Made in Sweden: the podcast of The Father

Reviews For Made in Sweden: the podcast of The Father

Maybe it was the accents or the sing-song story telling, it just wasn't for me.
Interesting and well done but intentionally concludes without an ending so they don't spoil the book. I don't mind reading the book but I listened for the whole story. You don't get it here.
I've been on a true crime kick and ths was an interesting podcast because the majority of the book was based on truth but there were few that needed more explanation. I will put this book on to read list!
This was amazing, from start to finish it was interesting and well put together. Loved the audio composition of this. I purchased the book immediately, and can not wait to start reading it.
I appreciate the production and pacing of this story. Thank you for the effort!
I was drawn in.
Strong, fact driven podcast on an interesting topic. Well narrated and researched.


Very interesting - especially from an USA point of view.
Very honest and insightful true-crime piece - will definitely read the book.
This is a riveting six-part podcast. If you are interested in true crime and family drama, give this a try!