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A cross between Kolchak The Night Staker and Lovecraft. Better than most audio series. Better than Tanis or the Black Tapes. Worth the wait for new material.
I’m from and live in good ol’ Albany, NY and a Lovecraftian noir set there immediately sparked my curiosity. Writing is great, audio is top notch, and it’s highly engaging.
Just lots of fun. A great podcast!
Well written, great sound quality and production value!
This podcast had a lot going for it. Thrills, humor, decent production, clever writing, you name it. Then it started to just peter out. I’ll be fair- the writing was great so I’m sure it takes a while. Then, the writer decided to make Trump derangement syndrome a key prop in his latest bonus episode. Totally broke the story to remind the world that red states are full of stupid racists and they get what they deserve thanks to demons faster than you can say MAGA. Leave out the politics and just let people enjoy something. It’s especially sad because I think the writer is truly talented and doesn’t need to be a lame hack just to get likes and downloads. PS- since the author clearly hates red states and republicans, I’ll go ahead and cancel my patreon donation. Feel free to send a refund if you don’t want tainted money
Feels like the love child of “The Shadow” and the X-Files... in the best way possible. Just the right blend of paranormal modern noir comedy! Worth a listen!
C'mon people, it doesn't get much better than this. Great ongoing stories and Brian Mansi cracks me up. Nice job all around.
Fantastic. Highly recommend for fans of fictional podcasts and the supernatural. So happy I found this!
Love the premise; I'm a long time fan of the Night Stalker and its spiritual child, the X Files. This is very much in that vein. My only beef so far is that the narrator needs to learn how to pronounce "apocryphal."
I listened to all 5 episodes in Season 1, which should tell you that it was good enough to hold my interest for that long. However, the show could be a lot better. The premise is based on the old Kolchak: The Night Stalker show, except instead of a reporter for a fictional wire service in Chicago, the protagonist is a blogger in Albany. There is even a Mrs. Vincenzo referenced many times, but she is his landlady rather than his editor. One can only hope she will be memorable as Simon Oakland was if she becomes an actual speaking part. I like the fact that rather than try to do a monster of the week for every episode, it basically did the entire 1st season devoted to one story arc. The story itself was fairly creative, and the production values were solid. The voice acting was largely well done, with a few glaring exceptions (a story read by a character in the second episode really stands out as all time bad). The intro spiel runs a little on the long side, when listening to these episodes back to back it can become tedious, although that's what fast forward is for, I guess. While the lead character's narration is professionally done, there is something about either the delivery or the writing that makes it seem as if he is way more impressed with himself than the listener would find him to be. Tough for anyone to live up to the incomparable Darren McGavin, but I found it off-putting at times. I'll definitely download Season 2 when it starts, and if you like this genre, I'd recommend giving it a try. Your mileage may vary from mine.
After listening to a few episodes I knew I'd found something I enjoyed. The show sounds amazing, and really grabs you with it's premise. So if you love great audio drama with a supernatural bend this is going to be one you owe it to yourself to listen to.
The Night Blogger is a wonderful modern-day take on the old show Kolchak: The Night Stalker. It perfectly captures the atmosphere of its predecessor while offering up a new modern-day flavor in its storytelling. The voice acting is superb, and the production value is incredible, especially when compared with other podcasts in this genre. I'd recommend this podcast to anyone who's a fan of the old show, or just paranormal stories in general!
Al Bruno III is a masterful writer of the bizarre and horrible. Coupled with Brian Mansi's personification of the title character, this podcast will tickle your imagination and goose your love of weird horror. Climb on board, you're in for a wild ride!
Just the thing to get the blood pumping on a dark spooky night. Al Bruno III delivers chilling accounts of the unexplainable, performed to perfection by Brian Mansi. Takes me back to listening to Lights Out and Suspense while traveling at night in my fathers car. This podcast is going to catch me waiting in the driveway not able to stop until the end of the tale.