Reviews For CheapShow

My absolute favorite podcast ever. Eli, Paul and friends are always hilarious
CheapShow is always a tough sell, so I'll try my best: a podcast that indulges itself in nostalgia and an appreciation for the weird and wonderful, hosted by two men who have an acerbic relationship. The jokes often don't land, the music is often incredible, and overall, a strange, mucky sense of love emerges. Listen if you like weird and wonderful things.
As a citizen of a Rebellious colony I have a hard time getting References to 1980s British television Eli is clearly the top in their relationship Paul seems like he’s had too much coffee every episode and sings horribly And the guest host seem like they are being blackmailed into Appearing on this show My favorite episodes are the field trips were the two Wonder around confused and Eli Inevitably makes Paul buy him something And Paul Encounters people who smell bad There is way to many characters and bad voices with the Foulest language I’ve heard slang word that are Specific to Brittain and that I don’t understand and I still don’t know what they are talking about and I’ve listened to every episode All in all it’s the most Horrible podcast ever And I love it 😸
I play with my little winkie every time I listen.
Paul told me to review this podcast. But seriously this is a great podcast! Absolutely uproariously hilarious. Lewd, crass, uncalled-for, but exactly what I need in my life. Keep up the great work, gents!
Thanks for all the laughs my dudes
If you need a pick-me-up and you like some cheap, filthy, noodley entertainment then this is the podcast for you! Honestly they make so many of my bad days better. A word of warning though: you may want to listen in the shower as the possibility of peeing yourself from intense laughter is very likely. 🍜
If your childhood was spent listening to your parents’ protracted divorce.
The show gives everything I need- anger, a weird niche that is easy enough to get into, shouting, noodles, and a “format” that is still loose enough that it flows like natural conversation. The challenging nature of Eli and Paul’s relationship as podcast hosts is the perfect balance and their chemistry is fantastic. I can’t wait to listen to the next episode of the cheapshow.
I don’t listen to too many podcasts, however I always find myself listening and re-listening to episodes this podcast. I will never tire of this cheap, rude, BEAUTIFUL podcast. Paul & Eli are brilliant hosts and have a chemistry that very few other hosts are able to posses. Would recommend wholeheartedly to anyone with even a semi-decent sense of humor.
This podcast is so underrated. How it isn't the top podcast in itunes is beyond me. I just... i can't even
I could listen to these guys all day!
Love this podcast, happy I stumbled across this from Barshens. My favorite podcast by far.
It's a strange little show but works. Eli and Paul have an amazing chemistry. The show can sometimes be dark and a bit rude but always a laugh.
Little nod to the podcast there ;). Great show if you are a fan of rubbish and tat
Eli Silverman and Paul Gannon provide a tactlessly hilarious combination of dry Brittish wit that is seamlessly mixed with crude American shock-jock-like humor (or "humour" depending on whom you ask), as they go off on wild tangents and breate oneanother under the thin veil of a "value show" motif.