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By Kawa-71
I have no idea why anyone wouldn’t like this podcast. Good balance of random humor and useful info. Good luck in Pennsylvania!
I loved this show and thought the host were great. Sorry to see them go. Jackie Kevin and Peter seem like a lot of fun.
Don’t listen to the trolls saying you guys are bad keep being great if you read this on the next podcast say banana bunch
Great podcast, with a fact-filled but light and breezy style. The regulars and guests have all been interesting. I wish it came out more often and it would be nice to have an associated web page with links of items being reviewed or discussed on the podcast (like wirecutter). Thanks to The Most Useful Podcast Ever, I now have a subscription to PM.
For the detail and depth Popular Mechanics magazine covers, this podcast is a big letdown. The hosts sound more like college students sitting around at Starbucks talking about random topics they know very little about, instead of well-researched, well-prepared hosts of a professional production. In the most recent episode with the Funny-Car driver, the host asked very basic questions before revealing that she was watching you-tube videos about the guest just before the interview to get ready. How about PREPARING for the interview well in advance so that you sound informed and educated about your guests when you interview them? You are the interviewer. I expect your knowledge and familiarity with the guest and material to be above mine (unless you are covering a topic that I do for a living or that’s a strong hobby). But too often the hosts’ comments and questions sound like they are reading Wikipedia on the fly while talking. I love PM magazine, which heavily promotes the podcast. But until the hosts actually do homework and prepare for the show, these hosts aren’t doing PM any favors.
I always learn something new with this one. I wish they uploaded more often!
This podcast is for anyone who does for him/herself. Each episode is chocked full of great direction and ideas. I encourage you to give it a listen to hear got yourself.
The segment on the Oct 12, 2018 podcast described a long trip taken on a "boosted board" but never actually described what it is. After listening until the end it sounds like it might be battery powered skateboard, or maybe like a hoverboard. For future stories like this, please describe the item you are talking about at the beginning of the story. Otherwise I really like this podcast. The hosts are informative in a fun way.
This podcast seems thrown together. The sleep podcast gave almost no information about how to improve sleep. The page on the website that supposedly is going to tell you whether you should get a bagged or bagless vaccuum if you have allergies says "Read on." All that follows the command to read on is a podcast player with a podcast about vacuum trains.
...saying not to use the word "like" so much. You know like it makes the person like you know sound like an idiot.
Not nerdy, but also no depth of coverage. Get me some trivia, some detail, some real expertise!
This podcast is fascinating, incredibly useful, entertaining, and great, especially for fans of popular mechanics!
When they said that they only had like three reviews they touched my heart so I came to leave the fifth one. Y'all do and really good job, the podcast it's really helpful, entertaining and fun! It's like... the most useful podcast ever!


By bglad5
I heard some good ideas on the podcast about gift ideas—too bad I didn’t catch all the names and there seems to be no page with links. I was kind of interested in the insulated tumbler too.
Enjoy the info in this podcast but the intro and segment music is annoyingly loud. Work on your sound mixing so you don't make users crank the voice segments only to be blasted by the music!
I wanted to subscribe because I like the sort of information. But unfortunately the podcaster speaks so fast that I could hardly understand her. So I passed, after hearing just half of the first episode.
Great stuff keep it coming!