shouldn’t romanticize other regimes just because their injustices aren’t as obvious to me. Thanks for all you do, Sam and Dave! Your work is a mitzvah!
I can't believe this show exists! Its right in my wheelhouse... Keep up the great work!
Treyf is an incredible podcast. Sam and David are doing truly invaluable work holding the institutional Jewish community accountable and lifting up the important work others are doing. Being able to tap into this explicitly leftist Jewish space is such a needed breath of fresh air. Thank you Treyf!


I love this show!
The podcast is really informative and refreshingly lefty and Canadian! The co-hosts always make the show interesting and the guest are the cherry on top. If listeners are looking to donate/ fund a podcast. This podcast definitely deserves that consideration and more.
A friend shared the Laura Whitehorn episode with me and it was an exceptional interview. I'm now going back and downloading a ton of old episodes. How did I not know of this podcast before?!!? It's so great to hear media made by Jews with radical values and politics. Treyf indeed!!


funny and interesting podcast. always brings out new thoughts and questions. i love that this podcast discusses issues from a jewish leftist perspective.
I love this podcast, and am so happy a friend recommended it. I learn and am entertained on my daily commute. I always enjoy a podcast where I feel like I would actually like to spend time with the hosts, which I definitely feel about Sam and David!
i'm so grateful for this jewish podcast that reflects anti-occupation values and lets me learn about so many other people's work. sometimes i hear my friends' voices or learn about projects i want to look into. it's centered in montreal, canada so i don't get a lot of the local interest stuff but i enjoy those parts too.
I love this podcast. These people are so insightful. Their guests are inspiring. I learn a ton and also see ideas reflected that are hard to find discussed elsewhere. Their politics are truly intersectional. Thank you!
If you're a lefty Jew, especially in North America, and you're looking for coverage of what's going on in the Jewish communities from an anticolonial viewpoint, this is the podcast for you. Sam and David are very chill folks who never fail to deliver quality content and are always willing to listen to their listeners. I am so glad this podcast exists.
Given the huge wide ocean that is the podcast-o-sphere, it's pretty remarkable that this the only podcast I've found that explores Jewish subjects from a progressive to radical left perspective. The hosts are super smart, funny and done a fabulous job choosing their guests and subject matter. Though it comes out of Montreal, I found it still relevant to an American Jew (while learning valuable insights about the Canadian Jewish community). One of the top 10 best Jewish podcasts out there, imho.
Great podcast. LOVE their banter. Etc. etc.
I listen to this podcast a lot on my bike ride to work. Consistently entertaining and informative, makes me chuckle a lot and love the banter. 10/10, love the show.
This show is consistently funny, well-produced, and just fun to listen to. Every two weeks, Sam and David bring a level of clarity to Jewish issues that I've never found elsewhere. While they deal with some difficult and complex political questions, they're able to make the conversations compelling and entertaining each episode! I can never wait for the next one.